Archos Jukebox Studio 20 MP3 player from 2002

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“Music. It has been a longtime passion of some to be able to take songs songs with us wherever. We go and a very small portable package and how over years. It s evolved and changed and has been has come along in different forms whether it s the original ipod touch here or some of us who are older may remember the cassette you know the old cassette that didn t hold anywhere near 10000.

Songs. But you know it was alright. It did its job at the time. And it was cheap or maybe.

If you re a child of the 80s you remember the pocket rocker that hold held about two songs on it and speaking of ipods. We have the the ipod shuffle here and something that wants to be won and we have this rio mp3. And this philips. And we have the rave mp.

Made by clique and actually. It s made by this sensory science corporation. But you can see that on my channel as well if you ve never seen a click mp3 player and then of course you know why not just making an organizer an mp3 player so that s what palme did here with this palm pilot it has a mp3 playback capability a headphone jack and a place to put an sd card for your music and in the 90s. We had exciting products like this digital compact cassette player here that could play back analog cassettes took technology from here and put it in a portable package and then gave us digital tapes to play on it.

As well. And you ll see one of those on my channel and of course the 1980s. Very early 1980s brought us the the disc man or at least the compact disc itself maybe not the disc man quite yet. But you know carrying digital quality music around wasn t too bad.

Although this doesn t really fit in your pocket and today i got out my good old sony minidisc player here and still kick in still working and of course. This was a an intermediate technology. It allows you to record music on two little floppy discs. Yet at the same time allowed you to download songs from your computer directly to a machine.

Without having to record through an audio cable. So that was a pretty neat and innovative way of getting music digitally as well. So i know i haven t quite gone in chronological order with all of these devices. But in the early 2000s.

There was another product that came out that was very exciting and and unique in its own way. And it was actually a device that you can hack as well and i m gonna show you how i hacked it myself so let me show you what that is this exciting innovative amazing and super stylish product was called the archos or our coasts. Jukebox studio 20 and it was introduced in 2002 and it weighs 290 grams. Let s take a look at this guy so when i first saw this at a thrift store.

I was like what on earth am. I looking at here. But very odd design. Although very practical design this unit for 2002.

I don t know what you were doing in 2002 computer wise. But in 2002. I don t think i owned a portable hard drive or even a flash drive if those even existed back then. But this mp3 player had a dual purpose capability.

It was not only a portable hard drive. But it was an mp3 player as well so it had a 20 gigabyte hard drive in it..

And it literally has a 20 gig ide hard drive in the base down here replaceable. It has these weird side panels. Which kind of remind me of like barbells you know like if you re gonna like work out you know it s like two barbells stuck next to each other of course. They wouldn t be very heavy ones.

But so there s a practical purpose for these bars on the side here. And i ll show you what that practical purpose is wallah that is where the batteries were so there were four double a batteries that you could replace in it when i got this unit. It did not power up at all i could not power it. And what i had to do was take these batteries out the original of course rechargeables that came with it were completely dead.

But i had to clean the contacts here and here for the unit because they were corroded and once i cleaned the contacts and put some fresh batteries in it she came to life and as you ll hear let s see if i can get it to play something here. I ll play you actually play you something here in a minute. But uh okay let s see this is a very awkward system. It has here so listen up can you hear that well anyway.

You can hear that harddrive power up each time you turn the unit on or off so i m going to turn it off here. Yeah still can t really hear it sometimes. It s louder than other times. I was hoping it would do it loud enough for you guys to hear it on this video.

So anyway. What makes this thing so unique is the fact that it held 20 gigs of music. Which was a lot of memory at that time in fact probably a lot of laptops had 20 gigs worth of hard drive space in them. But to turn it on you hold this power button here.

So you have to hold it on well have you heard the thing whizzed up like a normal hard drive would or were up alright so you ve got a menu button here you ve got a stop button a play pause and plus there on the top here. You have a line out. And an ear. Jack flip it around to the bottom.

You have a line in and a dc in as well as a full size usb port. So i didn t have a usb full sized cord. I had to buy one it s a usb. A 2 usb a so that i could load music on the sky.

But i also found out that my 64 bit version of windows 8 could not you know pull a driver out of its hat for me to use it as an external hard drive so i went through all of the trouble of loading a virtual machine on my computer loading windows xp into that virtual machine and installed the driver inside the virtual machine and now the virtual machine can read the hard drive. So. Let me show you a little bit of that before i demonstrate this things playback and menu capabilities. The software virtual machine software.

That i m using is called oracle vm. Virtualbox and virtualbox is completely free for you to download and play with for personal use and so i created a virtual machine. And i ll go ahead and boot that up now and as you can see. Over here i ve got my.

Usb 20 or usb. 20. Chord although it doesn t support usb 20. I have the plug plugged in to the usb port on the bottom of the player and into my computer.

And you can see here it shows on the screen usb mode. So what i m going to do is i m going to have to tell a virtualbox that this usb..

Port is actually for it so i m gonna go to usb and then i m going to click on this in system design usb storage adapter click on it all right and normally i would hear a noise. But i didn t hear them on that time for some reason make sure i did it correctly. Oh okay. So let s try this unplug it plug it back in and i think we re golden.

Now yep now i see a little checkbox there so now i can go to my my computer. And very shortly here we are going to see another hard drive up here. And there it is and i ll just open the folder and view the files. So there s actually a my music folder on there and all of this music that you see here was already on the unit.

