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“Wilson is the first character and don t live together his main power is his his beer. Which keeps him when you re joining grows up to 16 days with thermal stone. The fully grown beard. Person can easily survive the cold in lincoln when spring comes you can shave your beard and receive some vehicle you can use these hairs to craft a meat effigy which will revive you upon their tree.

Some say that wilson is the best character because he has no downside willow willow titled it s a fire starter. If don t serve as main pyromaniac character. She starts buckle. They re lighter and a stuffed bear cause burning burning will fight off attacking nightmare creatures when drunk on the ground he also collects with other insane players as well reloads.

Lighter provides a small radius of life. Lifelong learner torch and can be crafted with one rope. One gold nugget and three pedals. It restores a tiny mattes.

Only one holder agrees to cook. Food. Meat. Mincer.

Wolfgang. Wolfgang is one of the three main fighter. Characters for those starting. On the full belly will run faster and new triple damage.

Allowing him to easily defeat strong enemies or on the downside is hunger..

Drains mobilizing in remaining world and he loses slightly more sanity in the dark and near monster wendy wendy is one of don t starve weak accountant. She does less damage in combat. But then some of the ghosts of its witnesses to abigail abigail can easily murder downpours of spiders. But she does not go so well looking for wendy also losses wet scientists in the back wx seven eight wx is thrown stars world war character he starts off with lower maximum health sanity in combat.

But it can operate all these agencies wx ev and i posted up in mind sale and spoiled food meaning. It can eight days without going insane. Always be helped however iraqis to a backward. When lightning strikes every works to the night.

He goes to system overload. Merge or explodes removes. Much bob done can t freeze when it struck the really study for sanity and gain 100 health using wood rhuebottom s the end is novel kinnear it will make it charged. But because so many lightning bolt strike from the system overloads blast you almost all the way three member alyttle bargain with your bottoms.

Main ability is being able to craft books. Which contains knowledge humans aren t person are you can use her books to place to make plant growth lightning strike canticles come out of the ground someone trying to study. Birds report everything around her this way reading books also vector lose a lot of sanity to make sure much our usable. We can bottom is also able to cross all the science machines aircraft without a science machine.

If you can cross all the alchemy engine recipes and social science machine. Which is especially for during the early days. However wigglebottom does require an alchemy engine to build a book on tentacles. So you might interview one in the end anyway with your bottoms downsides are that she loses extra sanity for eating spoiled food that she can t sleep the disability displayed me you might need to find other ways to regain health incentive.

Despite being an elderly lady the bottom still deals the same amount of damages of the coke maybe she reads books to teach karate mallamma jack and i m okay at least all night tend to watch all day..

Okay woody is the stereotypical canadian look jack his main ability is an associate instructor will send the attacks names lucy lucy chops trees much faster than other actions and also relies elected for a trigger. Chuck. She will also talk to woody and reminding that is lovely. Though these lovelies.

I ll show you the current level of beating it love me slowly slowly all the time and you ll lose a lot more when chopping tree the reasonable love mayor. You can eat these following through when the loves mater is lowered to 25 out of 100 towards the full moon. What do you will transform from herschel way because as the wavier you can go on trumping frenzies and lowdown endless amounts of tree thought through comes to envision penalty and to transform back into a human form. You will need to fill your log made up to 100 by any lonesome cell trait we also have a few other monitors for example is planting a pine forest or five sanity.

Meaning can easily restore. Fun. Good. Luck for climate related.

Going to be academics. No insulation burners and follow it such as take than bunny mentor for you so long godwin and what your subscription. It says celebrates thanksgiving too early however if you live in canada. The description will day celebrates thanksgiving.

But i saw wet where does the speech was mine who use the pantomime consider for communication. This is main disadvantage apartment. Having low attraction. Health hunger and sanity and a faster hunger right where s his main ability in the bundle of concern and the shame.

You didn t quite believe it plus..

The parking space when can we pop by any means bolita. Me scylla hands in the tree structure. However keep in mind that was an immense challenge remains here in life. But he is quite fun to play with it was balloon event.

However. Where does have a bigger edge. He has the north baton maxwell mexico was the king of the dark love rhythmical challenge of every room. Now.

He is both the fun gentlemen we elevate will be tricked into turns over maxwell s manager. We see on the southern border shadow puppets and will do chores. Such as shopping mining. And easy maxo can also someone pathogen vitamins.

However these topics go from all numbers. And actually aren t that great exciting so summing them not exact so many puppets costume nightmare field. Though of maxwell s maximum and we will gain your certainly vacuum from the side maxwell s we were confident when you have one health to fear them away from p. Bender michael second attributed that he commented again can t experimental.

So you don t have to worry about infinity like however he had incredibly boring myself but especially the phylum feel stronger button for investments in strong armor richard winfred is an actress who went a bit overboard with the acting was walking alongside wolfgang. She s going to done stuff made butter characters. However. She is more suited to l.


Because movie is better suited to light games. We ve heard tonight not should be such an incredible fact she went elephants and even killing things as a natural damage and okay. And there was no damage you can overclock special viking helmet competitive shipping juicing. We ve resigned outside those you can only eat meat this means you have to go out of your way to kill things.

And it felt alive day. However you can read from can a jelly bean and leafy made it is being proven that she can a business of an unmade product. Just treated multi level remember is a boy who was bullied by espada. When he was young for some reason.

The product filed to johnjessy boy. And weber grew up as a normal child. And thawed this bottom not very raisin of accounts. Was bought and will be unpacked outside like a shoe box again.

However. Whether some best friend. Responds rusting or mobile. Tomatoes.

Doing this actually with runs along products are made rather than also a twill clink. It offenses is if it won t slow down that sensor thank you from this video hope you enjoy. ” ..


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