9 TIPS END GAME PLAYERS WANT YOU TO KNOW in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

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“Guys zombie and today we ll come back to seven deadly sin grand cross and and has been 24 hours since the global launch for the game and has been but amazing i love this game. I ll be making so much more content. Because this game is so so good and i love it culley. I m stuck on episode 39.

Because the boss is really strong. But comparing to other gacha game. We have played before when you re stuck in a certain stage in a story mode. You go back and grind exp in the earlier stages.

Which is really boring and it happens really fast. But here when you re stuck in a certain stage. There s so much more quests you can do to increase your affinity with the village. So there s so many chapters and these villages and when you unlock dez gets so much more free stuff and in the psych ones.

There s so many free stuff as well. It really allows you to learn about a game. As well as the story and look at all the free stuff you can get it i ve been having so much fun just doing science. And it awakened an mmo feeling in me.

And i don t even know i m a playing a gotcha game. I m playing a very very awesome mmorpg because the animation quality the art style the 3d model everything is oh my god am i playing a mobile game okay enough enough me just trying to sell you seven deadly sin gran cards. Because there s not even sponsored. Okay i love this game.

Here are the nine tips for beginner that i think you should know after playing for 24 hours. And i ve been talking to japanese player. And what they won beginners to know so that you can progress in the game. Without making beginner mistakes.

And these tips kind of work to get as well so do listen until the end. And if you want to join me on this journey. Do subscribe down below leave a like on the video. If you found it helpful now let s get to it number.

One this game is still a turn based game. Where you can auto stages or farm. Which mean you have a lot of free time to read stuff okay or reading. I know.

But there s this website. Where i ll link down below link on the screen. Where you can read about anything everything seven day listen gran cross characters guys teyla s future heroes future banners all that good stuff in one website and i ve been reading that before the global launch to really prepare myself to know about equipment about a tls about all the small thing that you may want to know about seven that is in grand cross that you may miss while playing the game bookmark. The website read it while you order through different stages also join the community discount server.

Because there are so many people in there helping each other out and i think it s very good to play the game with other people instead of playing it alone. The link will be down there check the website check that this card is gonna be very helpful for you number two you may someone love our hero. So rare rarity. Rare not rare rare really common so you get.

Many of these trash unit will you do with them you go to the shop you go into the coin shop. The best use for these are or silver heroes will be stamina potion okay in this kind of game. Where there s a stamina system stamina potion is very very important for you to keep playing so boom exchange get your stamina..


Potion. And you re gonna stack these bad boy up for a long oral session. Potentially overnight farming if your phone can handle it all blue stack or whatever don t get jebaited tube is our hero nana not worth it use your silver hero to exchange for stamina potion. Because farming is still one of the most important things to do in the game at first i thought that our hero be fodder cannon are like useless stuff but being able to really use them for potion warms.

My heart they re so useful dude yes. So useful tip number three you have stacked up so many stamina potion. What do you do you don t go here and farm immediately. Okay.

When we play gotcha game. We tend to find the best possible farm spot. If you click on battle you go to the special dungeon. This is where you form your exp enhance you farm your evolve material and evolve you from your goal from your events for pendants but in the future.

There will be ven where they reduce the cost to enter by half. And it also means you double your stamina in one event. And it s really really awesome. If you spend all your stamina potion right now to farm yet speed to fund.

Me evolve is fine. If you can have more stamina later. But do save up and prepare yourself for the stamina event because it s gonna be crazy farming crazy value especially in the evolve menu tip number four the stamina event is here and let s assume that you have maxed out your hero body and hands. You can do that farm this for the exp.

But let s say you want to get more gold you actually don t go. Here. What are the japanese player the end game. People do is they farm books books is for evolving.

But books can be useful go as well. So you can sell the books for a massive amount of gold so save your stamina potion. Wait for the 50 of stamina event and then you start farming like crazy for the books for a lot in a lot of goal. But for sure you can farm for exp as well because you do want to max out your character to make them.

You rrss are pretty important too. So this is like a gold farming tip. They don t fund go here. Which is weird they do firm goal.

But in the evolved menu. But go back to the previous tip is very important to save up your stamina potion for the stamina 50 off event to really make the use out of stamina and enhance or evolve. Banner tip number. 5.

Now you have accumulated so many books your farms. So much goal. What do you do with all the goal you go to the shop. And you go to the equipment.

Draw it takes 2 or thousand. 5 mountie drawn for equipment. And it costs goal not premium currency..


So. Even the will have to farm goal to do this. And as peasants. You know non will can farm go as well and then you can go here and start drawing for equipment is kind of low for ssr.

But imagine you farm let s say 50 million goal. That s what the japanese player tell me they can farm 100. A million goal in like a week or two and you can start drawing for equipment and this is where you get your ss our equipment. It s insane so safe of the goal don t really spend it too much anywhere else because you want to start drawing for equipment you see how the tips are walking together you re trying to get your energy.

You save up your energy you wait for the event. That s gonna happen to have 50 off in stamina you farm the book for goal you keep your goal for equipment so this is where you re gonna make your characters or hero. Really really strong now let s go back to the first tip. Which is where you read the website that i told you about for the information for this game.

There s an equipment tab that you should a must read about a different amount of stats. You have on each equipment. What the pearls do for early game is that you use lower tier equipment over here so on the right side you have your ring you have your earring you have your rule. These are the right side equipment the incremental value for the left side equipment going from r to sr to ssr is really really big.

But the incremental value for the right side equipment going from one rarity to another is actually not that amazing so what you want to do is you want to use the lower quality stuff on the right side you can even use common that s what i read you can even use common you enhance the low rarity equipment up because in this game every rarity of equipment can unlock. Five different substance and the value of the subset 4c rarity of ssr rarity is the same. I really wish they have an auto enhance button. Oh.

