12″ MacBook Cases, Sleeves & Bags MacCase Unboxing

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“Everybody welcome back to another episode of mac ace unboxing. The video show is a a bit different in that we re not looking at a specific product. But at specific computer. And all the mac case models that will fit it the computer in question is apple s new thinner lighter and faster 12 inch.

Macbook. So. If you ve got one of these on order you re going to need to protect it so let s take a look at what s available first up. We have the beautiful premium leather flight jacket and the first thing.


You notice is the care and craftsmanship that has gone into making it the leather smells and feels wonderful inside. It s fully padded in line. Creating a very safe place with a new 12 inch macbook for storage. There s a pocket in the front flap.

Another under the flap one around back and this removable front pouch. One of the best features of a vertical case is that the long axis of the case is aligned with the long axis of your body. So when you move it moves with you so if you ve got a 12 inch macbook and you re looking to keep it safe. That s well vings flight jacket is an excellent choice next up.


We have the 12 inch premium leather sleeve cut from the same hides as the flight jacket. It has the same industry leading quality. You cannot put a white stitch on black leather. Unless every stitch is perfect the sleeve is fully padded inlined in both the velcro in the rear cooling event are color matched to the leather.

Which is a nice touch the sleeve is designed to be carried in another bag such as this matching leather shoulder bag. If you already have a bag and just looking to protect the computer. Nothing beats. The proven protection of a matte case sleeve.


If you prefer the lighter weight. And lower cost of manmade materials. The universal backpack and messenger bag are perfect. Both have internal laptop pockets to store and protect.

The 12 inch macbook. Both are compact and lightweight like the 12 inch. Macbook and both have been featured in previous mac. Case unboxing videos.


So check. The links below to learn more about them. So whether you choose the luxury of the premium leather 12 inch flight jacket or 12 inch sleeve with the ultra lightweight of the new universal messenger bag or backpack. Any one of these durable designs will protect and transport your 12 inch macbook for years to come please let us know.

If you have any questions and as always thanks for ” ..

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