ALL of KODI LEE S Performances On Season 14 of AGT! – America s Got Talent 2019

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“Hello. Welcome to america s got talent. What s your name. I m cody.

I i am. 22 years old who are you yes. Who are you i m mom what are you gonna do here for us today. I m gonna sing a song for you on the piano tina.

Tell us a little bit about. Cody cody. Is blind and autistic. Well.

We found out that he loved music. Really early on he listened and his eyes just went huge and he started singing and that s when i just i was in tears..

Because that s when i realized oh my gosh. She s an entertainer so he was able to withstand living in this world because when you re autistic. It s really hard to do what everybody else does it actually has saved his life playing music. We d love to hear you go for it you ready i m ready yeah.

I ve been to so many places in my. Life enjoy sors in a mansion babe remember stage 10000. People watching well don t know never say to you or does her spacertown. I love you from my life.

Well first of all i will tell you that all four judges and everybody in this room were up on their feet. I will tell you that not only do we feel the authenticity of what you do but you re a great inspiration and a great talent. I know and everybody needs a voice and an expression and i d really feel your your heart your passion your voice blew all of us away. So i just want to say that i heard you and i felt you and that was beautiful simon you see what just happened there was extraordinary.

I mean really extraordinary. I don t know what it s like to live in cody s world..

All i can tell is is that you obviously have an amazing relationship. The two of you and your voice is absolutely fantastic. You have a really beautiful tone and thank you so much for trusting us for the rest of my life. I m a new judge this season.

And i m also a new mom this year. It s the toughest job. I ve ever had and the most rewarding job. I ve ever had you just want to give your kids the moon.

The stars and the rainbows and tonight. I m gonna give you cuz. I quite amazing laughter. When you re weary feeling small when tears are your eyes.

I will try them or your side. Oh and times get rough and friends just can t be found oh trouble water..

I will when you re down now when you re on the street where he and for sure. Ah oh trouble i will there goes. My heart. Because you are the reason.

I m losing my sleep. Please come back now i climb every mountain. It s when every ocean just to be with and fix what i broke a or cuz. I need you to see then you are the reason and if i could turn back the clock.

I made certain i defeated the dark that spend every hour of every day. Keeping you just to be there you are the reason. The reason and i climb every mountain and swim every ocean just to be with you and fix what i broke care goes on me laughter. Watching you go the pain to learn so much to have no control.

I said i wanna. See the world and you said go just feel true without driving strong for so long..

A sideman watching you go sometimes. An ak comes. Along who creates an incredible buzz and that s our next finalist tonight. He s performing with a three time grammy award nominee and british chart topping singer songwriter actress and activist please welcome cody lee and the incredible lianna beat cuz you are i m losing my sleep.

Please come back now there goes my head shape you are the reason that i m still breathing every and sweat. Oh if i could turn but standard keep it news. I climb every mountain every ocean just to be and fix what i broke an o cuz. I love the reason hey youtube.

Thanks for watching make sure you subscribe for more. It s helen come on ” ..

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