Aspire Carbon Fibre VV Batteries [Variable Wattage Battery Review UK ECIG STORE

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“Stand against the uk. 6 back because i m really cool today. It is from from spires who we know it s going to be quality. These are aspires new voltage ego style batteries.

These are made out of carbon fibers. The aspire cf batteries they are variable voltage from three point three to four point eight volts and we ve got two different version. See we ve got the 650 million power and the 1100 million powers. I think we should crack the box is open on box them.

See what they re all about and then bake them i m going to be pairing this up with an a clear rpc smoked obviously and some snow candy bedroom gordon job. So i think there s going to be a pretty good vape. So let s go ahead unbox them see what happens everybody says here is the aspire carbon fiber battery now as you can see for me we do have the variable voltage carbon fiber red this happens to be the 650 battery and the red carbon fiber looks absolutely stunning. So let s go ahead and fold.

The box out and we do have some warranty information right here. I ll go for that right now basically so we do have some information on the battery. But one thing i want to show you guys is this right here so aspire gives you a six month warranty guarantee basically on their products basically you have to fill out the name when you purchase it and then now we also located so we will put a stamp or a signature here which will then obvious if there was any issues with the actual battery itself you can just bring it in and then now which i get out and then give you a replacement if it needs to be replaced. But the battery is right here.

Like i said. This is a 650 battery. This is the carbon red version and our it s pretty stunning to be on it i mean the colors coming from this is really nothing to actually see in red carbon fiber in person and this this just looks great so this is the red. The red one in 650.

So what we re going to do right here is we re going to unbox the 1100 milliamp hour battery. Which happens to be in the original carbon fiber black. And because this is a one thousand one hundred million power battery. It is considerably larger than vr then the 650 now this is what i like about aspire they ll think it outside the box instead of making a battery longer because it s more milliamp hour battery.

They made it a little bit fatter and i don t know if you can see that in comparison right here. We do have quite a bit of a difference in size..

And the length is pretty much identical. It s the exact same thing. The only thing. I ve noticed is that the 650 doesn t come with this beauty ring and the 1100 feel empowered does come with a beauty ring.

And it s non removable. So i m guessing it because it s such a big battery. If you wanted to fit a tank on the top you could flush mount it right here. But with these batteries.

I guess you could you could purchase a beauty ring off the after market or if you re going to be using. It you can be using with a clearomizer. Which is what we re going to be using today. We re going to be using a a clear rbc.

So that s going to be asking to fit perfect for this so. What are we going to do some features now the battery itself does is a variable. Voltage and it does go from 33. Volts all the way up to four point eight volts by spinning this ring right here.

So it s basically like a spinner. But all the numbers are hidden and they re only visible from this little window right here so as you twist the battery you get a sense of where the voltages and it actually clicks in place every single time. Which is really nice and the fact is that you can fit it anywhere in between if you re a little bit ocd like me you will leave it at one point. Where you can see the window or you can just put it anywhere you like basically so to turn it on we do have a five click on off suite feature and if we re holding vr button down right here.

We can see the blue light and basically what this means if it. s blue it s giving us anywhere between. 35 to 42. Volts and if it s orange.

It s basically giving us below. That so it s basically time to get it to the charger..

Which is kind of nice it gives you a nice battery indication of where you need to go with it now this carbon fiber right here is really really nice i mean moving into the light. Hopefully you guys can pick this up as well you do have a sense of that of the light moving through the fibers in the carbon fiber. And it makes it it s really nice because you really get to see a battery with a finish like this and i ve never seen a battery with a carbon fiber device with carbon fiber in that matter. So it s really nice to to get to see a feature like this now.

This device features are a lot of great great features it has a overcharge. Protection so if it over. Charges if it charges up to 425. Volts.

The internal chip will cut the power from the charger. And it won t touch any more to prevent overcharging. If it has a discharge if it discharges too much the internal chip again will cut it out so nothing will happen to the battery. Which is kind of cool basically.