When i got it so look at me. I get all this free music i paid 10 for the the actual mp3 player so pretty fun product and a lot of entertainment for ten bucks right so there you go. That s this is the the aspect of it that you ll need to be able to to to be able to access the device itself now the hacking part of it that i mentioned at the beginning of the video is this product called rock box. And rock box.

Still exists. And you can go to rock box org and download new firmware for this particular mp3 player. And it will change the operating system and then give it more functionality than it originally had it looks like the current version is rock box 313. So the reading that i was doing on this shows that a lot of people went ahead and put this rock box software on it because the software that arcos or archives put on there wasn t so fabulous and of course.

I was intrigued that it had an input on it and i was hoping that that input would allow me to record and i have not yet found that capability on the unit. So it may be in the software somewhere. I just haven t found it yet. But in any case.

Let s get back the actual unit itself first off. What is the sound quality like is it very good well i ve got my little jam speaker here that is also reviewed on my channel. I m gonna plug my little jam speaker into the headphone jack which is on the top left here plug that in and i m gonna take the usb cord out and we ll see how to access a file in here now i ve downloaded some free music some royalty free music from youtube. So that i can play music on here and not get in trouble so check that out if you haven t checked out the free music that you can use for youtube purposes.

You ll find it on youtubes website. So we re gonna go into files and once i m in files. I go into my music and i ve created a folder called royalty free. So i m gonna go ahead and hit play on that and just pick us on here.

I can go to the next. So. There you go sound quality is really good and the one of the things that i like about this unit. It actually has a separate bass and treble control.

And if you go up to your menu here we want to go to the top part of the menu and let s see where we go here we re gonna go down the menu somewhat here we can resume playback. But let s go into settings. And then there s sound settings. So then here s where you change your volume all right so.

If i hit plus looks gotta go into it first so i can hit my plus or my minus set my volume control. Then i can go back. Here. Here s my bass control and treble control.

So you can kind of enhance your listening pleasure there you have a stereo width. Setting..

So i guess it kind of makes puts more separation between the two channels. Perhaps let s see over here. You ve got your battery level meter course your volume level. And this little thing here.

That just says per. Am. I m not entirely sure what that means but i m sure it s helpful whatever it is so let s go back a level here. There was actually little games that you can play down here.

Now you guys are gonna think this is hilarious let s see let s go back into settings. See. If i can find it. There s general settings theme settings.

Now this operating system had different functionality for different units. Obviously. This one s display is a bit archaic so there s not a whole lot you can do. But let s see where is the general settings here so we have playlists file view database display system startup and shutdown.

Bookmarking language. Voice hotkey. Ok. Let s see what is voice do voice menus voice directories okay.

That s something that s new to me. As i m making this video. Let me see if i can find where where the games are yes. There were games.

Written for this silly. Thing. Let s see. Playback settings theme settings.

Manage settings. Don t find it. Here. Boys.

Hotkey. Okay. It s actually under plugins and under when you go under plugins you have games and you have applications so we have games and we have apps. Imagine that the said apps before the the ipod had apps.

Okay so i m gonna may be wrong about that but anyway so we re going into games and latest. We got blackjack. We got brick man bubbles chest box chopper dice flip. It golden or go ban.

Jackpot jewels maze maze zam minesweeper nim peg box pong reverse. I robot finds whatever blah blah blah rock blocks rock blocks one snake snake..

I m gonna space rock star soduku on and on we go so the one i was going to show you which was really funny kind of cracked me up flip. It which is actually tetris so there s our title screen. Oh wait no this isn t tetris. I m not sure.

Which one this is let s see if we can find it again here games. Apparently these are on the hard drive because as i m tapping on these i feel the hard drive gear up chopper you know in compatible model. So some of these don t run on here dice flip it go be in incompatible model. Okay.

So you re gonna have to take my word for it it s in there somewhere. I ran one of the apps in there one of the other games actually caused the thing to lock up and i had to restart it so yeah so anyway. There s just these tiny little itty bitty. Little just little dashes and dot s moving down the screen.

And it was like the left side of the screen. So it was hardly entertaining to sit there and look at this tiny screen anyway. And then plot tried to play a little game on it. But anyway uh.

It was it was nice of them to try so in any case. So there s the machine itself and all of its capabilities. And again a nope a full size notebook hard drive in the back of this thing. Like i said apparently could be replaced.

I do have a 40 gig. Hard drive that i took out of my apple tv. A long time ago that might fit in there. But i haven t tried to do anything with that yet.

But you know as mp3 players go. This was pretty neat. And you know it has that techie nerdy aspect to it where you can actually hack it put different operating system on it put a different hard drive in it upgrade. It you know downgrade it whatever you want to do or just use it as an external hard drive all that capability right there.

And it devised it quite honestly i had never even seen before. But you can even look these up online and read about them on wikipedia. And there s a lot more information on there there is different models. There was ones that had more characters on the display and there was models that also recorded so in any case.

I hope you enjoyed this little march into the archos world of mp3 player and please subscribe to my channel and as i said at the beginning of the video look out for some of those other devices you saw and check them out on my channel. As well share. This with a friend and subscribe leave. A comment and have a great day and enjoy some listening of some great music on hopefully your mp3 player or maybe.

In fact the mp3 player that you may be watching this video on ” ..

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