AEG Electrolux Powerforce Vacuum Cleaner Unboxing & First Look

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“Guys. This is austin. It has been nearly four years since the original nintendo 2ds 2ds came out but today there s an upgrade big shout out to nintendo nfor us up with the 2ds xl a little bit early so the 2ds has always been a nlittle bit of a weird product. When the 3ds came out the big nfeature was the new 3d screen and of course.

That s exactly nwhat. The 2ds takes away so if we open up the box nthe first thing. We see is the power adapter. So this doesn t seem like nsomething that should be all that impressive.

But the new n3ds xl doesn t even actually come with one you know i actually kind nof like the look of this so with the blue accents and the kind of textured black finish. It oh it looks really nice one thing. I will say though nis it feels very lightweight. It doesn t feel like there s na.

Lot of sort of heft to it but to be fair. It s all plastic and it feels pretty well put together. I mean so the first thing that i noticed is that there s some weird nquirks with the design so the hinge itself nactually kind of sticks out a little bit. And because of nthat.

The front facing camera is actually exposed even nwhen the 2ds is closed so when you open it up it makes sense you can see it pretty well there. But when you close it it s nactually kind of exposed something else. That s kind nof weird is that there s no obvious way to put the games. Nin besides what i assume is behind this flap.

Yeah so inside here we can nput in a 3ds game a ds game. We also have what looks nlike a micro sd card. Which is going to be four gigabytes so right here beside the nheadphone jack. There s oh.

The stylus that is the smallest nstylus. I ve ever seen what what hold on so this is what the normal n2ds stylus. Looks like you know it s meant for human hands. Whereas.

This is the 2ds xl. It is a lot smaller like i don t even how is that even supposed to make sense that is comparing the original 2ds with the xl. The first thing you ll notice nis that the xl is a lot bigger and a big part of that is that it now has a clam shell design. So when you look at the noriginal 2ds.

Something i think a lot of people make fun of is the sort of weird flat design now to be fair in the hand nit. Actually doesn t feel too bad depending on nhow big your hands are for me it feels about right. But when it comes to nactually trying to put this in your pocket good luck. Where something like this neven.

Though it is fairly large it folds up nice and neat. I will say i do like nthe look of the 2ds xl. So as far as i know nright now in north america. There s only this black and blue color.

But i think it looks pretty nice something that i really nkeep coming back to though is that this is really light it feels not cheap. But nlighter than you expect the real comparison here. Nthough is with the 3ds xl and the first thing. I nnoticed with these two is they actually have slightly ndifferent camera layouts so with the 3ds xl nif.

I open. This guy up you ll see that there are two 3d cameras or i guess one 3d camera on the back. So essentially you can use nthis for some mini games. But they actually do take nstereoscopic 3d images now the 2ds xl also has that but instead of being on the screen.

They re actually on the back. Yeah. That s what i said weird right put them side by side and nthe biggest difference that you ll notice between the 2ds xl and 3ds. Xl is the lack of 3d screen.

So with this guy you ncan turn on the 3d switch and you can adjust it nto. The sort of strength that you like and there were some cool things that they did do with the 3ds. Xl including some eye tracking to nsort of customize the screen as before with the 3ds. If nyou got a little bit off axis.

It could look really weird. However for me. I just ndon t really enjoy the 3d. It s kinda nice a ncouple games do it well.

But for the most part that nswitch is off all the time. Which essentially means nit s the same as the 2ds..

So this is the new nintendo 2ds xl and that new name means that it has the upgraded specs from the 3ds. So while the original nhardware came out in 2011. They have since upgraded nand. It runs a lot smoother.

When you look at the xl side nby side with the original 2ds. There are a lot of very nice upgrades. So some of them are super. Obvious.

The screens are much nlarger on the newer unit. But there are also some nmore subtle upgrades like the original 2ds nonly had a fairly small and weak speaker. Whereas. The 2ds xl has ndual front firing speakers or side ish firing speakers.

I accidentally opened the camera. So i guess that means camera time first thing. I noticed is nhaving. The cameras on the back means.

I have to really sort of twist. It so if i try to take a nshot of savage kenny. Here that s some potato quality. Again the angles are super.

Weird you actually kind of have to so you might not wanna take nyour next selfie masterpiece on it. But for a lot the nstuff like games. Need it for ar stuff. It works of course as a game console.

Nwe have to play some games so to start with we have pokemon sun the pokemon games. I will nbe totally honest. With you are a huge reason. Why i nplayed the game boy the ds and the 3ds.

That s really nwhat keeps me coming back to nintendo handhelds and sun. I think is well nanother one that i ve spent a lot of money on yeah. I ve bought a lot of pokemon games. It looks good the screens non.

The 2ds are not great to be totally honest with you. But it s about the same nas every other 3ds. So there s really not a nwhole lot to complain about speaker also sounds decent nnot great. But decent next.

We have super smash. This is a game that really nimpressed me that s even playable on the 3ds. Considering. This is hardware nthat originally came out in 2011.

