Disney Aladdin 2019 Live Action Movie | Halloween Costumes and Toys

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What are you gonna wish corner hello. Everybody and today we have a live action action movie toys today whole video will be about the toes from a lot in action movie. As you see this jasmine doll.
Looks a little bit different than the one we remember from the cartoon. Yeah yeah. Lets open her up.
Heres jasmine doll. Her clothes and her jewelry looked just like in the movies. The limited edition dolls are usually made with more details and look at the jewelry.
She even has eyelashes yeah and a crown looks beautiful and missy and her hair. So nice you want to show your favorite part of it though guys we want to show you differences between cartoon jasmine and live action. Jasmine.
The face is different cartoon jasmine was wearing ribbon and this one has a claw. The jewelry is their friend and their clothes are different. And this one is showing more midriff here and this one is more covered up like action doll has more peacock mommy mommy.
Ca. Nt see what else is in the box. Yeah.
Hey yeah. This is again limited edition. Charging dress.
So i was trying to show you something the closest to the movie music. So i got this a jc penneys this is so cute music thats a new week that all the week. We had had that ribbon here well try it in a minute.
Lets see what else is there we got these from the jc penneys newsday collection. So create are you ready to try it out music music. We do look alike you guys look they have the same euros and the same talks and i see lets show the costume from a klaus and this we saw this in the movie on the picture.
And this detail. Too and the top is longer than that previous costume and lets look at this so guys. This is all should eat very beautiful and the shoes and the peacock feather on the train here is the week.
How beautiful its exactly like in the movie. And she has on the back train.

genie halloween costumes for kids-0
genie halloween costumes for kids-0

I need you to see what else is in the box. Yes go for it guys you can even by seeing jasmine doll music lets see if you can make them jafar aladdin. Jasmine dahlia genie yeah lets open it up heres jasmine doll.
I really loved her outfit. She has like these little fake gems on her her hair. Is a ponytail here is dollar.
Jasmines best friend her hair is really curly and she has a really pretty dress. I feel out of gold right heres a legend as prince odie. You can remove his hat.
And he has really cool white clothing. He is jeanie his pants is really hard plastic and you can remove his jewelry. Heres your far you can remove this hat and you can remove this staff lets unite.
Shes so pretty yeah and look she has long eyelashes too this is how the dress looked like in the movie heres the doll. Shes really pretty and you can remove her necklace. Yeah.
I did you can you remove her earrings yep. Theyre really easy to put on she has a dress and she has pins under the dress. This is one of my favorite dresses in the movie music lets do some magical photo dangerous magically you miss some jewelry here yeah.
And also she has a bun and you have a great so we have to figure out something lets go to the jewelry. Theyre all pretty. I dont know.
Which one i choose yeah they all nice here on my bracelets. Oh. So pretty i have one more idea look at those herpes.
What do they remind you of jafar staff. Yeah. I know its jeff first.
But we can try to use it to make it benson lets try it you lets show you sire. If it from a clothes. This is a beautiful tiara as you see there are some decorations here.
But lot of parts are just painted on the dress dress has a couple layers and its pretty long. And it has a tray can you turn around here is lily hairstyle.

genie halloween costumes for kids-1
genie halloween costumes for kids-1

So then the dress has a velcro and look very nice on the back music are plastic and the rest of the clothes are fabric. Wheres jenny finding the movie yeah if hes single. Oh yeah heres another jeannie dog.
But hes blue and it says to press here try it applause wow. I bought this one because i wanted you to have the singing jeannie here is jeanne and then the human version. They look almost identical except despite heres heresy you have the same hair and their clothing is pretty similar.
Weve got a jeep. Yeah. This says ask a question rob well.
Im janie response lights up and sparkles heres the magic god i wish i can be invisible. I wish i can be invisible music. Invisible music applause.
Oh no my child is gone. I want to see my lily hold on i wish lily wasnt invisible anymore well we need to finish the video lily heres another lamp. Theres this button.
Im gonna press that was easy. Why dont you check the box sally here i wish you have a magic carpet your wish is my command music music get another toys. I jasmine a funko pop.
Yeah heres jasmine doll. She has really pretty dress. And it looks like shes gonna get married because she has like this wedding veil.
Yeah look how beautiful is that all the veil is like me see through its in its lovely purple and red dress. Yeah. So lily yeah.
Why dont you see. If you can find a dress in the books music guys. This is dress this is that looks dress from these you know what i liked about it also jasmine have a straight winner and you dont have to wear weak huh.
Yeah. Its really comfortable this way lets show the caution from a close. So this is really beautiful dress and as you see there the croatias i like real.
Its not painted on its a deluxe tresvant that is my star. It has a couple layers.

genie halloween costumes for kids-2
genie halloween costumes for kids-2

I totally love the bell sleeves. Its really nice at the back too and like i said before the veil is purchased separately hes wearing his normal clothes. Im not gonna adorable a booth.
Yeah heres aladdin he comes with the buddhist coach look just like in the movie. Yeah very nice door you can only move his hat. But you can remove a booth and look at his buns solid.
Just like genie. Yeah. Oh princess.
Jasmine. She looks really pretty. And she has a different dress.
That she had a lot of your xs in the back. She had lots of justice. Yeah.
The pickup one the pink one and this one now that one here is the jasmine doll. Shes wearing lots of purple and gold yeah. It is this time.
Hes got a dress. It has a pants and a top yeah. So what is different this time her here yeah so at the back she parted her hair and the rest is just loose.
Very beautiful we got this dress on the target. And this is aden inspire this is not identical up in the movie. But its pretty close to the stress over here are you ready for your makeover.
He is really ready yes you are this is such a nice set lit short from i think yeah lets show the cushion for my clothes. How beautiful. It is it looks very similar to jasmine dress.
Oh. This is standing on one foot. Very cute little flowers turn around it has a nice zipper and you can get this one.
Ive done it it looks like her castle. Yeah magic card heres the jewelry box.

genie halloween costumes for kids-3
genie halloween costumes for kids-3

I wonder what happens when i press this button whoa. The carpets moving the skys changing tonights morning to evening tonight back again and lets see what is here so cute. So you have your own jewelry box and i did i forgot about my earrings.
Really youre gonna mess with your earrings thats probably yeah is that pretty alright its really pretty i want to press that again music jasminetea lost. He says heres mighty sick it comes with two little baby cups. Its so marriage to the glass.
This yeah. Ill show the place eliquis design on it. So.
This is this is the party for two yeah. Yep the party for two who are you doing and we hope. Its the same design like we had it in the jewelry.
Yes. Yeah. Its flowers.
Yeah ok it comes a two spoons super cute everything gold and okay and what is this this is the sugar bowl. Which is a really cute things this is like rubber yeah. This was actually moving which is very interesting in every significant saga in the best part is a tea pot.
So its really cool yeah. This opens. Hello.
George may not you have a tea party. Can i have some to you yes you can do you want any sugar. Oh.
I love sweet tea please. 4. Scoops sweetie yo.
This is what you get because youre bad guy howd you get enough dough shoo shoo. Yeah you have a nice tea party. If you like this video please give us a thumbs up dont forget to click that red button to subscribe to our channel.
We made of aladdin video with cartoon toys if you want to see it clips here click here to see our newest videos. Thank you for watching. .

genie halloween costumes for kids-4
genie halloween costumes for kids-4

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