Astro A50 Gen 3 HOW TO Fix No Power No Charging Issue. Hard Reset!

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“Ladies and gentlemen my name is blackey nice baby and today. I m going to to show you how i fix the charging and power issue that i was having my astro. A 50 generation free wireless headset for pc. And ps4 first off.

I d like to say that i love these things in the pack. One hell of a punch. And honestly they had better for what you have to pay to call set of these your own they provide the listener with top of the line dynamic. Acoustics to deliver superior sound.

Quality any level gamer. Would appreciate the 71..

Dolby. Surround. Sound immerses. You fully within any game.

And allows you to hear your enemies from every and all angles. Also the astral command center software. Allows you to customize the auditory parameters to further heighten your experience whether you re blowing up tanks and battlefield. We re rocking out to your favorite tune these bad boys got it where it counts.

But i digress you didn t come here for a review of the product. So let s get rid of this you re here..

Because you re having the same issue that i was last night before i went to bed my a 50s were fully charged and working properly and then this morning. I woke up to a non functioning 300 paperweight with cute little noise canceling earmuffs. The red power led on the actual headset itself wasn t lit up even when i had the switch turned to the on position in addition. While they were properly seated and secured in the charging base two of the four battery status bars that signify the charge level were lit up.

But the third light that indicates the headset is charging wasn t blinking. And although. My computer was showing the headset is the default communication device. And all the settings were as they should have been the headset wouldn t communicate with the computer at all now.

I did some research online and found out that i wasn t the only person who had encountered this problem before and from what i could find no one could offer up any tangible way of correcting. It i did however find out that the 850 s..

Had the ability to be hard reset. So i figured what the hell. Most issues with electronics can be solved by turning them off and then turning them back on anyway. So that s what i did and hot damn it works i was back in business and i m going to show you how to do that right now make sure the power switch on the headset is turned to the on position.

Take the headset off the charging base and press and hold the game side of the mix amp control on the earpiece while pressing and holding adobe on and off button. After about 10 seconds. The battery status bars will disappear and at this point. You can release the buttons and wait for the battery status bars to reappear once they do you can seat the headset back in the charging base.

And hopefully the power light on the headset will turn on and the headset will now indicate. It is charging like so and that s all she wrote..

I hope this video was helpful in resolving. Any issues that you ve had with your 850 and if not i do apologize. But i d like to thank you all for softened by anyways and if you wouldn t mind give the video a like and share and subscribe to the channel. It would help me out and i d greatly appreciate it and also if you got some spare time make sure to check out some of my streaming series.

And any other videos that i ve posted down in the description below for now that s it and i m out peace good bye. ” ..

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