A Weekend in New Bern North Carolina Weekend UNC-TV

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“Acoustic music kaitlyn. I always tell npeople new bern is not shy about introducing herself. Herself. Nelson new bern is an nabsolutely remarkable town there s some nextraordinarily important things to see.

And do that tell us who we are nas north carolinians charley new bern s njust. An extremely charming town and just na great place to visit jane. When you just nkind of walk. The streets.

There s always nsomething to find tom opportunities nfor getting into nature and really relaxing nand. Having some peace and quiet nare. Just endless new bern is very quiet. A very unique place nto stay rich history.

I love new bern deborah as nrelaxing as you find it s coastal landscape nyou. Just have to experience new bern by water. I went by way on pontoon nwith cruise. The neuse.

We give 90 minute ntours up the down the rivers of new bern here. So we go up the trent nriver. A little bit and talk about the nhistory of the area and sometimes. We visit.

Nnicolas sparks house and we ll turn around nand come back through the inner harbor. Here and go out onto the nneuse river and the nicest part is nyou really get to see new bern from the water. And that s a totally ndifferent perspective and since we re the city nbetween the two rivers. It s just a different nway to look at the town by doing it on a paddleboard or a kayak.

It s accessible nto a lot of people people who can t rent a boat or don t have access to a boat almost anybody ncan afford to come and rent a kayak nor a paddleboard for a little bit and nget that experience you can see all these nbeautiful things historic waterfront of nnew bern tryon palace stand up outfitters nis a paddleboard shop. We are located on lawson creek. Which is named for john lawson..


One of the founders of new bern one of the most nexciting things about being here is the ncroatan national forest and a lot of weekends go by and 10 out of 12 nweekends at some point. I m in the croatan. We even have a paved bike trail. If you are more limited in your abilities to get out that s a great and nsafe place to go to to get really into the woods and into the forest ncanopy a little deborah another nrecreational area with historic ties nis battlefield park.

It was the location of na turning point victory for the union in the namerican civil war this is the new nbern battlefield park privately owned by the new nbern historical society. We ve got about 33 acres here this is part of the ncivil war trail system so people around the ncountry who are interested in the civil war nknow that this is on a series of places nthat. They can go to learn about civil war events. This is just a jewel nof.

A park for the city. It s open to the public 24 7. And people come here njust to enjoy the nature you can choose to nfocus on the civil war you can choose to focus non. The revolution african american nhistory architecture.

There s really nsomething for everyone the building behind me nis. The tryon palace. It was built by governor tryon and completed in 1771. It tells the story not only of colonial nnorth carolina.

But also of early statehood. It was the first state ncapital in north carolina. Deborah. Tryon.

Npalace. Is your launchpad for tours of all kinds. But there s another nmemorable tour offered only by appointment. It s just a few miles noutside of new bern in james city.

Where nartist ben watford takes you inside of a restored 19th century slave quarters. This is the crockett miller nslave quarters. It s one of the nlast free standing slave quarters in the nstate of north carolina..


When you get inside nyou re gonna see that we did not nput the furniture that would normally be nin a slave quarters because it was only na table and a chair. So inside we put all the ntools of that period. We re located ninside. The airport inside the gates of the airport mainly because the old nslave cemetery.

Is here the cemetery ncontains 522 graves after seven or eight n10 generations. No one come to ngoes to a graveyard. So we re the only caretakers nin this graveyard the question that was nfrequently asked to me when i was preserving nthe slave quarters was why would a black man want to preserve na slave quarters it s a part of history it s something that we ndon t want to forget these are remarkable stories that we are able nto tell by being completely truthful to nwhat our history is deborah new bern nis. The town of bears.

But not more than you can bear. It was founded by a fellow nfrom bern switzerland and in swiss bern means bear so for it s 300th birthday local artists painted na lot of bears creating a sort of neat reminder that new bern is a ndestination for artists. We are community artists ngallery and studios. Our feeling is that nwe want to reach out to the community and help share our god given talents nwith everyone i think everyone in here.

We have many different artists expresses that inner nlove for the world through their art nwhether. It s in glass or basket making or jewelry. It s an inner core that you want to share with everyone because we live in a ntown that we restore i sometimes take my work apart i break it and then ni reconstruct. It and restore it because nthose are the things that i deal with nin.

My daily life deborah. The second nfriday of every month starting. At 5 00. O clock.

The streets of new bern nare alive for art walk a concept of the ncraven arts council housed in this nhistoric building the front entrance nis that majestic it s our main gallery. Nwhich is incredible. When you look up nat that skylight that was resurrected nabout five years ago with a campaign nand. Then you look at the incredible art naround.

The wall. The different wall. Then nwe have the sculpture and floor pieces and nthen you come back through one area nand..


It s the actual old vault from the bank. So you get to walk nthrough the vault and we ve got a lot of npottery and things there and then you come back here. And this is the gallery shop sandy new bernians nor visitors to the area can go around a visit nall. The different galleries and studios.

And it s a way for people to just explore what s nhere in new bern on all the different nstreets that are available. So there s a lot of ndifferent places to explore and to look at with the history and the new creative art nfocus that we have now deborah art. Walk is na fun social activity to support the arts in nturn. A lot of artists work to support the community.

I m lisa bisbee lentz and this is the ngreater good gallery in new bern north carolina. And my main artists nare carol jones lee hood jon derby. Deborah and nremember our tour guide ben watford these nare. His face jugs just another way art and history come together in new bern when it comes to food nand fun in new bern the locals are pretty vocal beer army burger company i usually just the gi joe but their sweet potato nfries are fantastic you got to go to mj s you got to go to moore s you got to go to stingray cow cafe.

Right next door you gotta go by it s maola ice cream. Which was actually nbased in new bern and they make ntheir own ice cream and then they ve got the kids section. In the back. And they ve got the little train going around the track up top deborah.

The cow cafe nis just down the block from another guilty. Npleasure. Bear city fudge. Where free samples.

Help nyou make up your mind now for a hot breakfast. I checked out baker s nkitchen. Who s hot homestyle. Breakfast nmenu has everything from golden waffles.

Nto bacon and eggs. Plus scrumptious made nfrom. Scratch pastries and tasty cookies to go for dinner..


I stopped at the harvey mansion s circa. 1810. Where the charm nand talent of chef vincent farro. Keeps ncustomers coming back.

The food is my passion of anything that i ve ever done i wanted to do nitalian mediterranean cause. I wanted to nbring in other flavors and do some fusion nlike moroccan french spanish and italian greek israeli so we re doing a nmediterranean italian cuisine and i actually do nsome asian in there cause. I love that also new bern has a very nsurprising nightlife a lot of people don t nreally realize. It it s something that s nkind of new and upcoming in the past.

I d say nfive years or so one of our favorite nspots is prohibition. It s one of our favorite nspots to meet people. There s a recently created brewery. Call brewery.

99. Which has some amazing nbeers that i ve had people some nfriends from raleigh winston. Salem. Charlotte nhave.

All heard about it the brown pelican nit has that old salty port town feel you know old guys with pony ntails. Who obviously have been on sailboats nall their lives to young people who nare home from college. Deborah. So you ll nsee at the end of the day.

There really is something for everyone in new bern to find out more about new bern. ” ..

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