Does Overclocking your CPU Increase FPS

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” re right they re chaos. Here today going over you pc gamers out there is is it worth overclocking your cpu in your rig to get better gameplay okay so in a nutshell. Very very simple is increasing how fast the cpu works by increasing the core clock speed cerner so forth and adding some voltage to it perhaps alright. So is it worth overclocking your cpu.

My rig that i m gonna be. Testing it on is. An fx 8350 standard clock turbos up to. 42 my overclock is 45.

It is called by the evo 212. It s got 16 gigabytes of ram he s got the gtx 970 windforce addition by gigabyte graphics card it s got plenty of juice in there it s got windows 10 64. Bit later some videos and latest amd drivers so games that we re gonna be testing..


Today are a nice mix that i personally enjoy for old show. It batman arkham city shadow of mordor dawn war. 2. Retribution and total war war hammer over tongue twister ok so let s crack on wave batman arkham city stock speeds.

I m gonna be showing all of these are 1080p at max settings so we ve got the minimum 36 average 81 maximum 41. Then as soon as i overclock the cpu we re hittin 4488 and 153. So there is a noticeable increase. Which is all good in my books.

Let s go over to shadow of mordor. So stock is 49 average. Then is 68 and max is 91..


Not bad at all let s overclock it minimum 49 average. 70. Max. 92.

Not much of an improvement. Okay. But it s still noticeable let s say let s crack on dawn war retribution minimum 30 to a virgin 17. I then overclock the cpu minimum 35 average.

68. Max 132 noticeable improvement like batman arkham city last. But not least total war warhammer this stock it would be minimum is 54 average..


64. Max 69. I then overclocked it minimum 56 average. 65.

Max 70. So as you can see by those results. There was an increase in certain areas now with overclocking your cpu. It is going to be dependent on how demanding the game is on your cpu.

So as you can see there two of the games you add quite noticeable increases. But the other two negligible so if you ll run in games. Like simcity simulators rts is things like that you re gonna notice more of an increase whereas if it s a first person shooter per se..


You may not notice as big an increase because it s gonna be more graphically oriented and bound gameplay. So i hope this video has been useful if you have liked it please get there thumbs up and share. It with everyone you know if you had experience in other ways let me know down below and stay tuned to the channel. I m gonna be bringing up plenty more videos like this so you ll take care chaos out thank you so much for watching my video.

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