The fact that nnot only does it look nice and it s playable. We re ngetting a full 60fps is awesome smash is also one of the few ngames that do support amiibos so with the 2ds. What we re ndoing is we re actually putting it in the middle of the screen. But once we do that it npretty much immediately loads up the amiibo you can train.

It you ncan do different things to be honest. I don t find nthat. There s a ton of games that really make amiibos all that useful. But it s definitely nice to have so one thing i m noticing nthe stylus actually isn t quite as annoying nas.

I thought it would be yes. It is very very short but depending on how you hold it it actually doesn t feel that bad. Now. You do have the option nof buying digital games for the 2ds xl as opposed nto buying physical ones.

So most of the titles are navailable on the eshop. But generally speaking. I m nnot a big fan of the way that nintendo handles a nlot of the account stuff and to be honest. I prefer having nthe actual physical games.

What is cool though is that you do have the full nvirtual console on here there aren t a ton of games. But you do have a fair few noptions such as the original pokemon games. You have some nes titles. Some super nintendo games game.

Boy color. And there are still more coming for example..

Pokemon gold nand silver will be available on the 3ds. A little bit later in the year. So nintendo is still making nboth. The 2ds as well as the new 3ds xl right now so which one should you pick up well.

If you wanna be cheap and you want just a basic pokemon machine. It is hard to argue with nthe 2ds at about 80. It is definitely not perfect it would be nice. If it had better speakers and the design that was a nlittle bit more portable.

But i think a lot of people would be completely fine with this the 3ds. Xl is definitely nthe superior console. As far as tech goes. So not only does it have nall.

The updated specs. But you have the additional buttons and controls amiibo support. And it does have that nnicer looking 3d screen. But for me.

I don t ever use the 3d. So that really is not a big deal. Which makes the 2ds xl nlook a lot more appealing for 150. The 2ds xl is nprobably the end of the line for the 3ds.

Now that s not necessarily a bad thing well sure it s about half nthe price of the switch. But more importantly. There are still games that are coming out for this so stuff like very similar. But i just preferred this because i like i like the brown.

You don t often get brown vacuums like this these days. So yeah. It s got a nice it says. It s a go shock around the bumper.

It s quite textured part under the handle for carrying it s pretty standard layout. You ve got large foot operated switch for your cord rewind and a large on off switch and you ve got this variable dial. Which doesn t have any indication on it of the suggested settings. It s just got a plus and a minus quite stiff to turn i think a lot of people though when they have a machine with variable speed to just click on maximum over time and you ll probably find that that s what you would do unless you re cleaning curtains or something where you will need to turn the power down since hygiene filter.

12. So it does have an a rating. So it s one of the highest filtration systems. You ve got s.

Bagged. Large bag capacity as a piston grip. Not piston with a piston indicator. Just there in the middle of your screen.

That will indicate when to check the bag and here s the orange. It s only you know it s not a lot of orange in this but the orange is supplied by the exhaust well one of the exhaust filters here. We have open so i guess it does completely flip right open. So you ve got full access.

So yes. The orange is the diffuser. Which will also help muffle the sound level wondering whether now while they re available. And it s quite a new model to to buy a spare one of those because i m feeling in a few years to come they might still provide that but might just do a generic black and i would i would hate not to be able to have the whole inge because it just just makes it for me having the little orange accent color.

So here s the hepa. I ll check in the when i do the video the demo but i think all these are washable filter system yes. It is it is washable since you pleated hepa that s no other filter under there. But the motor is fully enclosed in that plastic.

Even if you were to have this switched on there s nothing you can touch in there. That s going to cause any harm. It s got nice seal around it here as well where the filter goes in and of course. It s also seals around the actual pleated.

Pepper part that goes in there is that the right way was it this way it must be that way actually does it make a difference. Sure i think it probably does because that little thing sticks up there. And yes. I think that s the way it goes.

So you ve got this little holder for the bag. Let s pop that down there quite a small bag is a compact vacuum..

So this is the ss bag classic long performance. So you can actually take the whole thing to your bin and before you remove it from the holder. Obviously you can go like that. In fact when you take it out of the cleaner you can do that so when you re carrying it to you bin not going to get any dust spilling out and then of course it does pull the whole bag out put that in your bin and slot in a new one.

Just here like that just open that up and you ve got a premotor filter at the front. We ve got the front at the back. We re going to ups a daisy. Expect that can be washed as well.

It s got that little filter. The bag is your main filter of course in a bagged vacuum. So this is the secondary filter. So the air first passes through the bag then through this filter then through into the motor.

So this will protect the motor from any large particles that might escape the bag and then of course. It goes through the final hepa filter. And then finally you ve got the orange diffuser. So that fits in there.

Like that chloe sent up so yes you can see that it has you ve got real full access to the filter. And the bag with the opening fully. Which is nice button so that this fits in there. And i assume we just try using it bagless you try and use it bagless.

You won t be able to close it so if you can t close the lid. You will have any suction. So obviously if you re buying a bank vacuum you re buying a bank vacuum. Because you like the cleanness of the dirt disposal.

