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“What is going on voices your boy dave and welcome to the daemon egg gamer gamer channel today i m gonna teach you how to unlock one of the secret characters within the darkest sure this particular character is called the storm chaser and it can only be achieved by doing challenges into the first map of the torture path called into the storm no you cannot do these on the survival maps. But you can do this on the public playlist of the torture path and you can also do it in the custom games of the torture path as well. But you can actually do among just survival maps. Because most of the challenges involve things to do with the objective brains themselves there are 5 challenges to unlock this particular character and i m gonna talk you through each 5 challenges today and give you a handful of tips to hopefully help you complete them.

If you have not already so. The first challenge is called untapped potential the tip. Which you re going to see if you haven t completed it yet. It s called grounded and a small summary hint you get with it it s called escaped without utilizing questionable energies.

This challenge is surprisingly easy if you play on the public playlist with your friends. Because again damage multipliers and those sorts of things that he really really help you out. But you re going to have to escape the map to do the whole map not including the easter egg. You don t have to do the easter egg without using any blitz.

I say it s easier to do with your friends. Because you re gonna be able to able to revive people and if you re a solo and you go down. Quite a lot you re not gonna have any quick revive to get yourself up you re only gonna have to revive from me consumables. Even if you have any consumables so i would suggest going in with your friends and doing on the public.

A playlist as well and it s pretty self explanatory. There s not many hints or tips. I can give you about this just play the game like you usually would but just be extra careful because you ve got no perks. There is also a trophy for playstation 4.

And i expect there will be an achievement for xbox. One as well you have to complete all maps without using any blitz and you get an actual trophy. So you re gonna have to do this. If you re a trophy hunter anyway and not only that you re going to get the untapped potential challenge as well the next challenge is called the vulnerable.

A victor. The small tip tech. That you can see if you have not done. It is called track suit and this more summary.

He is escaped with i can t equate defense. This is a very very easy challenge. All you have to do is beat. The main boss for this map the brenner.

You don t actually have to complete the whole map. If you don t want so you just have to complete and destroy the brenner without picking up the drops. The drops being the supply drops. I come after every defense round.

You re just not allowed to open them up or pick anything up out of them again this is surprisingly easy. I would recommend users of consumables. If you re not the best player in the world. And i will bring in some max ammos you can buy an o in the map for your guns.

I think you ve got three uses for your guns. So i would literally just buy it for your monkey bombs. If you primarily use your monkey bombs. To actually do the boss fight itself.

But it s a very very simple challenge again i would recommend doing this in the public playlists. Which you can still add your own for friends into that playlist because again you get a damage multiplier and you can use the attachments for your weapons..

Which gives you an extra ten percent damage so it makes the whole playthrough this map. Very very simple. The next challenge is called painful silence. The tip for this one is called the silent protector and the summary.

Hint for this is keep hazardous supply. Safe and your location. Unknown. There are one of these that do for each and every character and some of them are a real pain.

But this one is very very. Easy you re going to get objective rounds every. 3 6. 9.

Personally i ve never had the defense step objective rank on rank 3. It s always been 6 or 9 and when you get to 6 or 9. You re going to have an objective where you have to protect one of the battery stations now on this particular challenge. All you have to do depending.

How many players is in the game is protect the defense step for 90 seconds. Now a few things have been confirmed and a few things have not been confirmed one of the rumors going around is that you cannot shoot your guns. And this has not been confirmed if that is the case but you really don t need to shoot your gun. My tip before this one is keep loaded into the game and get yourself to round 6.

If you don t get the defense step you could either go the rest of the rounds and get your free part and possibly get it on round 9 or just reset. It it will take you 10 minutes. If that to get to round 6 each time to check if you ve got set particular defense debt. I would make sure in your loadout.

You have shellshock on and also make sure to equip the shell. Shocked mod called sustain zone. What sustain zone will do is when you hit your shell. Shocked it won t endure any zombies enter that circle.

If you don t have this to quit all the other zombies that are spawning in and the ones that were not affected by the initial activation of shellshock will just walk straight through it so make sure you ve got the model called sustain zoom. And i would make sure you would hit their starting pistol box for a 500 points of time and grab yourself monkeys. What i like to do with this particular step is run to the other side of the map. And wait.

With my monkey bombs. Until it starts getting damaged. The second is damaged throw. One monkey bomb on the floor.

All. Those zombies will slowly walk over to that actual monkey bomb. And when it explodes. Keep your eye on a screen.

Again. Until you can see more damage. Getting took out the defense step throw another monkey bomb. And repeat.

Until. All your monkey bombs are gone..

If you ve got a max ammo. You can continue using. It your monkey bombs. And that should be more than enough time.

For you to complete this step of course. No the defense step can be damaged you just cannot actually have it destroyed. If you ve only got free monkey bombs. And you re not using.

Max. Ammo. Consumables. After you ve used your free monkey bombs.

