Christmas movies 2016 – lifetime movie christmas movies 2016 The Santa Clause 1994

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“Has been our best year for our record breaking sales by midwest marketing and distribution distribution team. Scott calvin and susan perry. Thank. You very much this was really a effort.

Anything i would just want to thank every one of you individually. We don t have time for that do about families. But our families aren t here with us right now probably johnson s secretary citizens. Laughs a great party have a great year drive stated thank you very much laura s hope the kitchen where you left your house.

I ran our light today i ll try to get to my house as soon as i can there s a three car pileup. I m really good well. I think if we destroy our singing sounds a lot like the trouble is nearly didn t because they were real naughty. Which is why the corners great christmas.

Okay oh. That is exactly why you want a high quality fireworks. Do they re closed. Yeah.

You should see the walk on water just something about him that makes me want to where did you hear that no no thank you what do you say we start out with glasses. No favorite eggnog. It s a nice opportunity just settle down if you like a flash. But nature s way.

It s not a ladder isis room roses. A word means became whatever their antlers. Give them there s a slipstream. The air sometimes believed in something it means.

Something over sitting. Here. Now just stay right. There call.

9 1. 1. Yeah..


Stay there listen to me stay up. There. He s not santa well. She was absolutely dion like that it fell.

I can hear me i m just listen created an occasion today girl i ll give you a lift in the room the hell this punk rock charlie come on down there don t touch me oh well are we may be good at i hope most of all the guy that looks this completes the ensemble. I used to live through the city. What s portland. You re kind of small the other two disappeared right wait a minute hey my fault.

What did you know the other guy was going on can i get you a drink. This is my son charlie. This is bernard bernard. So when you put on a suit to the santa claus.

It was santa claus your business cause. The last line of a country. Okay. Make sure you do all breasts.

Bernard bernard. Can we take a direct flight back to reality. Okay. Follow me you want to get out of those clothes.

Don t want to do this what if i choose not to believe of course. Senator judy will take it to you get a suit needs to be clean and take it in my own recipe text me 1200 years to get it right 1200 years. You know i must say this is really distressed distressed. I m way past distress.

I m talking to an elf. This is really i mean this is fabulous is that i see it i don t believe it you don t have to see this place. Know that it s here. I just know keeping us feet on the ground you can win the car per minute okay right there so what we can tell wait wait wait she was the name of the waitress at the rest.

Some waitress. What s this all about charlie. We ll discuss i delivered towards our country..


So the way. I like santa claus. Who s the teachers. The reason.

We re here is that this is far more serious than the boy believing or not believing in what was the last thing you and charlie feel trusted cat look for women. I read a book how was the night before christmas folks come on and did you go to the north pole. We did ulis or not but surely this isn t some dreaming. It is real you need is to down with charlie explain to him we did not go to the north pole.

That was a dream well how do you do that how do any prove its a great dream you ever seen scott. What if charlie was vesting. No. No this is that what i m talking about charlie hold on a second.

We ve got to talk about the santa claus. Thing charlie. There is no there s no reason big things should remain unsaid like we do to people yes like a secret because mama neal not just because of that their school. Everybody thinks that s not what they think keep your caesar.

We do that right when everybody yeah sorry the dry cleaner in the neighborhood open smoke since the chemical fire all my clothes weight was good. But the guys room says the swelling will go down. I hope so no we were just about to order okay. Now remember this is just a story.

But here is our preliminary total tank tvs. Okay now we ve got the north pole. He s getting ready for christmas. Oh.

No they re supposed to look funny. There. Else just by my opinion can t they look a little younger with silver sex on the sheath can we continue here okay. Mrs.

Lane. This time. He s gone and another thing..


We were the radiator radiator sanna standard package deal calvin. You don t believe in santa calvin can we get back to the presentation. We ve open this box anything to do is to talk about basis simple inexpensive way that will nourish your trousers can i see you outside a minute. I don t know we re starting to look like the pillsbury doughboy you re falling on department.

Oh edition anything just get them hello wellness 100. Your pulse is great anything well i don t know doctor your help yeah clyde to do this please okay anything else yeah what i see you in the morning. Most of us. We are done it is explainable by myself scott.

I think it s easy to say you re taking the senate thing to another there s my car call me. This is beginning to scare. Me i certainly never i love the door. You know i knew i knew that something was going on i would go behind their backs all this time confusing.

Charlie again nice charlie naughty. Gary nice very nice big trouble. I m doing the right thing neal something that s the six car to take away his visitation. Okay.

I mean what was so bad about your loss. I was trying to age. I guess i read sent a letter every he s dead here well okay you know to remember those i think it may take many more. But anyway.

Oh my god everything mystery date. I was it s really no any worse. And that s what i started yeah after reviewing all of their testimonies. I ve come to a very difficult decision i m sorry to do this as my deputy holiday season.

But in the best interest as a child. I ma granting the petition of dr. Mrs. Miller.

Mr. Kellam as of today all of your visitation rights as venom pending you re not supposed to be don t let me beat. You think about you charlie he s not santa charlie..


This is our perpetrator scott cowen. 38. Years old believes himself to be santa claus ladies and gentlemen this one s not going to be easy to find great ideas on how to keep you city research and development and onion cooking pans. But what do i tell them it is to be apprehended unharmed remember he ll probably be dressed like santa claus.

But kind of a sash take your time. Oh you officers really leave you boy like a lot of work reduces the people instantly just as an antique at all we ve got the millers. But he s not responding well time to deploy the rfs. I know you re scott calvin.

You know you re scott so let s make me this game name sister phyllis. Name pero el bajo. There s nicole. No okay maybe a couple of hours into.

10. Which is your mind yeah good please. Watch this place. Yeah.

They re probably up don t ever try this without elses division come on kids something wrong no kids in the office. We re worst night else actually i think it s a much better idea to stay here with you really and they this isn t there okay millions of kids you gave me a wonderful picture. This is a wonderful you believe to be nobody else did laurie christmas is occasionally because you re behind the mountain for you it s a painting. Because it s neither.

The no name is a signifier. What goodbye charlie you still got a glass floor right yeah. But all you gotta do is shaking. It whenever you want to see your dad.

He can come back to see you anytime day or night into his solutions neal relax. I ll explain it to you later. I m sorry the universe. Miss me already gone within minutes give me a break cleveland all hmm do you wanna go for a ride of course tomorrow go on oh.

” ..

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