They ll be pretty cool come on baby. We re going to 5. Now we are going to awaken the first secondary stat for this common ring okay we re getting material. I got so many how do i get this from the side coins man and you get so many other stuff on doing signs.

It s amazing. Our first bonus that is a tack percent. Which is good because we re having an attack ring so for example. If you re going to awaken bonus.

Stat. Here you want defense and foreign. Here you 1. Hp so you see 15.

It feel half the bar. So the maximum will be 3 for every single rarity and for the lower means that the right side gear. It is much better to focus on the substance. The secondary stat of the gear to get the most value because it is the same once again across as r as r.

It doesn t matter you re gonna get the same amount sub stat. Anyway. So maximize your right gear. Focus on sub stanford s for early game.

At the endgame you want to get everything you are ssr right you want to get the best gear possible but for the early game. It is much cheaper to enhance these loads. He equipment and get yourself the important sub stand come on give me that even a good chance..


See that here s r. A 5 point something percent. It s almost full so the maximum will be 6. And it is the same across every single tier every single rarity whatever so do yourself a favor don t really focus too much on the ssr great equipment on the right side.

But focus that on the left side on the right side use lower t equipment for cheap upgrade. But more value okay you don t have a lot of go in the early game. I m already wasting gold trying to show you this tip number 7 number. 7 tip number.

7. The free to play unit red barn blue king and future blue dying and you re gonna get a really really good i m using a blue midi oldest because i didn t get the green oh this and i m too lazy to regrow anymore so i m gonna play the game. Different the red barn. The blue king they are really really good why is this guy really good his skill one this skill right here deplete one ultimate gouge gauge.

I have fought so many boss battle where i cook didn t wipe. But then the car came in crunch and i deplete the boss ultimate gouge and voila i m alive again. Which is really awesome. It s like a good semis done because without the ultimate the boss cannot kill me so that s very important his ultimate hurts there s a lot of damage.

The blue king you get for free from completing chapter. 3. Really really good his second skill. When you rank up to level 2 or 2 star.

It becomes a heal and it s a pretty nice heal when it s 3 star. And his ultimate can hit like a truck as well which i really really like. But the best thing about this guy is the d for attack when you rank up to 2 star this attack and petrify for 1 turn. 3 star to turn petrifying and in a turn based game to turn petrifies lie is i just bending over and for people to slap you this is so good this guy s insane.

I don t know how many times he saved my butt from the enemy ultimate because i the bond didn t have the card that i need to deplete the ultimate gouge. I got this boy too petrified. The boss and i m good because he s so good the skill. It s insane.

It s so insane so he heal he petrify and then he has an ultimate that does a lot of damage this this guy is insane and in a japanese server. What people tell me is that he s still on the best unit in the game. And they give you for free in the chapter. 3 of the story mode and for a gamer.

Give you one of the best unit a game for free and chapter 3 of the game good on you netmarble. I appreciate that number 8 quest. There s so many questions. I quests are amazing the you gear.

They give you gold and give you so many gem as well so when you re stuck in the main story mode of course you want to rush. These main story quests for the free unit right here. I do want to get her so much. But the boss is standing in my way and it s kind of hard and i need to upgrade my unit.

But when you stop you can go back to do the side quest like any mmo out there and cyclones give amazing amazing stuff so gem equipment goal awakening material evolving material come on hero take it or whatever and food it teaches you how to cook food. If that is so important okay the quest important and also you may want to activate your hero way immediately so you can start doing the quest in the hero way as well and some questions are sort of linked to each other so you might want to check out all the possible quests and see what you can do at the same time. That s very very important so do every single class..


If you can if you re stuck in the main story coins do all the side quests. Because you want to get those free gem. Yes. So so good like they give you so many so so many and they give you a very strong mmo vibe.

Which i m a sucker for okay. I love this game running around talking to npc doing quests learning about a story and the map. Itself is amazing. It s not just boring exp grind that s awesome number 9.

The last tip that i have for you today you have your coin shop. Here. And there are many things to buy there pendant and you can see right here. The ssr ticket.

And when you go to the go shop. There s also the same thing there books pendant chests. This is the fixed reward that you get no orange e. With this you buy the hero s okay.

Saving up for the heroes is very very important because right now in the platinum shop. There is the dying and there s the bond okay in the future they can put go sir they can put esken or they can put so many other heroes here that you may want to buy so don t ways and splush your coin just yet go read the website go read this card watch out for the higher tier unit. The endgame pvp unit you can buy from the shop and wait for them to come up and you can even see the schedule over here. So is your higher tier unit.

Coming up in the shop. Save up the coins as many as possible don t get jebaited buy ticket. My pendant you can find these you get these from completing quests as well so don t waste your coin here and the more you summon the more gold coin. You can potentially get.

And then there ll be ssr hero that s so good this guy is amazing the the rent are so good in the game. They re gonna appear in the shop. And you can bind them and compete with other whales out there fun. Fact okay fun fact the most player win gil in japan.

Servo quit. Because they couldn t beat the free to play player in pvp because in the end of the day. When you save enough you can buy every single hero in the game you potentially get everybody and you can farm the xp for them. Max dumb.

Give them the equipment by going through the equipment. Draw okay not here though go to the shop. Then equipment draw. It is gold.

Which means everybody can do this as long as they farm enough so the other day when everybody has everything it s gonna boil down to the gameplay itself the actual use of the cart and how you utilize the in game stuff that boosts your stand. That s it for the video today they go so much for watching guys and really really appreciate it if it was helpful in any way leave a like subscribe to a channel. If you want more content and john this card if possible i really appreciate it ” ..


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