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“Guys. It s me ola please excuse my strange voice. I ve got a flu. Flu.

It s snowing outside it s crazy cold in here. So that might be reason why. But anyway. I have a very cool topic in this video today cuz every blackberry guy basically loved the back return operating system that was on the blackberry classic the leap.

The passport. The q10 and so on so developers now developed an app that brings the blackberry 10 os look and feel on the android operating system. And there was a guy and he s called zach and he was very keen that i mentioned his name in this video. Because he says.

It was all because of him that developers started developing this app for the android operating system. There s actually a crack reform threat where it s discussed the app is discussed and the progress. So i ll leave a link to that in the description box below. And i hope i can get many people to try this launcher.

So they can develop further so many people try it and leave the feedback and so on so it s basically an app that mimics the look and feel of the back pretend operating system. So how do you swipe. And how there s the homescreen and the quick settings. Launcher or settings widgets and so on so.

I d say i ll just sit down now and show you the app how it works where you can download it and then we ll see us again in less than a second see that so to install the papery. 10 your design you go to the play store and select or type into the search bar blackberry. 10 launcher like that so the second result. You ll see is the sink was launched.

So that is what we re looking for so just click on it and click install like i ve already installed it so i don t have to do that again you can go back to your home screen will now find a icon and i can call it sink was like free launcher. I ll just click on that one and will ask me if i want to set this launcher as my default home launcher..

So just for the sake of this. I will click yes. Because i don t want to go back into the app. Every time i want to see leave library.

10 designs or just like yes and now we re in the settings. And we have to add and change a whole map. Which is currently on the blackberry launcher just click on it and select the sync west like brain launcher. So now once we back out.

We re automatically in the theme. So as you can see it does actually look like the blackberry. 10 launcher. So you have all those shortcuts down here.

Which are your phone. The search bar and your camera. I think it s very similar to the full charge blackberry 10 devices once you swipe to the right you see all your apps. I changed my icons to the blackberry 10 icon pack which you can easily do i did a video on that so once you do that it does actually look more like blackberry 10 because you have all those app designs.

I can select contacts your clock. What else your hop it all look it all looks like on like region so that s very cool so you have all your apps. You can change the size and how many you want in a row. I might have to change that because it doesn t quite fit.

But on first side it really does look like blackberry. So you even get the quick settings that you get on blackberry 10 so all your quick shortcuts like settings rotation log hotspot and you even get a bedside mode. But that is just a quick shortcut that s because i didn t buy it yet so i hope to get those kind of difficult. But it s not the bad side more like you get on library.

10. It s just a quick shortcut to that do not disturb access..

So no still cool that they implemented all those features. What else can i show you you get special settings for this launcher. So. If you press settings cause.

I have to go like that again so if you pay for the app. You won t get that you get all of those settings. So you can pretty much change everything so you have the settings of your normal android phone you can change the wallpaper you can change of course. The home launcher if we want to go back to the standard library launcher.

You can change the grid sizes of your programs and shortcuts. So that s very cool so. If you if you want maybe more rows or less apps in each row. So you can really make it just as you want.

Which is kind of cool. So you can even create those widgets so if i press that plus. So it does seem to have some hiccups. Because it doesn t want me to do anything so let s try those shortcuts down here.

So we have the phone app. Which just brings up your your phone. You of course have that search icon. Let s see if that actually works so.

Let s search for something like instagram. So that does work it also brings me a quick shortcuts for search engine engines. Like bing. Google or yahoo.

Which is also kind of cool and of course. We have the camera widget..

Which lets you choose between snapchat and the normal camera app. So it does kind of feel like the blackberry 10 launch of course. It s not as smooth because it s just that the real operating system. But you can get an idea and about how blackberry 10 was and that they put a lot of effort into making it look like the blackberry 10 operating system.

And i think if they develop a bit further and more and more people download the app and try it it might actually be a very cool fake. So a very cool thing also that they implemented is their idea and their design of the blackberry hub and you also have the peak and flow like the peaking flow. I think it was cold so you just wipe up and quickly see how many messages you had and how many missed calls that just doesn t seem to work as nicely as it should like i don t see any messages and i also see it also thinks that it s my fellows off and i cannot like peek into the hub. So maybe they ll improve that but you actually have a blackberry hub at least their blackberry 10 hub on this launches.

Once you swipe right from the outside edge the left app of the screen. You actually get to their id idea of the very hub. I have to blur this out now because it only shows phone it only shows phone calls and i don t want to show the numbers. But if i go to text messages for example on facebook.

It doesn t actually show any messages so it seems like that is still in development. But they are actually developing their own hub. Let s see if things work right here like i can clear my notifications. I don t want to do that and i can also set if i work my messages to be muted and stuff.

Which is very very cool so it seems like there s a lot of effort that went into this launcher so on this page next to the home screen you can add widgets to your home screen. I guess that i ll just switches let s see if i can add like a crackberry widget. You ll just be the news. So it s not like the multitasking that you got on blackberry 10.

It will show up on your home screen. It s just witches so i m not sure if they can even implement those live tiles of the multitasking that will be kind of cool. But that is not yet possible. But otherwise.

I think that is pretty much it there are all the things you can do with this launcher. So yeah you clearly see that it s in progress..

But i think they actually got very far it s much less leggy than i expected at first and it actually works kind of well so i really want you to try it out leave a comment in the contacts below. What do you think about the launcher and if you think that something like this has a future and i would really love that you leave your feedback in a context below so the person sac who had the idea knows. What s going on and the developers can change stuff you might want to have changed of can concentrate on stuff that you re very like so. I think that s a very cool idea.

It s great that people still stay on that topic of like breed. 10. Yeah. If you liked this video make sure you like the video make sure to subscribe to my channel.

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See my next video. I hope to see you again until then bye. ” ..


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