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Guys thanks for joining me. And if youre new here. Please have a look look around and if you would like to become part of our rescue team.
We be delighted to have you kimchis here today. Sashas back there and midori is up on the window. So we have all the cats with us today all right you guys i am super excited to get into this product review excuse me yesterday i was that calls with my mom.
She was browsing in the clothing aisle. And i went over to the makeup. I do like a lot of the brands that they carry but theyre kind of pricey.
So i dont normally buy makeup back holes. But my eyes were completely drawn right away to the cruelty free and vegan logo that i saw so i was like what is this i need to find what about i need to find out about this for me. And i saw this company called butter london.
So i grabbed my phone and did a little bit of research. Just to make sure that this was in fact cruelty free and that this product itself was vegan friendly. Because there have been times.
Where things have been labeled wrong so i just want to be sure and really really cute packaging. This is their stroke of wow mascara in pitch black and its a volumizing mascara. So i dont believe that this is waterproof.
But this retailed at 20 however with 10 in closed cash and a 30 coupon. It was super super affordable and pretty much what i pay normally if i go into walmart and im viola an elf product for instance or you know like covergirl and things like that so i was really really excited this would not be you know normally. I probably wouldnt be able to afford these products.
But again if youre buying them in stores that give you rewards and points. And you can use all that towards your purchases. Thats the way to go so i definitely suggest that you look for products that you really want to try if you cant afford them in stores that offer rewards and discounts such as cold.

is butter london cruelty free-0
is butter london cruelty free-0

So im gonna use an eyelash curler on one eye for those of you who use an eyelash curler. I did not apply my eyeliner yet so im gonna do that afterwards. So we can really get a good look at how the mascara performs so before we get into that lets read up on this product.
So it says directions position the shorter bristol side of the wand at the base of lashes and comb through for ultimate volume. Flip the one over and use comb side for added definition intensity alright. So were going to use the shorter side first.
I guess. Its a dual ended and lets see what else i guess. Thats it if i can well this is what ill do you guys once i started playing i will apply it and then i will do like a voiceover if i can find any other information on this particular product like online.
Because theres nothing here on the packaging. So yeah. Well do that while im applying it and this is a before and after so lets get into this lets curl.
One side of my lashes and we will then start applying time to boost your lashes to maximum volume with a stroke of wow. A high performing pitch black butter london. Volumizing mascara with a unique double sided molded brush that defines lengthens and volumizers to boost eyelashes to the max okay guys so were ready to apply this this is 04.
Ounces. Lets get the wand out of the package here and okay. So the shorter.
The side is at the top. The longer is at the bottom and now were gonna start applying so it did say i did say shorter bristles first right let me just make sure i want to do it um. You know the way that they suggest we do this okay so were going to use the shorter side of the base and then were going to flip it over music music okay guys so what i automatically you really like about this product and look were far away and you can still see them what i automatically liked was that this brush does a great job of separating.
I noticed a lot with mascaras that they can get really clumpy and its very hard to get a definition out of the lashes so look at that i mean from what i can see thats pretty impressive so lets go to the other side. And i did not use an eyelash curler. There yeah.

is butter london cruelty free-1
is butter london cruelty free-1

Im really liking this so far its too bad. Its not waterproof. So lets do the same thing on this side.
Im sorry for you cant really see too well. But i will take photos after wheres the short side here alright. So were just gonna wow.
It really does a great job of separating if you guys have tried this before if youve heard of this company please let me know and i will link some info down below. And where you can purchase this if youre interested we can get you over here all right so both sides are done now im gonna go and do a second coat on each. Im gonna go apply so that sight looks pretty good without even having an eyelash curler that sight looks even longer thats weird im gonna apply a second coat.
Im gonna go apply my eyeliner and then i will be right back okay guys so i applied my eyeliner. I did another coat of mascara. So i took a little bit of a video before the eyeliner and after and i gotta tell you i am really liking this mascara.
What i really love about it is that the one does a great job of separating normally with mascaras for me personally once i apply mascara then it starts to kind of clump. A little bit and almost gather my lashes together and then i cant really you know i i dont feel like i have a lot of definition so my lashes are a decent length. But i really like them to kind of flutter out and when im applying mascara a lot of times.
They clump together and then you cant really get that effect. This was a volumizing mascara. So it was not a lengthening.
But look at that i mean especially from you know the middle towards the corner of my eyes. I thought it did a great job of volumizing and again with that separation from the brush. It really did does make a difference.
So i am loving this. Whats going on with my tripod. I have no idea.

is butter london cruelty free-2
is butter london cruelty free-2

Its not stang sorry guys. We have some tripod issues there anyway yeah. Im really really liking this if i notice anything throughout the day of concern.
Then i will let you know and maybe ill take a photo you know like right before im ready to take my makeup off to show you how it fared throughout the day. I didnt apply it on my bottom lashes. Only because if a mascara is not waterproof it tends to smudge if i do that on the bottom.
And i am leaving for the day. But what i will do is when i get home and i have several hours left before i take my makeup off. I will apply that ill take a photo to show you what it looked like actually you know what maybe i should just go put it on my bottom lashes for you that way well see if it smudges because thats the whole point.
And it really compares if it smudges and im out in public. So okay lets go put that on right now. Im just gonna use the the longer here i really i mean first brush.
Im not sure im sitting pretty. Its it really is very pretty well see if we get any fall up. Ill let you guys know that at the end of the day.
Okay. Oh wow. Its just so pretty so anyway.
Thats that thats thats it finally for this mascara. I am really liking this im kind of wanting to try some more products from them so if i ever get some more coupons a really good discount discounts from kohls i will do that i did already look online and their prices online are kind of expensive. But they do also sell this brand from what i recall seeing online was at ulta.
Too so yeah anyway so thats it for me guys. I hope you enjoyed this review and if youve tried these products before please let me know thank you guys so much for watching please dont forget to visit your local animal shelters and rescue groups. And if youre not familiar with any in your area just jump right online also if you cannot foster or adopt maybe you can donate and if you cant donate please be sure to save all your old bedding blankets and towels and you can drop those up at your local shelters.
The easiest thing that we can do is cross post. So please just get right online share all the stories that come your way so we can get all these animals into the loving forever homes that they so deserve to live out the rest of their lives in peace and harmony. The way that we all deserve to thank you guys so much for watching big hugs from me to you until next time .

is butter london cruelty free-3
is butter london cruelty free-3

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