1. Aerohive Getting Started – Introduction and Resources

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“My name is paula vassar from arrowheads knowledge services department. The goal for this training training video is to help get you started using aero hive products with hive manager. So. Where do you go for technical resources to help you with your arrow hive deployment that s simple a tarot hive.

We believe knowledge is power and therefore we do not make you jump through hoops to get to our documentation. Here are some useful links to find the complete set of arrowhead documentation a link to a video showing you how to use the free wi fi planner tool. Which is built into hive manager or available for free online. Our computer based training modules and other arrow hive videos available on.


Youtube once the arrowhigh of equipment has arrived unpack the box and ensure all the components. You ordered have been delivered. Hi. Vps can be powered using external power brick.

A power over ethernet connection on a switch or apoe injector. If you use apoe injector from aero hive. The injector must be plugged into a power outlet. The out port on the power injector connects to the hive ap ethernet.


0. Interface and the end port must be connected to a port on a switch. The hive ap is managed by high mana online. So it will need access to the internet please ensure the switch has internet connectivity before installing arrow hive aps please read the arrow hive hardware reference guide and find the section for your model of ap.

These sections will show you the different ways in which you can mount the aps one important note is that the ap 350s have two sets of antennas. One for the 5 gigahertz. Radio used for 8. Or.


211 a and. N and one for the 24. Gigahertz. Radio.

Used for 8 or 211 b. G. And n. Please match.


The labels on the antennas to the labels on the aps. There are 2 point. 4 and 5 gigahertz antennas on each side of the ap the six omnidirectional antennas that you can purchase with a narrow hive ap 350 have coverage in all directions in a toroidal donut shaped pattern around each antenna. When the antennas are vertically positioned as shown in the picture coverage expands primarily on the horizontal plane extending horizontally much more than vertically.

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