ASUS ROG G752VY-DH72 17.3″ Gaming Laptop Review

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“Laptop geek hd here and today. I m going over the specs and features of of the asus republic of gamers e75 2v. Why dh7 to gaming laptop. This is great laptop for the price and performance they could handle anything you throw at it for a really nice price in order to get a great price for the specific model.

I provide you with a link in the description below you also see what other customers are saying about their experience with the specific model so be sure to check that out this one has the intel core i7 6700 hq processor this runs on the latest chipset from. Intel it s clocked in at 26. Gigahertz. However with the turbo speed feature automatically.

Increases the clock. Rate all the way up to 35. Gigahertz depending on the demand..


That is being placed on the processor is an excellent processor for gaming and basically can handle anything you throw at it this laptop comes with 32gb by to ram. This is plenty of ram for most people can handle very heavy multitasking and there s plenty of ram for high end gaming. However i should know that it s also upgradable to 64 gigabytes of ram. So this isn t gonna be really necessary for a lot of people.

But just so you know it s capable of being upgraded to a crazy amount of ram that hardly any laptop has this has an nvidia geforce gtx 980 m graphics card to high end graphics card that could handle modern games on ultra settings as you can see rainbow six seed runs ultra settings at a quad hd. Resolution. Star wars battlefront could run ultra settings at 1080p. The witcher.

3. Could run ultra settings at 1080p as well this laptop comes with plenty of storage. It has a 256 gigabyte solid state drive and a one terabyte hard drive so there s a really large amount of storage space with this and you also get the snappy performance that comes with solid state disk drives windows boots extremely fast and any application installed on this drive will run really..


Snappy some notable. Features i have a 173 inch from that ips panel display. These are the best types of panels on the market ip s. Pounds allow you to view at any angle.

Without any loss of. Color so it s great for the gamer and it also is a 173 inch screen. Which provides a really immersive experience especially when you consider that it has a 1080p resolution. Which of course is going to make everything look amazing this laptop has a backlit keyboard with macro keys.

It s one of the best gaming keyboards on the market with this it s extremely high quality keyboard. And it has lots of flexibility in terms of macros and stuff like that as instant feedback. If you re playing a game that requires lots of simultaneous pressing the keys..


It can handle that as well. It s a pretty thick and heavy laptop. This is a gaming laptop that s just packed with power. So there s not much room for compromise in terms of portability.

And not a lot of people are demanding that for a gaming laptop. They just want power and something that get handle high end. Gaming and this is one of those laptops that s for usb 30. Port.

So there s plenty of those and of course i bluetooth support so you could connect wireless speakers and wireless headsets and stuff like that it also has an hdmi out port. So you could connect this to a larger hd screen to get an even more immersive gaming experience. If you want to yeah..


Like i said earlier. It has a low battery life. This has one of the best processors and graphics cards that come in gaming laptops. So no one is expecting good battery life with this type of laptop in conclusion.

This laptop is a really good performing laptop it could handle anything you throw at. But it s also not but it s also comes in at a reasonable price in order to get a great price on the specific model. I provide you with the link in the description below and you can also see what other people are saying about their experience with this specific model. So be sure to check that out if you like this video be sure to hit the like button and subscribe to my channel.

” ..

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