2024 Olympic Boosters Eye New Stadium In Oakland To Boost Bid

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“Site was supposed to be transformed into a stadium. If the bay area is picked picked to host the 2024 olympics. But tonight. We re learning about a last minute change that could improve our chances good evening.

I m ken bass. People i m veronica dela cruz. The us olympic committee could decide between the bay area and three other finalists as early as tomorrow. Only on five phil matier is live with a last minute switch a new stadium location entering the mix phil.

That s right they feel our stiffest competition is los angeles. Which has coliseum s down there that can accommodate it but now oakland and san francisco have come up with a joint plan that could not only possibly bring the olympics here..

But could change sports in the bay area as well here s the story. We were on the phone with the us olympic committee. Just as late as an hour ago. We have in play the possibility of an arena option.

A new oakland mayor libby schaaf. Was on the call as well i m excited here s why for years. The raiders have hit a financial wall. When it comes to building a new stadium at the same time the bay area.

Olympic committee has needed a stadium big enough to host the opening and closing ceremonies. The olympic committee is interested in actually supporting a stadium construction project that would be a permanent facility..

A legacy facility as we believe that with the idea of including the possibility of the major track and field arena stadium being built in oakland that could accommodate the raiders that that is a good combination. Plus. The original idea of erecting. A temporary stadium at a tremendous cost it didn t make a lot of sense.

It s kind of late though isn t it it s tomorrow. Well this is why the phone call was had just an hour ago and it was welcomed. It was very welcomed so who would wind up paying for this new combination stadium. I ve been very clear that the city of oakland does not want to put money into hosting an event.

Meanwhile olympic opponents shot off a letter to the selection committee themselves listing their objections to the games coming to the bay area. The taxpayers who are footing the bill for basically a three week party for the wealthy and that s one of the reasons..

Why they re talking about this legacy. Idea of veronica. Because the olympics has gotten uh sort of a bad rap for coming in spending or causing. People to spend a lot of money and then leaving the towns with nothing or in debt.

The idea this time is use it to transform that stadium into one that will possibly be built and we played into for decades to come right all right. Phil matier. Thank you so much and our exclusive kpix. 5.

Survey usa. Poll..

Found that an overwhelming support for a bay area olympic bid. Exists. 70. Said they like the games to be held here.

7 of 10 also said that hosting the 2024 olympic games would be a huge boost for the local ” ..

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