Desktop Environments Vs Window Managers

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” s going on guys so today s video isn t really gonna be on any any specific topic. It s gonna be more of a generalization so forgive me if video comes off as a little bit rambling. What i want to talk about is the differences between a window manager and a desktop environment. So i m here inside of my gen 2 box.

Which has been pretty popular on the channel. Lately and one thing that i really like about this gen. 2. Box is that it doesn t have a desktop environment.

It only has a window manager. Now you may be wondering what a window manager is and it is exactly what its name implies. It is a program that manages your windows and nothing else so the window manager that i m currently using is dwm. The dynamic window manager and dwm is basically everything that you re seeing here.

It actually does include this status bar. Not this part here. Where i have the icons and the time. That s actually another program called sl status.

But dwm is just these windows. Plus. The whole bar up here. Now why on earth would somebody bother with using something like a window manager well for me.

The reason that i prefer to use a window manager like dwm well there s actually several reasons..

One of the reasons is it allows my system to have a much smaller footprint than if i was to load literally any desktop environment onto the system. Like you can see here. My memory. That printed from neo.

Fetch is only 46. Meg s of ram. And i don t think i ve seen any desktop environments not even xfce where even the entire environment itself could load in less than 46. Meg s of ram and keep in mind.

That. 46. Meg s isn t even dwm. It s dwm plus.

Open. Rc plus bash. Plus sl status. You know.

It s every. Single thing that you are seeing here so that s one reason i prefer to use window managers. The other reason is when we have a desktop environment like i ve got kubuntu open here. So many people think that your desktop environment is just the layout.

And that s not entirely true..

So this right. Here is not kde. What this is is this is the k window. Manager or the kde window manager.

So. A desktop environment. Contains. A window manager.

That s part of it. But there s more to a desktop environment than just that so the other part of kde is all of these programs. That you re seeing over here. So like you have kate.

Which is the text editor you have you know console. Which is your terminal emulator. You ve got all of these additional applications that come with your desktop environment. Now in the gen 2 box.

I don t have kate. I don t have cases guard. I don t have console. I don t have any of those programs.

Because personally i don t really like any of those programs from kde..

The only programs that i actually like with kde is the k window manager. The kde window manager because it s very similar to windows. The whole look and the aesthetic and i have a little bit of nostalgia from it for that reason and dolphin the file manager so for someone like me to install kde yes. I would be getting a nice window manager and yes.

I would be getting a nice file manager. But i would also be getting a whole lot of other programs that i simply do not want to use so if i was going to be going for a minimal install like my gen 2 box. But i decided to use you know kde instead of dwm. What i would have to do is install the kde desktop environment.

And then i would have to uninstall all of the bloat that comes with it so this is the reason. Why i prefer something more like this. It s also much easier to just mix and match. Like i do have a file manager on here.

I m using pc man fm as the file manager again another very minimal program. But you don t even necessarily need a file manager a lot of the time like you could get away with just using bash. And for a lot of people especially like the command line wizard. People.

Just using bash to manage your files would be more than good. Enough the final reason to that i prefer to use a window manager over a desktop environment. And this isn t true for all window managers. This is only true for the tiling window managers like dwm and i think i.


Is also tiling is i just like how it automatically puts the the windows into a split screen. And it just uses the real estate a little bit better because even in a regular desktop environment anytime that i m using the windows. I don t just have them spawn well it did it automatically in kde but a lot of the time your windows by default will just sort of spawn like this where they re just kind of off floating in space. And then you know another one like this time it just came up over here like this and i don t know about you guys.

But i really prefer my windows to just split the screen half and half so if i was to be programming for example. I d want my console to be open over here. And i d probably want to have them running and i d probably would want an actual terminal to be open over here or if it s something that i need to be online. And you know read documentation for then i d probably want firefox to be over here.

And then i would want see i got to do all this stuff manually guess i haven t created any shortcuts yet for snapping windows. There we go so i might have it like this where you know i got them. I ve got my command line and then i ve got a firefox then over here to the side. But to do this with a desktop environment.

You either have to configure short cuts for snapping everything the appropriate way or you have to just manually drag everything into its space. Like you saw me just do and that waste a bunch of time and that s obviously longer than just coming over here and i can just spawn two windows they re automatically split. I can spawn a third one and it automatically splits it exactly the way that i want it to be and like i said it does all of this while only consuming a few megabytes of ram as opposed to hundreds of megabytes of ram. So that s why i prefer to use tiling window.

” ..

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