BORDERLANDS 2 *Commerce* Unique Weapons Guide!!!

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“Is going on ladies and genitals yoda seller here bringing you episode 21 of my my borderlands. 2. Unique weapon series. Today.

I have unique submachine gun. For you guys as the khmers. Now my case. It is the energizing commerce in your case.

The prefix of this gun may change. But there will be some variation of the commerce. Now this is going to be from one of four assassins within the south pole steam and power known as assassin. What he is actually the very first assassin you will have to face and he is you know you get this gun relatively early in the game.

Most of you have probably seen this this is a pretty common gun. Now like i said. This is going to be from the south pole steven power. So from any place in pandora.

You want a fast travel. There. And that is where you re going to actually locate this gun now like i said. This is a very common gun.

It should drop pretty regularly for you guys so shouldn t be too hard to get. But once you get there you will spawn right there to the left just work your way over here to the right within the red circle. And that is where assess. And what will be located now.

He is pretty easy to face no most of you guys probably have already got this gun and realized that this gun is pretty bad. But a lot of people have actually requested this one this is one of the most requested unique guns that so far like almost every single episode. Somebody always wants to get to commerce. Now if you re a mech romancer and you re specht out to do some insane shock damage.

This would be a very good submachine gun for you guys. But it does lack and damage. It doesn t do too much for me so i say there s better ones out there. But hey to each their own this will give you an idea.

If you want to get it or not once i show you some gameplay. But right here is where assassin. What will be located..


He will come out of this garage door with the ultimate badass psycho. And you know i always take out the bad. A psycho quick and then take out assassin. One it shouldn t be too hard.

I m playing with predictable nova right here you know if you do not know the more people in the game. The better of the loot. So if you re having trouble get. This by chance just go in there co op.

One two three four players. You actually coops not really one player. Now is it. But going there to three or four players then it ll increase your chance to get this gun as you can see right there.

It does drop. I got the energizing commerce. Now i ve got many variations of this gun. I ve been saying it is pretty common.

I m not really sure which side. Which is the best prefix. I think the right sizing is probably the best one it ll be called the right sizing now i could be wrong leaving the comments. If you know absolutely what is the best prefix for this gun now.

I m gonna read from the wiki real quick and then we ll show you some gameplay right here. I do have the sham shield on like i said. I want you guys to pay attention to the power it takes down shields. Very quickly because of the insane shock damage it does but once you get the shields down.

It doesn t really do very much overall damage. So it s not very good to use in my opinion. Some of you guys out there my love it some of you may not if you re a mech romancer. You know expect that to shock.

It s probably a beast. I do put the be shot on pretty early because i got tired of shooting dudes for days but real quick. I m gonna read from the wiki says. The converse is a unique submachine gun manufactured by hyperion commerce.

Obtained from assassin. What in south pole steam and power now special weapon effects in red texas says. I have a soldier..


A siren. Two scooters in the claptrap always shock ailment reduced damage and faster reload. When moving a flashing animated effect covers the entire weapons surface also gains accuracy. Faster than most hyperion firearms.

With the exception of the bitch. Now. The bitch is just freakin amazing. And what if there s a shock bitch.

I ve seen some elemental bitch bitches before but i ve never seen a shock. When i don t believe that be pretty epic. If you can get it because the bitch is our bitch. It is awesome now uses in description.

The commerce is a below average submachine gun in most circumstances. That is as it is an early game drop. It can be of use to players in their first playthrough. But it s soon outclassed by almost every other purple rarity or better submachine gun.

So there you have it even the wiki says that this thing isn t that great. But it is an early gun. So if you do get it in playthrough. One it can carry you for a little bit take i would use it you know my personal preference for it would whip.

This bad boy out to take the ships down and then use something else to just annihilate them because the shock damage will just just destroy their shields. But as far as overall damage this thing just didn t cut it for me at all that s not one of my favorite submachine guns. But i ve got to show it for you it is a drop and a lot of people have requested it now you can see i m going down with it pretty good. I don t really know what put me down right there something explusion on me.

But i do have my unkept arrows here to pick me up. I ve also got an e tech rocket launcher that s pretty epic. It s almost like the norfleet. But it s not the norfleet and it s not near as powerful.

