7 inch Kids Android Tablet review

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I suppose the first thing to say is although. Its a childs tablet. Tablet.
And thats what its been bought for this is a fully fledged inch android tablet you can just lock it down for your child so they dont get access to the wider world bother than that fully fledged 7 inch android tablet remove the box out of the way and here we go this is it let me just bring the tripod down a little bit. So you can see it and ease it to switch on press. It there there you go not the best of screen.
So for side view you can still see it and everything theres no problem. There as you can see and obviously. It moves around as well let me just unlock.
It all right so were unlocked. Youve got all the usual things before i go into the child lock down one authority for the wi fi back on again wheres my wife im not working it was working earlier on hence they at the time and everything ill just had to gone network. No there we go im all joined on it right okay thanks a lot of stuff.
So as you can see up here. Its all all good right gallery not the best of cameras.

universal 7 inch tablet bumper case-0
universal 7 inch tablet bumper case-0

Neither. But this is a picture that ive taken outside as you can see got one of the dog on here as well. So this is the front facing camera.
Which is sorry the the rear facing camera. Which is the better of the two. But its only about two meg even not mistaken so could be better bought again.
This is a childs tablet. Obviously this is where its aimed so lets just come out of there. Its already got a pre loaded audio.
Thing for you just to see screens. The screens really quite good for that so if youre if youre going to be putting things onto the sd card or anything like that a few children to watch video of that thats good as well. So again for you as the parent.
Youve got your browser fully fresh fully fledged browser. There lets go back just go through all those.

universal 7 inch tablet bumper case-1
universal 7 inch tablet bumper case-1

Youve got your music normal setting is for android flow those to your hearts content. But the main thing would go over to the apps. It comes pre loaded with a load of kids apps obviously because its its android.
You can download whatever you want if i just go back to the main screen though so this is the kids desktop already setting off for my child saw. This jensen. There if you go into it he hasnt put anything in yet.
But you can put books games video you can put anything you want in and the main thing is you can have youve got two children you can have it lets go back. If youve got two children thing. Obviously youre going to have it set up for the individual child.
So they can come out and share and swap and everything if you want to go into your parent. If you want to come out you can either set it up. So theres a pin to come out of it.
Which is probably the best thing or you can answer a question itll take you back if you get it right once obviously. I didnt get it right that time 63 okay right and then you batch you screen.

universal 7 inch tablet bumper case-2
universal 7 inch tablet bumper case-2

So tf card slot. This way set expandable. Youve got your micro usb.
Charging point. There your micro usb. There is for a nifty.
Little thing. That actually comes with it. Which is a micro usb 2.
Standard usb connector. So if you wanted to use a memory stick or anything. Like that pop that into the put your memory stick in there.
And you can start watching videos or whatever you want so all in all volume controls. Theyre all in all for a child fantastic for you to pick up and play with many trials an avenue fantastic.

universal 7 inch tablet bumper case-3
universal 7 inch tablet bumper case-3

The speakers not too bad it doesnt distort or anything like thats quite low. But imagine taking this out in about its sturdy slightly rubberized. Im sure that could be dropped quite easily from her from a relatively well definitely lt.
Carpet from three or four foot thered be no problem there but all in. All. 3799 an excellent.
Buy and the specs of it are a 13. Gigahertz quad core processor. Youve got a 1024 by 600 pixels.
Screen. And one gig of ram eight gig hard drive obviously expandable with the micro usb card micro sd. Card.
Sorry the front camera is 03. Megapixel and the rear is 2 megapixels or not the best. But it is for children great sch ttler.

universal 7 inch tablet bumper case-4
universal 7 inch tablet bumper case-4

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