I think we should do now is fill up the clearomizer and go through and vape. It alright guys so here is the we re going to be using the red carbon fiber battery. In the end. And we got an a clear rbc in smoked and what i like about these clearomizer is that you get two extra coils on the pack on the inside along with that with one already installed in the clearomizer.

Which is really cool so i m just going to move the packaging to the side and then i m going to bring in my snow candy bears. Which a little known fact i do kind of like it a lot. So it s not just so cool pomegranate. We re doing a little bit of a change today so i m just going to pop the cap off and we re going to start to fill it so i want to aim for the side of the glass right here.

I don t want to get it in the middle. Because that s where your air flow comes in into your mouthpiece. If you are if you put any liquid in the center tube right there you re gonna get juice in your mouth. And you don t want that trust me.

It is not a nice flavor. So i m just going to insert the atomizer back onto the clearomizer once i filled it and all i have to do now basically is just thread it onto my battery..

And that s it i m good to go so. I think what we should do now is uh cup to the white shot and start vaping alright guys so here we are i am using the red carbon fiber battery again this is a 650 and i ve got this battery set to 43. Volts with snow candy bears in my clearomizer. And it is vaping.

Nicely let s have a little go and then we re just continue to talk about all the other features vapor coming through nice and plumie. The flavor is really full from this thing. And i is quite nice some other features. I didn t mention because i wanted to mention them in the end right here is the battery.

If the charger has a short circuit. It will again the chip on the inside will cut the power coming from the charger to the battery to prevent any any venting or anything like that only short circuiting with the battery. So that s really cool fourth thing fourth good feature about this is if the coils on the inside are shorted again that chip will take care of everything. And it will it will cut the clearomizer out basically.

It s a one vape it so you re going to get flashes of both the orange and the blue colors leds on the screen. It s going to flash three times to let you know that it s on its off position. So it s not going to fire after that that means you have a short in your clearomizer. So that s really good to know.

It s really surprising that a battery in this size has your back through through all these features and i mean they re they re quite surprising and quite good i do love the red on this clearomizer. I can t stress enough how nice it is to see a carbon fiber because i ve already i ve only seen carbon fiber in cars never actually had a chance to play around with it see how it see how it is and be having the opportunity to have it on a battery. Without carry around all day. With me is really sort of a nice touch.

I mean we ve seen rubberized textures and sort of painted textures that rub off carbon fiber is stronger than saying. They re steel. So i don t think anything s going to happen. Today with this so that s that s really good touch aspire.

So again aspire they ve they re doing things right. I mean we do have the black carbon..

Fibre right here is a standard carbon fiber. And the red carbon fiber. So aspires doing things right. Nowadays.

Well they ve always been doing things right. And it s just stepping up their game. A little bit again setting the bar. So one thing.

We should do is take one more vape and then i think we should end this way to use it it s a very production this this format right here is great i mean you can see the vapor coming through the flavor production is a nice moist vapors. None of that none of that are kind of dry hitti taste coming through it s lovely. The air flows coming through nicely as well and the battery has nice air ventilation coming through so you re going to get pretty good. Airflow.

Now i do have this battery as i said set on 43. Volts and not other than the looks of it looking this nice. If i want to change the change of the voltage going through the battery. I can either turn up a little bit or i can turn it down.

And this is on four point eight volts let s see little bit on the on the dry side because this kind of atomizer ins are meant to handle four point eight volts. But again i can turn it down. And i can have a play around with whatever kind of kind of voltage. I like which is kind of cool so guys this is the aspire carbon fiber variable voltage from aspire i said spire twice today okay so this is the aspire carbon fiber variable voltage batteries in black and red my name is anna from the uk e6 door thank you so much for watching please feel free to subscribe smash that like button as always we are going to be on your feed every week for free so you get to see more great content like this so while winning yeah.

But anyway. Thank you so much for watching and we ll see you ” ..

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