But it is a pretty awesome submachine gun. Or a rocket launcher now right here. I do put on the beach. You and you re gonna see that it does do a lot of damage and takes them down a lot quicker than it does with the sham.

So you know if you wanted to use this and you do have the beach. Oh. This is gonna wreck some face with the bee show..


But overall with any other kind of shields. It s just not gonna cut it for you in my opinion now leave in the comments you guys enjoy the commerce is this one of dunn s that you go for it like do you farm for this gun early on to get this just to go in here and wrecked face or do you do like i said you just get it for the shield s and then you know switch weapons to whatever else. But it just didn t cut it for me. I didn t think that it did it just doesn t do much damage as all other than the massive amount of shock damage.

Here now i want you guys to leave in the comments real quick. I m pregnant let s quit talking about the gun you guys can see here that it s just not the very best. But i want you guys to leave in the comments. I think i m gonna start using your guys s recommendations for the last of these uniques.

I have like seven or eight still recorded some of them are quest rewards like the love thumper and stuff. Like that if you guys want to see what quest to get these uniques. Let me know in the comments originally when i started this i was only going to do the ones that you could farm for them that were drops. But there really are some epic uniques that you get as you know quest rewards and some of you may have not noticed those or you may not know about them so i think i m gonna start covering the ones that you guys requested if you ve got with something out there like say the love thumper or like i showed you the teapot.

I m stuff like that leave in the comments. You don t have to keep spamming. It with the same gun. If you see somebody that commented with that weapon just thumbs.

It up and i ll go through each episode. And i ll look for the most thumbs up one and then i ll go back. And i ll try to get those guns for you guys and show it that way because you know i ve got like seven or eight recorded like i said. I m not really sure which ones you guys want to see like the most like the really epic ones are pretty much over now like there s still some good ones.

I m not i m not saying that the rest are bad. But you know like the really good ones that you guys wanted to see early on we ve already covered you know this is episode 21. I originally wasn t even gonna do a unique and i started just because i wanted to farm for something else so i started doing it that like that so yeah leave in the comments. What you guys want to see we still got the other three assassins within south pole steam and power.

We ve got a pistol that they drop sniper rifle. And a shotgun so that s three right there that we. But you know you want to see some more question rewards. I ve already got the love thumper recorded and then i have a i have a sniper rifle recorded it s like the fremming ttan let me look real quick.

I ll pull it up it shouldn t take very long. I have the firming tain s edge. Which is no that s not a quest reward. I have another one let me pull it up real quick and look sorry about this is so unprofessional.

Oh yeah. I ve got the ruby. The ruby is an epic pistol..


Man. I ve already got that recorded ready to show you guys a lot of people know about it. If you don t know about it maybe. I should show you because it is a beastly pistol.

Man it ll like kill you as you all dude. It s epic maybe i ll do that one next but leave in the comments. What you guys want to see and you know i haven t got any of the borderlands. 2.

Craig speedrun 261 let s play record it right now once you ve seen episode 29 is the farthest. I ve been i ve had my boys for the last week. And i don t like playing video games when they are here because you know i like spending time with them we ve been fishing and stuff like that i got one hell of a farmer stand son. You ain t got nothing on my farmer s tan.

But you know i don t even know what i was saying. Oh yeah. I haven t really had a chance to play much so i need to get that there probably gonna go home this weekend or after this weekend. And i ll be able to rock out with more than that so i apologize.

If the let s play is kind of put on hold right now. But you know i just wanted to hang out with my boys. And most of you guys probably will understand that but yeah anyways guys this is episode 21 of my borderlands. Unique weapon series here with the commerce.

I put this shamshad on right here to show you guys i m shooting this ultimate badass nomad and it s just like doing no damage to him at all it s you seem that it took your shield down rather quickly. But just to shoot him like this it s doing no damage. And i just wanted to like point that out towards the end. So yeah.

It s not a very good submachine gun. But you guys asked for it so here it is but anyways guys. I m gonna get out of here my boys are about to stream with nova. So if this gets posted early.

I will you know put a link to the streamer selective. But guys hope you enjoying this i m out of here ” ..

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