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“Everybody and welcome again to this video series. Where we show you some good third third party applications for your mac and for this popular episode. We re gonna talk check applications its specific one chat application. Which is called idiom.

A friendly little green dot avian is your catch all all in one chat application that supports multiple protocols now we re gonna show it to you in a short while but again its disclaimer because this is not from apple is a third party application is that the own risk. So let s get started you start first by getting the application launch web browser and go to adm..

I am so you see the friendly green duck over here and when you download it you get the application your download folder notice that the offers the following support lots of different protocols including hotmail yahoo google pop twitter facebook even the oai em icu and so much more so once you download the dmg file click on the dmg file to let it open it it be mounted on your desktop and you can see from the window that appear is telling you to click on icon drag it into your applications folder drop it and this will actually copy it into your applications folder. So once it s downloaded. It is finished and you ve installed it you can then add this application to your dock. Thank you green duck now to launch it now just click on icon so it s not just you need to speed it up so that s the reason.

Why we need to make sure that you let it run okay so simply so in this case for this application. You will need to right click to allow it to be run right click on it click on open and you will run that particular application..

Yeah yeah that s enough you need to do your modification. Okay click on open okay. But if i m a diem. We ll always request for your contacts.

This will allow atm to match certain contacts and perhaps any of the information. That you have in your contacts..

Perhaps your friend s email address or other accounts. Having say that once you have the application launched. You re given a simple wizard. This is to help you set it up for the first time and notice that by default your us help you by importing whatever contacts.

You have over here you can also set up all the different accounts that you might have facebook google talk icq msn yahoo messenger and so much more key in everything let it proceed and you re off everything in one centralized. Contact list is supports so many different accounts and protocols..

If case you ve forgotten to add it you can come back here at the plus and add it again separately so try out a deal a dm allows you do connect to so many different types of chat accounts or protocols in one single application and because a dm is open source software offer lots of cool skins for your green duct master so check it out a diem a universal chat application for ” ..

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