Boy meets world season 2

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“Let s go you want to be late for your first day of high school school alan don t yell at him. He s probably a nervous wreck are you people are you looking short loser. You re not i m. Nervous wreck.

No because i know my place. I understand i am. The high school universe. See i m starting up nothing a zero.

No me the other eyes you might work the better on all this stuff you ve done homework. It s a metaphor. But all summer long i thought eric about what high schools gonna be like and i took notes and we impress iv thank you so how do i avoid years and years of abuse and humiliation. Don t get married.

It s a metaphor today they make friends with the most feared and influential senior in high school harley kiner and in one masterstroke. I go from lowly first year victim. The harley s most trusted advisor cor as proud as i would be to see you become harley s toady foots doing you don t have to reinvent yourself for high school. Yeah really relax go enjoy you didn t need a plan nobody else has a plan korea.

I lost my copy the plan and you i shouldn t let the old. I was so cool in the old school there no right to pass me i am see shawn s not reinventing himself shawn are those sideburns you mean the ones on my face. It s just that when we saw you yesterday. They weren t on your face were they mrs.

Matthews you just can t accept the fact that cory and i are growing up and we re old enough now to buy our own hair. I ve got a new spot on your cheek all right look. We ve got all the answers in high school right here having a big brother finally paid off of course on this with regard to my brother. Eric matthews hereafter referred to as oh great one by cory matthews hereafter referred to as insignificant speck pledge never to contact the great one verbally or non verbally during any and obstacle hours from this day forward forever and ever amen hey nice to see you re looking out for your brother on his first day dad word gets out i m related to a seventh grader.

I lose all my status. I mean i just strap on a tuba and join the band. So your social status means more to you than your brother. Oh mom look.

I don t like walking all over cory. Any more than you do it keep up appearances. I mean he s my brother of course. I love him amy alan cetera.

Mr. Feeny are you feeling any regret that you re losing us from your class. No what can i do for you george. There was a large rusty object walking not only my driveway.

But most of the light into my kitchen that s my new car may i assume it moves sure like the wind especially downhill. You want me to move it well we certainly can t count on anyone stealing it you know it just it highschool means were through with speeding. This is the greatest day of our lives. Yes.

You know what shawn we re in high school. Now yeah. We do have to be cooler. What happens to us now will determine our entire futures what happens to us now with the turban our entire future the sideburns.

I m straightening look. It s just a school there s the lockers there s a class underwear. They took a clothes seniors seniors took my clothes what it just goes on a new guy well i m a new guy you were almost in my way you were frankie stecchino right yeah strong territorial suits. We re just looking for our homeroom.

It s your name in there thank you hey the first one here and now for you why was it almost in my way you know if i was in my homeroom. I wouldn t be anywhere near your way huh. I think he s saying that if he was someplace else. He wouldn t be well seen him j.

No. I need to be alone with my father. I think we can go now no thanks right. I think i feel a lot safer in here.

But those view is better out here..

If harley kiner is the biggest de meanest. If you know where those two models killed us. We threw the nice guys there. Welcoming committee.

This place. What are you staring at missy you blouse yeah. I got it over the summer summer was very good to you yeah well my view is real that s hill room. I checked the list.

All together right 18 leave. Mr. Turner turner turner. He s not on you what if he was so bad eric.

They want to tell me anything what it was just like phoebe. Only senior teachers. One thing here i am not afraid of i haven t met one yet that i can take down hey hey. That is hard.

I know it that s harley cleaning. I think guys got to be 30 years old he s a lifer and i think i made a very good first impression excuse me excuse me. Sir my name is cory matthews and some of your friends cool. Yeah.

I ll hold your coat for you i ll stay at lunchtime for you i ll even do detention for you and they softer. Why don t you do the homework. I m not sure you want me doing your homework. I want all my students doing the homework you re so mean they give you students give all the teachers students.

I m. Jonathan turner you can call me mister you lay okay. I m here for homeroom. I m here for english.

And i m here any time you just want to talk cool. Did i say you could talk you trouble manatees you the guy who s gonna bring down the new teacher yes sir that would be sean sean. Wait don t tell me now if sean is real trouble sean. It s really gonna try to avoid making eye contact.

With sean buddy. You know anything about the otteson. Yes. I do yeah.

Besides it it s a book. No. I don t okay knows what odyssey means what you sbrega yes. It does an epic journey.

But a guy just trying to get home alive in fantasy worlds. With characters that these ancient notions about loyalty and era was yeah. Who wants to read that apparently you do is that excellent notes. I don t know what i see it it s a great if you win.

You read x. Men. I. Read x men fantasy worlds.

Epic. Heroism. You everyday effect. Let s all read.

X. Men. Your assignment is to read the odyssey. And this issue of x men.

Finally a cool teacher..

My friend. Mr. Matthews will lead the discussion on the similarities and the differences feeny was an eric so where s the next step on this misery bus earth sciences go no friday dylan s parents are going out of town here you know me heard of you eric matthews right cool junior. Only child everybody sort of you even insignificant specks like me who are having the worst possible day of their lives.

I don t care. Thank you so last year high school again huh go to college. Yeah. Yes.

Sir i might even take. The esso case. Harley keiner. How the heck are ya yeah.

My kill. It s a gift from when you escaped anytime. Harley short. And sweet.

Everyone knows are a tough guy a vicious guy. But that s all they know if you made friends with a seventh grader. And just you know looked out for him all year. Everyone would like you even more what s your name kid cory matthews nah that s a poofy name you re gonna hang with me you ve got to have a name that inspires fear and respect i mean look at you from now on you are johnny baboon.

