Best Gaming Mouse of 2013! Cyborg RAT 5

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“Guys how s it going if you ve been following me on facebook. You ll ll know that i got myself a brand new gaming mouse. The cyborg rat. 5.

ll be doing a quick unboxing and review of this special gaming mouse and give you guys my opinion. Why i think. This is the best gaming mouse of 2013 and before i start getting a lot of flack saying..


Oh carl. I know this came out a couple years ago. This isn t really new the reason. Why i think this is one of the best products for 2013.

Is the fact that it goes on sale a lot. I got this for half the price 45 bucks. And that s 50 off from best buy i ll be posting all the links in the annotations below..


So you guys can grab this sweet little deal and in my opinion for that price range. This is one of the best gaming mice out there it kind of looks like a hybrid between the batmobile or a transformer and you can see that there s a lot of customization options for the cyborg you can adjust the back stock to really tailor how you grip the mouse. Whether you like to clot or palm. It it s really up to you and you can see that i m unscrewing a spring.

Which actually has weights so you can choose if you want your mouse to be a bit heavier a bit lighter it really personalizes and tailors that game experience to how you feel as a gamer. So i think that s definitely pretty awesome. It features a fifty six hundred dpi laser sensor as well as a braided cord..


So that won t get tangled up and overall. The mouse has six programmable buttons and three switch modes. So you can change the dpi on the fly. If you wish so you re playing first person shooters.

You can change how sensitive the mouse is say you re zooming in for a headshot using that sniper rifle and of course you can change button commands and set macros via software found on the cyborg website. But let me know what you think in the comments down below of the cyborg rat. 5..


And if you managed to pick one up has your gaming up any better and let me know if you want me to do a giveaway on one of these since i did manage to snag a second one i d be crazy not to at this price. If you already haven t please that do you subscribe to my channel like this video. As it does help me out a bunch hopefully. Enjoy this one and i ll catch.

” ..

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