Run yourself over to the defense step itself. Wait for the zombies to come in wait for it to start getting damaged and then hit your shell. Shocked boy they should just utilize in every second. That you can otherwise.

If you run out of your monkeys. And you run out of your shell. Shocked with 30 seconds. Left the chances are they re going to destroy that defense.

Step and you re not going to unlock the challenge. If done correctly the challenge will pop up on the screen. And as easy as that this is the easiest one out the free maps. The other three are very complicated and there s a few things were not 100 confirmed about but i would cover them in later videos so hold up those tutorials on to the next challenge is called unassisted.

The tip for this one is called no charity and a summary hint for this is recovered a relic with no helping hand. But all you have to do i say all you have to do it can be very complicated. What you have to do for this one is collect the hilt. So basically complete the easter egg in the first map.

Without opening drops. Now the reason this one gets very complicated because party easter egg. You have to transport a zombie from part a part b and in the next round you have to transport that same zombie from part b. To part c.

Which sent unlocks to hill. Doing this on solo is very very difficult eventually buff their zombie in respect. He walks a very very slow my biggest advice for this one is that you get a team to help you by getting a team to help you you can have upwards of 12. And monkey bombs.

And if one of you has a consumable ammo. In total you re going to have 24. Monkey bombs. Again you cannot pick up drops.

That s the supply drops. The confidence going to be able to do this challenge and that s pretty much it. When you ve picked up the hill without picking up the drops. You re gonna have to challenge pop again with the walking zombie.

Do it for players save yourself some time. As soon as the zombie stands up throw monkey take it in turns with your teammates to keep throwing monkeys so none of the actual zombies or westing s killed..

The transport in zombie. Because if they do you can t respawn him and it s the end of the easter egg and by then it s about round seven or eight use these tips. I just give you and i can guarantee you will get this first time every time and the last and a final challenge is called a bubble burst er. The tip for this one is called resource.

Efficient and the summary hint for this is handled the rackets and brenner with minimal backup. We re just going to call it brenner for a simple sake. This one is surprisingly easy very easy actually all you have to do is kill. The brenner.

Which is on round 10. Which is the boss zombie. 4. Into the storm within three airstrikes.

If you don t know what i mean when you find the brenner. There ll actually be arrow strikes coming down the air strikes destroys or disabled the actual shield on the brenner. Which then allows you to be able to kill him himself if you do it before three of these have been activated you will pop the challenge. I actually activated this on my first one so i cannot confirm 100 it takes three.

But i have known other people to do it in two or three from hearsay. So within three good tips for this one you re going to monkey bombs. And a free fire. So no.

It s absolutely fine to doing this one. I always recommend doing these as a team. It s a lot easier and you get a lot more monkeys as well so when the rain starts. You want to throw yourself a monkey into the center of the glowing red circle.

Where the air strike is going to happen. If there s four of you when the brenner s shield is disabled all four of you activate your free fires. And take this sucker is as simple as that he will die. Very very quickly make sure to designate one player to throw monkeys.

So the brenner doesn t chase anybody and stays in the center. You should destroy the brenner within of the first strike. If not 100 you will get it in the second strike. Another good tip for this is starting up the actual tortured path playlist.

Which means if you go into a map and you lose you reset. But this is on the first map. Because you re going to get the bureau damage multiplier. And you re gonna be able to use the attachments you get for your weapons.

Which are gonna make it a lot stronger. I managed to do this in the first one like i said with four of us. And it is very very easy and that s it that s all five challenges you re gonna unlock the storm chaser like i said in the beginning of the video. This guy is also known as the cavalier and he s dressed up in what looks like to be an old install.

But i m not pretty sure what he s dressed up. He s got a huge tin hat that covers his face. He s got a mask on as well i think from closer inspection. It could be the smuggler on the shadowed throne.

But he s got a cape. So i mean i mean capes are good right superman and batman..

Yeah. He s got a cape anyway. It s a cool looking character and if you go over to 100. Then you re gonna have to unlock this guy anyway guys huge apologies a further delay in this actual challenge.

It took me a while to do them because i ve been making other tutorials. If you want any other character challenges for any map. Links are in the description. I m going to have the other two characters within the next two days.

So one will be tomorrow. It wouldn t be the next day. So i ll put links to both of them in a description as well i ve tried to give you a few tips and tricks in this video to make them a little bit easier. I know i got stuck on a couple.

I think i have all the actual characters this is probably the most easiest character to unlock but anyways thank you so much for tuning in if you did enjoyed today s video leaving a thumbs up on that is always appreciate it and maybe share it on twitter. Facebook or any social network platform. And that you can it would be highly appreciated. If you re new to the daemon at game channel then hit that subscribe button please don t forget to hit that notification that bell after you ve done so you re gonna get shouldn t asks you what notifications you want to be notified about make sure you tick.

All notifications so if i upload or put a post up in my community post. You re also gonna be notified of that as well. But thank you so much tuning in you have been amazing as usual keep your eye out for more tutorials from your boy game. And to the next video.

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