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Hi welcome back to the cares channel. We are at the vedera. Today.
And this this is the vidocq suite. The dog friendly room come on in so right when come in as you can see theres like a kind of long hallway. You have a kitchenette which we really like this is pretty rare for a vegas.
A hotel and you usually have to pay to have access to a fridge which i really like because the girls are raw fed. As you know and now we have access to a fridge you know its nice to know that if you do want the raw food. Its possible right here you also have a little cooktop.
Which you can like prepare some little breakfast. If you want let even sure those pots and pans actually lets see if those pots and pans there was not even any pots and pans. But funny anecdote about this place of that it was initially built in order to be condos.
So this is why the layout is like this that basically looks like a little studio condo. But you do have a microwave. If ever you want to cook yourself something up nice be careful with all the minibar items.
Its an automatic minibar so when you even touch something they will automatically charge you and then youre gonna have to reverse the charges after so since. This is a video suite they did give us a little dog cookie. We have a blanket also and theres a little venue for in sweet dining.
So if you want to order something nice for your pups. Theres some options here big piece for her tea well theres a piece from milton. So over here you have the control panel with adult little light switches.

dog friendly hotels santa fe-0
dog friendly hotels santa fe-0

But whats really cool is here this is what you control the shades. Okay. You select shade down.
Sexy. Okay. So this is a suite.
So it gives you a lot of space. Which we really enjoy you have a little work area here and if you know andy and ill and you know that well be working here probably tomorrow. Theres also a second desk over there which im gonna lead you to but right behind you over here is a really big closet right now we just stuffed our luggages skin.
But you can put everything away from your luggages. What we like to do recently when we get to hotels is empty the entire contents of our luggage and put in the drawers or in the closet. So thats really our new grown up thing that we like to do and theres an extra closet in the bathroom.
Theres you know extra storage always good we have a lot of drawer space in see. If you want to put the stuff away you have the big tv. I love them a cup.
Theres really big windows over here. And this couch is actually a pull out couch. So if you remove this pillow.
And these pillows. You see that you can pull out an atar bed karnatakas sleep. There because milton said.

dog friendly hotels santa fe-1
dog friendly hotels santa fe-1

Lets try it out tonight. Yeah so on this side here you have another desk. Which allows you to do some quick work before you head out to have some fun in vegas.
You have some nice a really cool knife down here. I think it kind of looks like the theme of the cosmo and these hotels. A little curvier.
Spa and then you have a control central. Here. You can even.
Order your starbucks you can order all your room service right on this pad. All the information regarding. The hotel is right here.
Which is kind of neat and then with the bed. You have some really nice crisp white sheets. I love hotel bed sheets and you have two little reading lights all right so this bathroom is its a good size bathroom.
And its really nice and bright really like the fact that its all white theres nice echoes. The bathtub is magical in the shower. You do have a little bench.
Which is always fun. I always wondered what the utility of that bench is and i think its for you to sit on while you clean your feet in order for you to not hall right okay. So just some information about the hotel.

dog friendly hotels santa fe-2
dog friendly hotels santa fe-2

If youre interested in staying here with dogs. The maximum is two pets with a combined weight of 70 pounds. If you come here with pets.
You can either get. The view dogs suite or you can get another room with an added fee of 10000 per day for the pets. So i think i looked at the options.
And it kind of comes up to the same thing and you take the v dog suite or like a premium room for example and you add 100 per day please also note that there are resort fees in vegas of 45 for this hotel. Specifically and regarding parking. The madera is valet parking.
Only for our price of 30 per date. Which is kind of hefty as a price if you do want to sell park you can do so at the aria or at the bellagio or the cosmo and then you make your way over to the vedera after we parked up the aria today and to make our way back to the madera. It did take about 20 minutes.
So just be aware of that the vedera doesnt have a lot of restaurants and bars. So if you do want to stay here. Its really just to stay and then you go to the other neighboring resorts and hotels for entertainment.
Its also not a casino. Okay so now im going to take you around to the facilities of the hotel. Theres a really nice dog park right outside of the vedera between the vedera and the aria so its really easy if you want to take your dogs out to potty.
The park is literally like right outside and you can leave your dogs off leash in there. Its really nice and shaded. Its really not that hot on the floor.

dog friendly hotels santa fe-3
dog friendly hotels santa fe-3

Because its not cement so they can just run off and do their potty business. There its really important to have a dog park in vegas. Because its really really hot and my concern going on this trip with the girls was where am.
I going to take them to potty. So this was a really good option for us. Its literally right outside.
And that was worried that like for example the caesars palace. Its a super nice hotel. But it is so big so if youre staying at the sea and you bring your pets.
There is such a long trek to get them outside for potty whereas this place. Its smaller. It doesnt have like the big casino and everything so when you get down from the elevator.
Its literally right outside of the valet area. And you have access to the park. There okay so the vedera has a starbucks a cafe and one restaurant.
So its pretty limited as amenities as what you have but the little cafe does have like a bit of food and water and beverages. If you want to purchase it there. But if you want to have more entertainment.
Things than the aria and the cosmo really close by theres also a pool of course and a spa and fitness center. So this wraps up the video for now. I hope you enjoyed it if you do give it a thumbs up and be sure you subscribe to our channel.
We love you and well see you soon music. .

dog friendly hotels santa fe-4
dog friendly hotels santa fe-4

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