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“To civilization six chuckle. I m magican and i want to show you how an an entertainment complex what it gives you and where you build it you can see i ve built here it looks like a carnival or some. Like some sort of camel and when you place it it gives you one in the old games old civilization. One two five.

It was called happiness. But here is a matisse so it gives you one when you place. It. And why do you need that because every city and this is really important in the game.

It s city based and not based about your civilization. It s actually each city has in a matisse and here you can see the difference amateurs from silks from entertainment from religion and then children see so you can change them a little bit. And you can build them and it actually also said construct buildings area zoo stadium improve luxury resources because you also get them for luxury resources. But i will just be keeping this tutorial about entertainment complex.

The complex itself and the first time you place it you give one so it was before was ten. But when you place it you can get percentages you can see here. It s actually 10 20 in growth rate. And if it goes just one down.

It will be 5 10 and when it s equal 88..

There will be nothing extra and we just one down then it s minus and so on. But that s not coming to that right now just keep on the instrument complex and i placed it here. It doesn t give any poses to the way place it so place it where you do not get any good land. And something alright.

But here i didn t have any desert or other things i could use or chandra. So i used this area here. Where i did not get any bones from food because it s inside a or the complex so two areas maybe i could give the little food here. But just keep in mind what you think is best just place.

There then you can place the area. The arena and it has two turns so it s not that difficult you see 135 in production. Remember again maintenance. One goal maintenance.

Here. An arena is one gold maintance soo is too cold and stadium is free code. So in all one two four and seven. So that s in christ.


So and you can only build one at a time so arena. First and su and then stadium stadium. You can get them some subjects. Where you actually have possibility i can just show you here on the on the cards.

I was just unlock. It for you so you can see here economy and if you look at here you have theater square bonus. 18. Provinces and stadium generates 1m ities and that s one extra of course.

So you have some possibilities to use some of these combined with that but that is because only because if you re really in trouble with the emma t s or some other situations so just keep to the two ground rules. And let s see here that will give you one a matisse for the arena. It will give you extra one for the soup. But it will give you two for the stadium.

And that s quite a lot so you get 1 plus. 1. That s 2 plus. 3.

In all and that s five in all..

So amethyst is five and all so that s quite high when you have to look at the statistic. But remember also you get the city growth and non food yields so it actually grows faster and better. But it s again still not any bonus to anything else just the population is happy i use it a lot i try to get that often as you can especially. When has cities like this and if you see my capital it has 30.

I will not be able to handle it without that you can see i have four gene required. I have seventeen so i get the bonus estatic. Stead also and if i didn t have the five here then i will be in deep trouble. As you can see i will have minus here and problems.

But also remember keep the housing. The same you cannot have them grow. The citizens fast enough if there s housing problems and that s also really important to see in this situation that you cannot let s find one city that has some problems with housing let s see up here no not these cities. Because they are so great yes.

Quite. I ve tried to really to keep the housing up to really make it it quite good so remember the housing needs to be too up if i have 21. I need to have 19. When i get the 20th then i will get a 50 reduction like this i have the ema teas.

But the housing is a problem..

And i have the images here then you have to build a neighborhood or if i have to hop. It will also give me a good way to to get that possibility but you can see i should be able to have the harbour. But because of this mint this i cannot build the harbour. It actually uses that area so i have you re gonna see the population a growth rate is slowed by 75.

It was if you had 26 was 50 and 25 was not slowed at all so it doesn t help that you have a lot of energies. If you cannot get the city to to build faster with your your population of course. So remember the housing and the entertainment complex is together it works together all the way up don t build too much neighborhood stuff. Like that as you surely up here because this just half a lot like seventeen seven.

It i didn t build any neighborhood. But i get a lot of bonuses when i got the harbour and other things here so you can see a matiz that s not a problem here. So don t do that that s not the best idea. So always follow them up so you you explore the area as best as possible for you that s about the damages.

And the complex there so remember entertainment complex you have the area area. The zoo and the stadium that s a free you have and you will get five and all and will cost seven goal to to keep in maintenance. Thank you for watching. ” .


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