Apple Watch Series 3 Unboxing Video *Rose Gold 38mm*

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“She is our glory hey guys. It s your girl chuck s the glam and and today s video is all about the unboxing of my brand new apple watch series. If you re interested in watching me unbox this product they keep on watching because it s about to be late alright guys so the back story you guys should probably already know that have the apple watch series 1. And i ve had it for about a year and a half.

But the gag is it was time for another one. Although my other one was great i kind of got talked into it by the sales rep at verizon. Because right now the promotion is when you buy any iphone x. When you purchase the series 3.

You get 200 off of an iphone x. So that sounded really attractive to me. And i was like alright cool let s do this so. Here s the box pretty much looks the same as all the other apple watch boxes.

I still have the plastic oh boy. This is recently something they started doing because apple watches were not sold at verizon. Especially on a monthly plan at all. So.

The retail price of the new series 3 apple. Watch 38. Millimeter. Is roughly 399 dollars.

No mine is connected with its own cell. Phone number..

I could pretty much do all the amazing capabilities that i couldn t do on my first one so let s get into it let s get into a let s do it do it do it now do we open. This apple watch like you should so. This is what it looks like it says apple watch seriously. I m parting to ash on my hands wrong.

But isn t look over chicago. And dad. Yeah. Okay.

Says design right at born california. Then oh. So then it comes with this here and so these are some instructions to how to fit and adjust the band it tells you how to customize the faces and now you have your support for your elbow. Quick start menu options here so it tells you how to you welcome self to the apple watch how to turn it on and off how to swipe and display.

What the digital crown is the side button and also how you have a heart rate. Sensor. A band release an air vent. A mic and a speaker.

And it s charging peace fredo can with this too so now i ll let me get down to the nitty gritty. Know what there she is our glory. Oh she s so pretty yeah on this okay the digital crown on the side of this is red this time around oh for those of you guys who are wondering i have a 38 millimeter rose gold watch with the rose gold band. It s really cute and this one.

I don t know if you notice. But has gps ceramic back ion x class..

And the case is a loon. Okay. So your bottom is going to come with your basic date. Such as your charging cable and your charging port and these two together will charge your apple watch i ll give you guys a quick demo for those of you guys who are familiar so we re going to turn her on and you turn the watch on from the side here and we re gonna pair it on camera.

So then when you turn it on it says apple watch and it says it in quite a few different languages of course. My first native language is english and bring apple phone near apple. Watch okay okay. We re doing.

So oh. And just like that the screen pops up it says use your iphone to set up this watch continue so if you guys are wondering i have the iphone x now this is the cool part so you re gonna hold the watch up to the camera like this. As your apple. Watch is paired and then it gives you little options how dope right now just tells you to set it up um.

It asks you your wrist preference. I m a lefty so left so now i want to put her on my wrist. So we gotta agree with the terms and conditions signing your account this may take a few minutes. So while i was doing that let me tell you some really cool features about your apple watch i m not sure if you guys know.

But it literally pairs with your heartbeat. It tracks your steps also it ll tell you when your heart rate is increased you can get in the shower or the water or you can get you this thing can be submerged in the water so it s good you ll be fine. When i was at the apple store when i got my very first apple watch. I d ask the guy like hey can this thing he weigh.

He was like yeah. Like i think my shower with this thing on like it s not a big deal..

I was like so this thing can do so much and with a series three you can make phone calls from it without being on bluetooth. So that means if i left my phone at home one day. I can still text. I can still receive phone calls and i can still do quite a few other things like receive my notifications from social media.

Which is awesome. And yeah. It s a great alternative so if you don t have your phone. Unlike series one.

He won t be able to suggest it ll be disconnected. They ll be like a red dot on the top. But with this one you can kind of just maneuver as you please so they also have now the workout route tracking so apple watch workouts uses your location to track routes and local weather for outdoor workout. Yes.

Because i like to workout share its settings. So the apple watch shares settings for iphones location services. Find my iphone and siri analytics. Okay create a passcode so you can also do apple pay from this thing.

Which is awesome. Because i m a huge advocate of apple pay when i don t have my phone. I kind of just take it out. But now i can just live out that arbutus itch.

I have to pull up my car at all continue so i m setting up my apple pay. So you also have the option of emergency sos continue when apple watch is away from your iphone..

You can make and receive and send and receive messages and get calendar and mail updates over the cellular oversell your leg. You can be reached on your apple watch at the same number as your iphone see all that let you guys because i couldn t do that before the other ones. So now i could just be like hey so i just see it s pretty simple you can purchase the apple watch series 3 without cellular. But it s so much better with cellular because it s almost like going backwards in time with no shade ok.

No shade. But is much better. And then you also have your gps on here. Now so you re constantly track so some might want to try you they know where you are at all times.

Ok anyway. So that pretty much does it for the unboxing and the try on haul for my apple. Watch series. 3.

If you guys want to know more about my watch or anything else like that i ll be sure to give you some updates on how liking the watch at some point some of the capabilities. And once i get to play with excite literally just unbox this in front of you guys. And i ve only had it on my road ten minutes. So i m not even sure all i can do yet however.

I m really superduper excited and i thank you guys so much for tuning in so please do me a huge favor thumbs up ” ..

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