Complete LEGO Star Wars Rebel & Empire Fighters – Micro Builds

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“Everyone welcome to brick vault. Today we have created our next installment of micros star star wars ships in front of us are all the original trilogy rebel star fighters the ewing and the original trilogy tie fighters of the empire these ships you may have seen from update videos in the past. With some designs. Remaining the same others changing a little.

And there are also some completely new ships added to the roster as we build here in the studio. We ve been challenging ourselves with making the ships scalable to each other that is to mean each lego stud is set to represent an exact length. And all the ships are precisely sized to match or at least as close as we can get we ve been having a blast building at this size and the line little mocks you re looking at here came from four different builders. The a wing of b.

Wing and y wing are mostly my design. The awesome x. Wing is a creation from the builder. Inter you may know from his minifig scale.

Naboo. N1 or b. Wing. And the u.

Wing was knocked out quite nicely by ramone who managed to solve the folding wing issue. We were having now as for the ties. I know certainly i had hand in some of the designing. But these four builds are primarily my brother charlie s before we take a closer look at each of the ships.

I d like to say that the building instructions can be found at our webstore wwe. Are faulty toys with the purchase comes. The pdf step by step building instructions as well as a complete digital part list for instantly ordering all of the pieces that you re gonna need online. We also have the parts list separated out into five of the same type of ship.

If you wanted to make small squadrons. Which is just saves a little bit of time when you re actually ordering online and also if you would like the stands for these ships the building. Instructions and parts lists are also included..


I understand you may be able to eyeball a lot of how these ships come together because they re just so small. But purchasing instructions is a great way to help support the channel and all of the awesome builders that we work with so anyways. It s definitely worth at least visiting this site. And okay.

Let s take a closer look at each of the starfighters first. I didn t put them in this order. Maybe ramone thought it would be fun to go alphabetically. I don t know anyways let s start off with the a wing including the little stud that sticks out on no.

It is just a hair over four studs long this looks like a simple enough build. But it had many iterations before landing here some are builds that i saw online. And there are one or two a wings that i took a technique from an advent calendar. Y wing to play around with how to stick the sides together.

I prefer the small one because the sizes are a little more accurate. But a parts list does exist for this alternate a wing tube. Because it is a fun build and who knows i just figured some people might prefer to have the slightly up scaled version of the a wing. Because it s a little bit.

More detailed also though let me know if you can guess how that little bump exists in the center for the smaller primary. A wing. I want to see some good guesses in the comments section below. And there is a little hint.

I learned about the connection through one of jarek s tie fighter builds if you ve ever built one of those okay. There s a lot of ships to get through so moving on quickly. This is the b wing this build was a lot of fun. I wanted to have the orange highlights to be included without using any stickers.

Which ultimately made the ship a bit more complicated than the original design. I had set out for it and it might also be a little bit less stable too. But at the end of the day the b wing has a bit more of a unique type of construction which kind of lines up with how the ship fits into the star wars universe being a pretty unique type of starfighter now here is the largest of any of the ships from this particular set of instructions..


We ve got the ewing it might not appear in the original trilogy. But i kind of felt like it belonged we were playing around with the idea of just using the ewing that came from the little poly bag a year or two ago because the size is so comparable. But we just really wanted to have the wings to be able to fold open and the function here has plenty of tension. Which is really nice some might say that the angle isn t quite sharp enough to which i say yeah maybe maybe a little.

But honestly i almost gave up on this function. After a while when i was working on the design. And it was ramone who really came out of left field and found a fun clever middle ground. The engines have some extra space vertically between them so the wings can slip through and the thin straight wings look better than the wing plates with those angles.

Because the size is just so small and the ship ended up being a bit too fat. If you used wing plates. Now up next is the x wing. We straight up took this x wing design from intern.

Okay we didn t steal the design. We never steal designs. I saw it i liked it i built it and talked with entert and got permission to use it for the fleet by the way. It is definitely worth checking out some of his designs also up in the webstore like i mentioned before the b wing and n1 minifig scale ships are incredibly detailed and most of the ships you actually see compared with the micro versions are already available in the web store for real.

Though. This is a clever set of connections that captures the shape of the fighter excellently. I really like the bar clips at the end of the plate pieces and the build for the intakes. As well as engines that stick out the back is very very efficient ok now finishing off the rebel fleet.