So obviously you d always want to use it with a bag and personally sometimes they might cost a bit more. But i would always always use genuine bags in my bank vacuums. They re designed to go with the machine and they ll give you the best performance. So that s incorrectly you can close the lid.

Now and press. It down oops hang on a minute have i done something wrong. It s not allowing me to close it properly there we go i ll look at that i think it s not clicked not clicked properly. But i m sure i ll soar back pull out the cord put one of those flat cords.

Which does mean that it will be able to hold a lot more chords. And some it s a space saving feature can she press that down and sure i ve done something wrong here. I think it s all about yes. That s it the filter really needs to be clicked into place until it clicks are those and that s probably why there we are i don t think it was actually fitted correctly at a factory because that wasn t thoroughly properly closed so that s good so you really have to press that down until it clicks.

All the way around so that does provide a very tight seal. So you can really be sure that the air coming out for this clean. It s not going to escape one on the edges. There we are that s how it should be right now the flex ui engines were going to get caught up because it s it s just being on there we are that s a good rewind action just going to turn it on briefly.

Oh. Now now because the top lid is closed better that moves easy. I think it was because it was slightly open. It was rubbing that s good in goes.

The hose. Oh. It s nice to feel when you put the hose in you can feel that the little seal is actually rubbing against the side so it s it s providing a good seal. I love that so at the moment time of making this video this costs around ninety pounds on amazon that 88.

But it has fluctuated. I ve seen this going up to nearly two hundred. I think so i don t know if it s really worth two hundred. But i think four ninety it seems i m pretty well put together vacuum.

I like its look sensor plug her in happened to have a nearby socket today. So that s good it might turn on i m not sure that s an unusual noise gosh that s strange so there s nothing wrong with it always miss step away look looking at that mess distracting. You did. I tell you what the wattage.

Was you might have seen actually when i showed the rating wow. 600. Watts norma. I m sure it said 7 750.

600 watts right go on on the lowest setting. That s nothing..

It might be okay. Now one thing. I ve just realized actually no dusting brush. I like to dust with a vacuum especially a high filtration vacuum.

But i will before the demo. I ll try some other tools on it might fit standard tools. Yes. That s why the reg deluxe model did come with a dusting brush so i m sure i can get if i haven t got one that fits.

I m sure i can get one so i do like a dusting brush. Okay let s turn it back on small like it so about half way now so for 600 watts. That s pretty powerful in the old days. Before we had the eu regulations.

Limiting the wattage. Something like this would have been i don t know 1800 maybe 2000. Watts. It s not necessary you know to have such high wattage.

Okay. I m guessing just gonna give it a very brief go oh stand up and i ll start it on the full power. We ll just see if it s got a soft star feature might not might not need to really so 600. Watts.

Let s hope. The nozzle doesn t skip the nozzle certainly doesn t skip it it it it sticks to the carpet. A little bit too much as i found with cleaners sometimes of this type. What i will do is lower the suction.

A bit to see if we can have a happy medium that s better pretty robust. I d say if i lift it up from the hose not supposed to do this obviously. But i think you know seems pretty well made certainly as well made as the entry level neela definitely just untangle out there yet so all in all first impressions. Yes.

It s a nice compact nicely maneuverable little vacuum and i think for under 90 pounds. It should prove to be quite a good deal so i like it so far so good you got you little parking bracket there look so you can pause that will work with the other nozzle. Too we just like to have seen a dusting brush and a lot of people don t use a dusting brush to vacuum with their vacuum. But i do find it s seems to be more efficient.

If you ve got the vacuum with a good rating for filtration and it makes sense to use it to do your dusting because dusting. The old fashioned way with a dry duster you re just moving dust about aren t you and some of it will go onto the floor to be vacuumed up. But a lot of it will settle back on your furniture. The next best thing is to dust with a damp cloth so at least it traps at us.

But personally i do like if you ve got a decent dusting brush on your vacuum to do your high level dusting with your vacuum. If this keeps all the dust inside the machine let s just rewind the cable. So that s so all in all i do like that little vacuum it s early days of course. And i haven t done my demonstration.

I ll be testing this on a variety of surfaces carpets and seeing how convenient. It is to use on the stairs. Obviously the hose will not reach other stairs. But being the size.

It is it probably will stand on a standard stair. But it s pretty lightweight so it should be okay for stair cleaning and of course. If you want to take to take it out into your car and vacuum your car with it let s just get all the bits together show you what you get with the vacuum. So i ll need to fit on that little bracket.

So that s it for this little unboxing and first look this is the ag powerforce bag cylinder vacuum cleaner yep it s a nice stylish compact machine stay tuned i ll be doing the full review and demonstration soon on my channel. If you ve got any questions about this cleaner. Please ask in the comment section below. And if like patrick you d like to donate something to my channel.

You could either donate through my paypal me link or check my amazon wishlist. There s lots of items on there from very expensive to very cheap. But anything is gratefully received and if you buy anything for my wish list and you want me to i ll give you a shout out in the video. Where i feature.

The item that you ve chosen so until the next time thanks very much for watching and i ll see you soon. ” ..

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