Crucial MX500 Vs. Samsung 860 Evo – The Best 2.5″ Sata SSD of 2018 is…?

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“Hey guys so this is talia and today s video is going to be the the instax mini 8. Instant camera fujifilm unboxing and i know that was a really name. But anyway. I m going to be show you guys how i box it i feel i d like a little demo to it at the end you guys can maybe get an idea of how to use this camera well i actually get this camera as a birthday gift.

I m not trying to brag in any way shape or form in this video. I m just trying to inform other people on how to use this camera maybe if you re thinking about getting it this can help you out or if you re just watching this because you want to watch. It then this is the video for you please give this video a big thumbs up if you guys want to see more these type of videos. Let s try to get to 15 likes and make sure it does subscribe button down below you can join the family and why not it s free and yeah so without further ado actually get started with the video all right so i m just gonna start like opening it i literally been waiting two weeks just to open this box.

So like alright. So i actually just opened the top already and your let me to show you is will comes in it. It s all what comes in the box is a lot of instruction manuals and it comes in different languages. So that s good.

I guess and then we have two batteries then we have the strap. If i know we have the future film. I ve been waiting for this like for the past two weeks. Um yeah.

So here s how the fuji film. Looks and i m actually really impressed with this color. Because i really really like it. And yeah.

It just looks so nice how it basically looks. And yeah. It s actually kind of lightweight and then we have the other side and i m guessing this is used for the film and then if you finder s obviously used to see what you re taking a picture of all right so in the box of the fujifilm. If you re just buying like the camera you re not going to get the film.

So you re gonna have to buy this separately and i suggest you guys to like buy 20 pack actually did buy them. And i did save a lot of money with it comes in this little pack over here open this up so here s a film. I m just gonna put it over here on the side. What you basically have to do when you put in the film.

You have to open this up first obviously i m just gonna open this up and actually a good tip is to never open like don t open it don t take it out because if you re going to take it out it s just going to ruin it so you kind of just like not want to touch this after you put it inside so make sure you like you don t open it too much you re going to take it out and you want to align the yellow..

Little thing over here to the yellow. Little thing on the top. So i m just gonna go ahead and align. It right about here and i m just going to make sure i m doing this good so here.

It is i m going to close it up okay. So here. I put the strap on it s like a little hand strap. It s actually really good because it won t fall out of your hands.

Obviously so yeah make sure you guys put that on if you are setting your camera up right. Now you put in a new film pack. Usually it comes out like the first picture comes out as a blank black picture. Because that s actually like a little sheet.

Protector for your film. So it doesn t get ruined by the light before you take a picture. I mean that s at least what i heard on some youtube videos so i don t know don t get scared. Don t try to like set up a picture for your first one if it s a new film all right so here s where you put the battery.

So i m just gonna take this out this like where s a slot in it. So i don t put these two little guys inside. What you re going to have to do is you re going to have to click this little button over here and i m just going to click. It okay so i m just going to go ahead.

And okay. It s actually just the first picture of his this can see here s the little of film protector thing that just came out so like i said. The first picture is not going to come out it s just like a blank black picture you just kind of like want to take it out you could honestly just throw this out then at the bottom of the camera like next to the film. You can see how much you have left you feel like running out you can always look at this little circle like right now.

I have only one left and yeah alright so i m taking a picture you want to make sure that everything is done correctly. So the first thing that you want to do is obviously click the button next to the lens in order to open it up and then you will see five different settings. And it will automatically tell you which one by leaving like a little red light up next to the setting that it thinks. It is if you re inside your house.

It s going to light up near that and then you just kind of like want to move the circle to where it automatically chooses a setting for you just kind of want to move it to where you see the red light..

And then hike ease actually use if you re taking a picture in the dark. It will just add more light into it you can take the picture finally and then you want to wait like five to ten minutes until it fully develops don t shake it because that will mess up the picture. Just leave it alone. And it s going to come out so these are all my pictures that i took while i was outside my other ones messed up so honestly you just kind of have to make sure that you re taking it in the right lighting and you re not taking it too close to the sun.