You can t forget the y wing. This was a bit more difficult to get the proportions right the design for the cockpit is actually the same as something you might have seen from an advent calendar. But it took a while to settle on the proper width of the engines they needed to be wider than one by ones. But definitely not bigger than two by twos so after a bit of deliberation on the build table.

And i mean it really did take a while i finally settled on a minifigure head and some wheels to flesh out the rest of the body. I m embarrassed to say the yellow highlighting is done with the rubber band. But it looks pretty good and it isn t such a rare part to find if we ever get some yellow bow ties or maybe small cat ears for minifigure head pieces that might change in the future..


But right now. I m happy with how this turned out also before i move on to the empire all of the micro ships here s scale with our falcon and outrider set that came out a month ago. So this is what the ships would look like in relation to each other which is pretty fun and at the end of the episode. I want to show you all the ships.

We ve built so far at this scale. There s quite a bit also if you made it this far in the episode. And you re wondering where the snowspeeder is yes technically we do have a snow speeder included for the parts list you can see it here surrounded by a graveyard of different designs. The fact is we just couldn t get a shape small enough to be actually size accurate to what we wanted so.

The speeder in the middle is the one that is listed out for the parts. And this little outline. We have all the way on the right hand side of the screen is almost perfectly accurate as to what we wanted. And it might seem like a rail at least small difference in size to you.

But it does make a huge difference altogether when comparing them with other ships long story. Short you can still get the snowspeeder here. It s just our least favorite of any of the small designs now moving on to the empire. The ties of course have a pretty common thread running through each of the ships with their similarities being very easy to recognize from afar that looks like it s the case here.

But the ships in fact aren t built that similar to each other when you look a bit closer starting off with the standard tie fighter. There are plenty of designs that have brought this ship down to a relatively similar size in lego. But i d say this approach is just a bit more cleanly built than what you have seen come from the lego group at least and we did use that rollerskating piece. Which is pretty new to the light bluish gray color that works out for the guns in the front and opted to use a standard black round tile with no print even though.

There is a sparked specially meant to be a tie fighter windscreen at this size from afar. It didn t look as recognizable as a regular piece in black and ultimately. I think we got the colors just right for this little ship. Now the next is the interceptor.

Which you can see has a similar build for the cockpit which makes sense. But there are a couple of clever connection points that we have to make those angled wings. If you didn t notice yet not all of the connection points in these builds are strictly legal..


But honestly though i feel like there are degrees to illegal connections quote unquote and i don t know yet. If the community has discussed the subtleties. They probably have and if there is a discussion thread on this on maybe euro bricks or something can you please link that in the comments below like we definitely have cutoff points for us here in the studio on how to connect bricks. But it s more of a thing that right now we just kind of feel out so right technically some of these connections might be illegal.

But i really do like the way those wings. Did come together with those droid arms. Okay okay now getting back on track. This is the bomber.

I was inspired by the barrel build on top of a modular creator set and that s what led to the build for the wings being done the way they are surprisingly enough. Though there is friction in the joints that keeps the hinges from wobbling around and i think they really keep the look of the four tie fighters. We is very consistent on this scale throughout the different ships now outside of that a lot of the connections for the body are pretty straightforward and let s jump on to the last of the fighters. We ve got to the tie advanced the wing design is the same though they are closer together than the bomber.

And there is a fun shift in the stunt angle that gets the curves of the slopes to round off the back for that tie advanced. So there it is for all nine of the ships just a little closer and like i said earlier here are all of the micro ships that we have currently built in the studio not all these designs are ours. But the scale still does fit for everything instructions for the falcon and outrider are up actually in the web store as well and the eagle. 5.

Technically does come with the minifigure scale version of the model. We d like to add a lot more and maybe do a fun spaceport mock to have all these guys displayed in the same place occupying kind of the same space in one universe. And there are a lot of new ships. We ll be making in the future for us.

It s been tons of fun playing around with this scale. Because you get to see how all your favorite space. Ships compare with each other across the multiverse or all the different universes that they come from i ve got a feeling that a lot of you can figure out how to build most or some of these ships by eyeballing them. But please do consider supporting the channel by getting the instructions at our webstore wwe arc fault toys let me know what kind of builds you guys might want to see in the future and like always thanks so much for watching if you enjoy our content you can always like or subscribe.

And we ll see you next time at brick vault. ” ..

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