The bell ring gentlemen several minutes ago. What are you doing in the hall shouldn t be in the hall. What s your name. Johnny boom.

You re making fun of me. Marian. You re with them kind of you should learn to pick your friends better okay. We will see the principal and alphabetical order.

Okay you first baboon to be liked johnny baboon lose my life do you get any worse wrong again mr. Feeny. The legend continues your acting principal oh. So that means you re only temporary right i mean you don t have the full authority to authorize let s say detention or caning.

Oh. The school board in its infinite wisdom has seen fit to give me full authority. Now then mr. Stillman.

What exactly did mr. Matthews do get on my nerves. I can t imagine well. Mr.

Matthews. Why don t we treat this little rendezvous as a dress rehearsal for the many visits will undoubtedly have this year. Huh get out of my face american history with me see. Mr.

Fang you re late so johnny i just wanted to thank you for the chance of meeting our new school principal and getting detention. All week. My good friend marion. Very very sorry.

Oh think nothing of it by the way. Johnny b. I think you can beat. Me.

In the senior bathroom. Stay around 3 o clock. Sure what for gang pictures. And i got through killing.

You you won t be so photogenic you re gonna kill..

Me. Yeah. Oh yeah. I really really really have but not till.

3. O. clock. Joey lunch.

Mr. Turner. If i might have a word and the word. I believe would be shazam george.

I did a sign of classic comic book. I realized that you re the new groovy teacher. And i m the hidebound traditionalist well i just thought i might use the material to sort of relate to them on that level. Mr.

Turner. Their level is the level of the beasts of the field. I want them off that level. And it closer to our level or should i say my level george you really think i m a groovy teacher.

I think mr. Turner. It shall be an interesting school year my last meal chicken macaroni and cheese really punches me my pupil makes a bigger mince. Thank you that s better thinking ask your brother for help cute.

I sign that contract you got a car then you must say yeah i m only a little older and a little bigger. It s the new mustang buick. Oh great one what are you doing here. Shawn oh.

I m just pulling in that i don t know his name s john or anything bad. Well. It s about your school hours. I have no brother.

Yeah. Three o clock. Oh. Really make this quick case.

We. Geta. This much to italy. One day.

You can take the whole day. All right look last bell head straight to the nurse s office. Tell him you re sick you got that mom and dad come and pick you up i look like a coward. Yeah.

You will so. What is your fight him all right. What s up the last piece of chicken. Who took the last piece of chicken and the nurse s office is where you know attempt to recontact me.

So what do you got oh you know i got the fever and chills and the fluttering pelvis. I got a broken nose get that sprained arm you got that end i got asthma. We re just gonna wait here in the nurse s office. Until our parents or guardians to pick us up that s what we re gonna do every day.

We re gonna sit in the nurse s office every day it s safe say we like safe aren t you worried what other guys will think i mean that they ll think you re cowards so cowards. Only gonna be in this school six years no big deal you know i m not gonna sit here and fake an injury like a coward he s gonna go get a real one you survived a one huh. Hey is young sir. So is i assume on you i ll be the one face off in this suit.

You okay matthews..

You know mr. Turner you know that book you gave us the odyssey. Yeah did the guy in that get home alive. Yes.

He did he gets past the cyclops. The evil sirens and the clashing rocks did he go to this high school. No he s in nothing got here as quick as i could i want you to know that whatever happens. I m right here with you thanks sean.

But i m pretty sure this is something i gotta face alone. I don t know just doesn t feel right leaving. You here. Hey sean.

No. It seems right well. It s fine after three maybe. He s not gonna show and maybe i m just trying to be casually late mr.

Anal compulsive look don t toy with me i was looking forward to school. I had a plan. I gave you a chance to change your whole future and not be a guy who beats up on kids who are smaller than you for the rest of your life. You re giving me that chance yeah well here i stand at the crossroads of my life.

Yet. I am. What i am. I m just gonna ride or wine or something.

No yeah. I am. What i am. Too i d rather be dead.

And be the school coward for the next 60 years you done. I guess i am. Yes. Again what are you doing here.

I have no idea. But i do know that i m not gonna stand by and let you beat up somebody that i don t even know at all okay okay. He s my brother oh. This is your brother.

Didn t he just say that did not even just say i m his brother. Just how stupid don t provoke this sweet a chance to wipe out the whole baboon family clock guys. It s time to go home. We gotta hose the place down who the heck are you i m your worst nightmare.

I m a teacher teacher no wonder i don t recognize you what do you teach oh english lit and kickboxing what seems to be the problem nothing we were working it out actually it looks like you re about to pound this kid into the ground. See that s a problem kind of my students gets killed. The first day. I looked at people start to talk i get a reputation.

I m careless with students you know so do me a favor. Don t kill my student could i take you yeah. I could ve taken the kid. Though good for you so odysseus looks like you make it home safely thanks.

Mr. Turner. I ll see you tomorrow read the book. I lived eric i want to tell you something what you want to say to me thanks for being my brother do i know you surely you can come out fights over our high school reputations are set.

I m still working on mine big honkers in my school ladies and gentlemen minds pads and weasels. I give you the man who said he didn t have a brother. The man who said he didn t know me eric the great one matthews has some good at school was trying to pick on cory just because he s bigger than him don t you hate that i hate that know i hate that to rest you speck you minutes. ” .


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