Easy kodi Build with channels on the Nexus player – Bucks Build install guide

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“Guys welcome to my channel on this video. I want to show you how to to install this new kodi build that i ve come across recently. It s called build now i ve got this installed on my nexus player. I believe you can install the same build on many android devices or your windows device so what i want to do is talk this through with you step by step right from scratch.

So i ll do the real time so to help you out when you get stuck. You can pause. The video etc. So let s get to it okay guys now to get this particular build.

What we need to do is firstly. If you ve already got cody installed. I would suggest that you uninstall it reinstall it so you ve got a nice fresh clean install just in case and he it used to arise so from this point. Here.

You can see i ve got cody installed there so let s go down to settings across the apps downloaded apps click on that and then i m going to click uninstall okay so go on let s go all the way back out to the main menu. Okay so we re starting from scratch. Now. So we need to go to the google play store to find it and download.

It now you can search via voice or you can type it in officers. Voice cody. There we go first one on the menu. There so i ll click that now i m going to click install shouldn t take too long.

I think it s just under 60 megabytes so that our download then install so leave it go so it s fully done and stalling now okay so let s go back out to the main screen on your nexus box now we can go across to coding so preparing for the first run. There we go so what you need to do just leave it for a couple of seconds because it is going to add on if this is going to update some add ons and you may come across this error straight away the audio db. Comm just click yes to disable it so the first step we need to do is do we need to move across to where it says system then down to file manager and click on that then down to add source..


Now where it says none. We need to enter a repository address in that section so click on none. Now this is what we need to type in here we ve got http colon forward slash forward slash kodi uk dot tv forward slash repo so that s http colon forward slash forward slash cody uk dot tv forward slash repo so once you ve done that go down to done and click on that now we just name this so enter a name for this media source. You ll see repo written in there so click on that now you can name this anything you want so i m going to backspace this out and i m gonna name it dot uk tv and now like i said you can name this anything you want.

But if you prefix it with a dot it lend up easier to find which you ll see in a moment. So once you ve named it click on done. And then down to ok write back arrow on cody. Then back to your main menu.

Now we need to click on system move. All the way down to where it says add ons because this is the first run just click ok. Now we need to go down to install from zip file to click on that look for the file that you ve just named so in my case. It was dot uk tv and it s right at the top of the list so click on your file and click on repository cody sorry cody uk.

Tv dot zip now give that a minute or two to install you can see it down on the bottom right hand corner add on enabled. So once you ve seen that move up to install from repository. Now you should have three sections. They re all repositories cody add on repository and cody.

Uktv. Repo. And we want the bottom. One.

Cody uk. Tv. Repo then we want program..


Add ons and you can see there you should have coded uktv wizard. So click on that and then click install that s going to download it very very quick. But your see down the bottom right hand side it says add on enabled. So now if we back arrow.

All the way back out to the main menu go across to programs into their program. Add ons kodi. Uktv wizard. Now you should have four files.

There cody uktv builds community builds extras and maintenance and tweaks. Now. We want cody uktv builds. There should be at this time of the video.

This there s three verse three files. There dad life nemesis of bucks build. So we re looking for bucks build so click on that now what this is going to do is download it so it depends on the or internet speed to how fast your download. It mine seems to be shooting up there quite fast so we re say we get honest on 10 already okay.

I just thought i pulls the video for your sake. Really so it finished downloading and then it s extracting. The zip. So let that carry on i haven t touched anything so once it s downloaded or sorry once it s extracted.

It s going to give me another prompt so there we are download complete. Unfortunately. The only way to get the new changes stick this to force close this so don t worry you haven t done anything wrong so click ok now on your nexus remote click the bottom bottom with a circle in it so you go all the way back to your home..


Now. What we need to do is restart code. It i ll restart the nexus player. So go down to settings go.

All the way across to about and then you see restart there. So let s have a full restart. So this is shut down obviously okay nearly there just wait until it connects to the internet. There we go right from here.

We can move down and across to cody and reopen cody. You should be greeted with the welcome screen. There we go now at this point. The best thing to do is to leave it go for a few minutes.

Because what it will need to do is update itself with some of the repositories etc. So my look like it s doing anything right now. But you ll see in a minute that some windows will appear there we go errors wizard please wait install an update so don t just go jumping in to see in what films or music. There is etc just let it do its thing.

Let it update to order in order for it to run smoother. So you can see there we re talk through it. While it s probably going to be updating in the background. Which you can see there now.

But we ve got movies so highlighted movies clicking down. We ve got many of the the most popular movie sites. And if i keep going down..


You can see this there s quite a lot on there as it stands tv series or tv shows again loads of repos to start looking through kids movies. We ve got the sports sports devil. Uk. Turk sports.

Again lots on there we ve got music settings. Some live tv that s going movies. There woody s live tv and back to movies again. So i think those are the most popular headings that people will use on this.

But i m sure you can tweak it or add repositories or remove whatever suits you so so there we go guys to leave it go leave it up data s even now let even a minute or two later is still updating so just let it go and even once no updates are appearing perhaps come out and restart your nexus player again go back into it so then you ve got a nice fresh install and hopefully your films will start streaming with no buffering so i hope you enjoyed it if there s any area. Where you ll get stuck on and at least leave it in the comments below and i ll get back to you as soon as i can but thanks for watching just before we do finish can i just give a shout out to my boy raised red. I ll put a link here because he s just starting up. Some online gaming videos and some tips etc for the playstation.

So. If you can check them out give. Them. A thumbs up and perhaps give them some comments.

Etc and subscribe. Thank you guys catch you next time. ” ..


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