Dragon Age The BEST Companions! (Rima s Favourites)

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“Age is full of colorful interesting and beloved characters who throughout the series have become become some of my favorite characters in all of gaming. Not to mention they re handy in a fight izes ream of odyssey gaming. And today. I ll be looking at my favorite companions in the dragon age series.

I ve already covered a list of my favorite romances. However this lessons about companions to qualify for this list. The characters have to be useful party members as well as great characters as a whole that enjoyed having a like party. These are all my personal choices and i m not really random.

But without being said here we go the iron bill maybe one of my favorite voice characters in the entire series freddie prinze jr. Does such a fantastic job capturing what has to be the most badass. The genuine character in the dragon age series from when we meet him to the end the iron ball comes across honest and straight up advising you and letting you know where he stands. We ve had canary companions before in the form of stand by field through the bull you get to understand his people a whole lot more and in the personal sense.

Just making you want to learn more about them in the future. The iron balls also just a great companion just to have in your party acting as a master shield. If you re playing a ranged character and having some of the best conversational interactions with others in the party. Those mawari or dull characters are definitely different characters in the sense compared to your humanoid companions in the trilogy.

I still actually loved my barri hound. Who follow me throughout fevers not only do you get to name your little buddy. But the dogs are invaluable in a scrappy fight. The dog also has some of the cutest interactions with other characters for example having a growling match with stand pissing off morgan and quote unquote talking with sandal or even just bonding with alistar.

I will say when we never got to see the dog returned to inquisition. It was nice to see him return in the trespasser dlc as a dog that captures colin s heart aveline. His named after a heroic female chevalier of the same name is a complete badass you would halt meet her and her husband..


When your we will during losing our husband avila has left little choice. But to join me. She s noble righteous and follows her moral code. Even if a lantern in trouble.

But she s extremely loyal she sticks with hawkes throughout dragon age to you even if she doesn t fully agree with their choices lecturing them. If maybe creating an almost sibling like relationship also really like that you couldn t romancer allowing you to help her find new love and discovering a softer side of her in the process alvin does apollo my favorite party member in dragon age. 2 in regards to skill. She asked with a tag that can draw damage away from hawk and consistently staying strong.

Which is always very useful especially when you re playing a mage like i normative i ll be honest when i started playing dragon age inquisition i really couldn t stand sera she irritated me but with time and patience ihe discovered an honesty and humor. I really liked there always tells you where she stands always wanting you to remember the little people before you take actions that could see them her in the process. They also have a sphere that you don t really get to know unless you speak to her and take time to know her character. She scared of most things supernatural and has abandonment and prostitute.

Explaining her attitudes to other party members and you when you first meet her seemingly annoying. I was glad to learn that sarah was much more than. I gave her credit for especially. As she seems to draw some of the best dialogue and observations about her fellow companions.

There s also one of the best skilled companions in inquisition being able to provide great range attacks especially if you have her specialize in her tempest. Roofline. She can be savage in a fight specially against those hi dragons and larger mode. Much like saw the guys on this list.

I hadn t included meryl in my romance video because i felt she just missed out in my internal rankings. But that s me i didn t fall in love with her meryl was frustratingly adorable. We ve been given some great elven characters in the series..


But mara was the first dalish elf. We got to run around with and hopefully knows the last and in that regard we got to learn a huge amount about the inner workings of her culture and the isolation. She sometimes feels. She also has an affinity for blood magic controversial skill.

Which forces you as a player as character hawk to figure out where that line is it s also very nice to see how by or advanced merrill s very minor character from the dalish elf origin and dragon age origins to the beloved character we meet in dragon age meryl always left me with that question was she just a misguided dreamer wanting the most for her people or something more sinister corrupted by blood magic durian is hands down my fair companion in dragon age inquisition from the moment you meet them either when you go to red cliffs or encounter may haven doran strikes you immediately he small funny sarcastic. But so good natured throughout the series. We ve been told about the twisted. Almost evil nature of the tevinter imperium.

But when you meet dorian. He shows a very different side to their people someone who s private of his heritage. Himself and who has high hopes for his homeland leading him to join your mission dorian also truly feels like a good friend to the inquisitor making me want to take him everywhere outside skyhold dorian along with the iron ball also has my second favorite companion moments just behind garrison talley in massive victory as they bicker and eventually come to form a great relationship by the end of the class pass or dlc. If you specialize dorian skills and make him a necromancer his ability definitely helps enhance the damage capabilities of the entire team especially taste ability that effectively slows down time for almost all enemies fenris is probably one of the most damaged characters you can encounter in dragon age.

2. A former slave whose hadley remembe used throughout his body allowing him to face through solid objects. This makes vendors extremely deadly and unique when it comes to his abilities. Allowing to face your enemies and rip through them.

Sanders hasn t lost issues. Understandably due to his time and servitude being changed by his master. A matron tevinter fenris highly distressed mages. Which includes you if you play a mage and your mage companions in particular.

Anders. Joining sunrise in his quest to find a sister and take revenge on his former masters reveals how vulnerable and isolated. He s become gaining his trust friendship and commitment can open you up to a very loyal friend or great romance of if you choose i don t think there s anyone funnier or more endearing in dragon age than alistair your first companion in origin..


Ultra constantly uses sarcasm and humor to try and alleviate stress in the situation. The two wardens find themselves during the blight. But much like many of the characters in this list. And the series elder isn t without his secrets insecurities and quirks as you learn throughout your journey in dragon age origins.

His complicated heritage coupled with his loyalty to the warden. Please alistair and you with a precarious decision that sheeps ferelden throughout the trilogy. I guess alistair is also probably one of the most memorable characters for me in the series who can forget the question have you ever licked a lamppost in winter. That basically sums up alistair for me awkwardly charming.

All reasons. I had cassandra in my romance. List pretty much translate over here too but for those of you who haven t seen that video cassandra is fiercely loyal to the inquisition and her faith. Forcing her to question her beliefs throughout the events of inquisition.

But this self discovery is one of cassandra s greatest abilities. She has the self worth to admit when she doesn t know everything and also that her face can t explain everything she s also very bashful. A romantic and one of the most naive companions much to the joy of the inquisitor and the other companions with sanders also probably one of the toughest even giving the iron bull. A run for his money.

She s highly skilled with a sword and shield or a one handed heavy weapon and that combined with her seeker abilities. Makes cassandra pretty resilient in a fight especially when it comes to tackling bigger food. Although cigars of the dragon age series were introduced to varrock in dragon age. 2.

He s incredibly smart cultured and honest always looking for an opportunity varrick is a very successful businessman and a spymaster giving him unimaginable number of contacts. But varrick acts as the voice of reason in most conversations and situations in dragon age. 2..


An incision being able to recognize when the team are in a crappy situation with a simple well ship. But not panicking or showing any sense of gravity. He makes you laugh helps weak characters gain perspective and has some of the greatest scenes in the series. He also has your back especially when you play as hawk whether he s telling a tale protecting you from the seekers or just inviting you to a game wicked ways to take your mind off the impending evil.

Plus. You have is trusty crossbow bianca. So those are my favorite companions in the dragon age series and much like my romance list. I couldn t include all the ones.

I loved having to leave out some of the great ones. But these companions to me i felt i had the greatest impact in the game. When i was playing and tended to be part of my party more often than not if you don t see a character you love remember to check out the video. I did on romance which focus more on romance options.

Which will be linked at the end of this video. Who are your favorite companions in the dragon age series. Let me know in the comments below. And if you liked this video.

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