Anime Phone Cases Unboxing (#1 in 2015) – Death Parade and One Piece

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” s up everyone. This is ed. I got a unboxing here from china and these these are some phone cases now i apologize if this looks kind of crappy and knows you might even be able to see my address. I know you can t on the left one because i used the noodlers ink on it properly on this one.

I kind of just like through way too much ink on here. And it did not dry correctly at all. But we re just going to go ahead and open these up. So let s go ahead and begin so this time now that i finally can use the freaking tripod.

I don t have to pause the camera anymore and as long as if i don t hit the freakin tripod with my arms when i m unboxing things. I should be able to do this all on camera. Now like i said that i kind of hand off or whatever all right let s see which one this. One is help i look at what i m opening.

Oh yeah. This is the one. I was hoping to do this is death parade. Wow.

It looks really good that looks really awesome just wow. What the hell. Oh my god this thing stinks..


So bad. But it is a really awesome looking case really good material rubber on the sides kind of hard material. It s not quite like it s sorta plastic. But they put a layer or something on here that way if dirt gets in here.

It shouldn t scratch the hell out of your phone. If you ve ever used an in case slider. You know what i m talking about like where dirt gets in there and just scratches. The hell your phone this looks actually pretty good though pretty durable as well.

I mean. This is an iphone 6 plus case and if you re wondering i actually don t have an iphone 6 plus. But i had some ebay bucks laying around and it s gonna be a present for my cousin so shoot. I probably just flashed.

My address on here great now i gave myself work to deal with later because i m gonna have to edit that out see this one s actually kind of difficult to open because it envelopes. Smaller. This one is actually oh and if you re wondering the i ll go to the prices in the end for now. Just focus on opening this so again packed kind of the same way.

See. Where s little thing to open. It up at oh..


Here yeah. This is a one piece case look at this one actually doesn t stink and i ll give you like a different look at it looks pretty good. I m liking it pretty good material like how it kind of like see. When you get to the focus.

There you see come on my god my freakin phone sex in life. Okay. Point is is it looks pretty good you can see there s not much to really show on these two as far as person goes. This one was like four dollars and ninety cents.

And then 99 cents for shipping. So i think under six dollars. Which is pretty cheap this though was 2099 if i remember correctly and then shipping was free. But twenty dollars for that one this is just tpu.

Though so you can see here you know it s you can its tpu. Though. Which is not bad it gives good drop protection. If there it gets in here.

It won t scratch. The heck out of your phone cut out two pretty good on it the material looks pretty good. There s a little like hair there..


But i mean for four dollars. I mean i mean. It s great this is gonna be for my friend eduardo he goes by egg though since i m edie so that would just be awkward if we were just but like hey ed head. But yeah.

This is gonna be his present and that s pretty good. I mean. This is also for the note like the seller actually sells us for the note. 3.

And at 4s 5 iphone. 6 and 6 plus 5 5 s. Four 4s you pretty much any android phone even like the xperia phones. Which are not that popular in the us you can find them there.

This seller also does it for all of the same sun series like the notes. The s3 s4 s5 note tune up 3 note. 4. And for the iphone 6 6.

Plus v. 5s. They don t do it for like any other brand..


Though i mean you could buy any android phone basically they have except for like z3v and a couple of variants sorry if any you guys aren t familiar at all this never talk i ll try to keep it to him. But yeah. This is the unboxing of these two cases and i ll probably be uploading this online since they re i was originally going to do this with manga to like save this for another. But i figured it would be kind of long anyway so thanks for checking out this video.

I ll give you one less look at the material. So you can see tpu versus a hybrid of plastic and some type of i want to say tpu. But it might be another material kind of hard still. But it shouldn t scratch too badly if you get dirt on here.

But the tpu definitely won t scratch your phone. If there gets in here. Obviously. If you put like sand in both it s gonna scratch the hell out of your phones.

Though alright so thanks doing this video out please like it if you d like to dislike it if you disliked. It although you re going to give me a sad face to be disliked. It stay tuned for the hundred and seventy five subscriber giveaway that is all and thank you so much for watching let me know if you like when i record using the ” ..


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