Amazon angel Fashion Nova Uhaul

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“Guys eat sugar out amazon angel. I just want to say thank you for coming coming to my youtube. Please like and subscribe. This is my first fashion over try haul.

So i m really excited this dress is well this skirt set is a two piece. It s very stretchy um. I would say that the material is polyester and spandex. I think it s very cute you can wear this you know going out somewhere maybe going out for a date.


Or just. You know showing at home. With your little boo you get stella cute. This jumpsuit.

Is called painted path. And i absolutely love it i love the colors. I love the design the look of it the feel the material is very stretchy that s important for me. I love anything that is a jumpsuit from fashion ova.


But mostly i like to buy stuff that i know for a fact would stretch over yeah stretch over here so um. But yeah i really love it um. It s very what s the word. It has a lot of pastel colors.

You know very like spring and easter and it s conservative. You can wear this my new family you can wear this one today you can wear this go on to the store. I guess the great outfit. It s very comfortable and it s not too tight um.


I m wearing a 1x like i said um majority of the outfits that i get from fashion over r1 x. But this um i love it back if i could buy this in different colors. I would i would definitely i think it s very pretty it s very comfortable the straps they re not too tight. But if you tie it to lose your boobs might pop out just a forewarning.

I m not wearing a bra with this so like i said i m it definitely covers everything there s yeah. This app. It doesn t make me feel uncomfortable in any way. I don t feel like it s exposing too much or showing too much it definitely covers everything and that s important to me the back isn t too low and like i said.


It s very stretchy like you can just it s very comfortable this is a great outfit to have in your closet. Hey everyone i just wanted to say thank you for watching my videos please like share and subscribe. I i will have more videos to come. This is just my first time bear with me thanks.

” ..

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