Dolby Vision Blu-ray Player 4K UHD Lowest Price! Philips BDP7302

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” s up everyone. This is mike from my guest wall and today. I m gonna gonna talk about something. Which is a really shocking value so i looked at the s club website and they are selling a philips 4k ultra.

Hd dolby vision blu ray player and it has built in wi fi and streaming apps. And they re selling it for one hundred and twenty nine dollars. Only i seriously never heard of dolby vision player from philips and usually i know about the cheapest one that you can get is lg. Up9 70.

And that s nearly around like a one hundred and seventy nine dollars. And maybe you can get it on sale for one hundred and forty around. But this one is a great value if you look at the price. So i was actually about to order it and you can see over here in my car.

It is added and i was getting the savings for 70. I got it almost checked out. But what i figured out when i look for the reviews reviews are fine like five star ratings. But what was irritating me was like why it is for really that cheap one hundred and twenty nine dollars.

You can play 4k blu ray disc and in dolby vision..

I mean people are really spending. A lot of money for that if you talk about opel 2. 03. That s around like five hundred and forty nine dollars and then the other one you can get is the lgu p 970.

But this one is really a shocking value as it s on their main page. One hundred twenty nine dollars and eighty eight cents and you can get a free shipping for this if you are if you are sam schooler. Plus. Member.

Even though if you are not the shipping cost is not that bad. It s just dollar ninety eight. You can see over here you can get it and it get in three days and dollar ninety eight is not a bad deal so what happened is that i have a dalby vision set up and i have atmos setup. So i wanted to make sure that this blu ray 4k player supports the dolby atmos output.

But when i looked up in the indie web site and i pull up this model number bdp seven 30. It doesn t say in specifications that supports the dolby atmos. So you go in the specification. Then you will find out that it supports dolby digital dds pcm.

All these standards and the..

Maximum it will go is you you you can get a master hd 71. Sound output out of it. So you are not all you re not gonna get the dolby atmos and i also did a chat and i clicked on the support and those people confirmed. Me that this doesn t support the dolby atmos.

It only supports the dolby vision. If you talk about the new standards. So i am thinking should i alright or not and then i m like no i should not but it s it s not the case for everyone out there so if you if you don t have a dolby atmos set of and you still you want experience with dolby vision from your blu. Ray 4k.

Disc. You can go ahead and order. This one. It s a 129 and 88 cents.

And i looked up in the support where i found out that recently they had the update for for the dolby vision. So when they launched this player. There was no dolby vision in it but later on they came up with the update and it was on march 13. 2008.

In so it just recently happened and it has the dolby vision update..

So i went to the readme file. And when you go to the readme file. I downloaded it before and you can see over here that what they added in this update. So one point one five point zero.

One this is the latest update. They have and you can have an idea of the user interface it is really neat and clean. I can like it so you go down and read the update notes so this is the update that they did they did the dolby vision. Activation added.

And it s added in one point. One five point zero. One and the date they added it it s march 1st 2018. But they released this update on march 13.

2018. Maybe they just updated into march 13. 2008. 18 as they posted it so if there s a there s a conflicted between the firmware upgrade readme file.

And if you go actually here in c..

But the point is that it supports the dolby vision. So if you are wondering you don t you re not gonna get the atmos system. So you can probably order this it s a good deal 129 and eighty eight cents. So that s all from this video guys.

And if anybody who owns this player and can leave a review about it because i could see only three reviews here and they all are five star reviews. So if there s anyone who want to share about it or already owns it i mean i ll prefer it if you guys go ahead and comment in in a comment. Below and let me know if you already own this kind of blu. Ray 4k player.

Which does the dolby vision. This all from this video. And one more thing sorry this this player is going on sale so usually. It s one hundred and ninety nine dollars and eighty eight cents.

So it s only one day. Remaining. So you have to be really quick for this that s all from this video guys and i hope that you guys like my channel and make sure you give me a thumbs up or subscribe to my channel at least. Because it will help me a lot as you guys have been always already a great support for me thank you so much and peace out how ” .


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