Because some of my pictures came out very bright. Okay. So my overall thoughts about this camera is that there are a lot of pros and cons to it. And what i don t like about it is that it s honestly kind of annoying that you can t see the pictures before you print.

It out because some of the pictures do get like wiped out or blurry. And i can show you guys an example of what i mean by that so here s an example of a picture that i took and it came out really washed out like it looks like i don t even know. But it s because of the sun. Most likely and if i knew that the picture was like this i obviously would have not clicked print and if it didn t print out like that i would just retake.

It and you can t do that with this camera. Because once you take it that s it it s like one shot and also the pictures are kind of like bad quality. But once again for the price. It s really worth it and i mean the quality speaks for the price.

So yeah. It s not that bad. But it s also not that good. But i do like about this camera is that you could put the pictures anywhere you want since it s so small you could put it in your pocket you could put it in your wallet.

You could put it on your wall basically anywhere you want. And yeah. It s just really convenient in that case because it s so small and what i also do like about it is that it s just really cool to see the process of how it forms out and it takes like five to ten minutes to develop. But it s just really cool seeing how the colors are brought out to life in a picture.

And i feel like any kid would like it so if you re thinking of giving this to a gift to someone i would totally recommend it and yeah. So that s basically what i think about it and overall. I will totally recommend this camera. Thank you guys so so much for watching this video.


Give this video. A big thumbs up let s shot. I get to 15 like and make sure hit the subscribe button down below to join the family turn the notification battle on sticking out if i m gonna post new videos and comfortable any questions that you may have any tips that you want to give me or someone else. That s read in the comments and what you thought about this video.

So i believe all my social media stuff down below my instagram my twitter in my facebook page. So i will see you guys in the next video bye. eed now to go with mlc personally what i see here is just tlc has come such a long way now where the performance is there and we pull up the access times. And we can see that the access times on both the mx 500.

And the 860 evo are the best here in today s benchmarks a really big step up for the mx. 5. The mx 300 as well. But what we re seeing here is just performances.

There. The consistency is there as well the mx 500. And both the x 60. Evo perform phenomenally in the consistency tests.

Sophia. This is a hundred gigabytes to by the way very intense test. So if you re dumping a hundred gigabytes of file from your sd card for example. 4k video.

Camera footage you re not going to notice any slowdowns on both these ssds here. But another thing as well is those access times. They ve gotten a lot better so and the warranty is there to back it up. So.

The tlc in 2018 or at least in 2017. Late 2017 has been extremely good. And it s come to the stage. Now where it s a seriously good contender.

Especially for your hard earned dollars..

And for the price per gigabyte. There s some other last minute things with the mx 500 itself. It has 16 banks at least the one terabyte model of around about 62 gigabyte nand. Flash banks.

It s also got a ddr3 512. Megabyte burst bank connected to the silicon motion s controller. I believe that is double the size of the previous mx 300. Ultimately when it comes down to it is the mx518.

The answer is by far yes. It s a very solar drive great to see crucial really stepping up their game especially from their previous model. Everything s improved and i even liked the mx 300 as well. I thought that was a great drive.

They ve stepped it up a notch and they re basically making it as good as it gets the 860 evo as well you guys love samsung. And i know why because it s a seriously good drive as well especially for the money so both drives here on the bench. I can recommend them both they both have a support for encryption as well if that s something you need so there s no big difference between both the 860 evo and the mx 500 for me to justify getting one over the other except this does come in 40 cheaper. The arcanist software did work this time around it is good.

Though the magicians software from samsung. They re cloning software does have a track record of working exceptionally well so both drives guys. It s up in the air. I would probably go with the mx 500 being 40 cheaper.

It s really good value for money. Crucial are definitely hitting it hard and i d love reading your thoughts and opinions as always so let me know in the comment section below. Which one would you get and why and i ll catch you guys in another tech video. Very soon peace ” .


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