Essential Phone vs OnePlus 5T: $499 Showdown

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“500 essential phone and the 1 5. T. Offer. A number of high end specs specs at a price lower than the competition.

And if you keep your eyes. Peeled your ear to the ground. The essentials been known to go on sale for even cheaper than that but. Which phone is a better buy hi.

I m. Jerome ortega. With android police and this is what was it sorry i m new this is zack facundo can i go home when it comes to design and build quality. Both phones take.

A contrasting approach the 1 plus 5t thin tall and light housed in a curved aluminum rear with a ceramic fingerprint reader essential. However is thick rectangular made of ceramic and titanium that you typically don t find in today s smartphones. Despite the 5 t s bigger display and overall physical size. The essential still weighs more and whether you want a taller display with a lightweight frame or a smaller.

One handed device with solid heft rust. Assured both are aesthetically pleasing fit. Well in hand and our modern day design phones that will ride into the new year. There are a few things that separate the essential from the 5 t.

Let s start with the elephant in the room. No i m not the elephant. I m talking about the essential that lacks a headphone jack. Which is sorely missed by someone like me since i m still an avid wired user yea i can use a usb seat a headphone adapter that essential provides.

But it s just another accessory. I wish i didn t have to deal with if you ve already gone the bluetooth wireless earbuds headphone route then this is a non issue but if you need that headphone jack the 1 5. T. Has kept it alive and well the 5 t.

Also has a physical alert. Slider or mute switch to quickly silence your phone without having to unlock it a feature..

I wish other android phones would hop on board with now the essential is rated ip 54. Which protects it from dust and the occasional splash of water. Whereas a 5 t. Has no dust or water certification at all i m sure either phones would survive if you re unexpectedly caught in the rain.

But i wouldn t count on dropping it into a puddle or jumping into a pool with it and even though ip54 isn t as protective as ip67 or ip68 like you d find on the pixel or note. 8. It s still nice to see essential give it a proper certification lastly. The essential has a magnetic conductor in the rear to attach accessories like a 360 degree camera or a wireless docking station since neither phones supply wireless charging other accessories are said to be in the works but even that wireless dock.

Still isn t out yet so we ll have to wait and see as far as displays go the essential house is a 57 inch lcd. The one plus 5t a 6 inch amoled one both provide great color and excellent viewing angles. But you should know that essential doesn t get all that bright and is sometimes harder to see and use in direct sunlight. And then there s a notch love.

It or hate. It it s a unique look that i enjoy it doesn t get in my way. When i m using the phone. But i would love to see developers make more of an effort to take advantage of the additional real estate.

This display provides often times. You re left with empty space in between the status bar. And where the app begins that leaves a lot to be desired the 1 5. T.

Comes with a lower 1080p resolution and pixel density compared to the essential. But it s not something that s really noticeable let alone a deal breaker for me both offer a pleasurable viewing experience in a slim bezel design internally these halls are equipped with the snapdragon 805 processor adreno 540 gpu combo the same ones that power the likes of more expensive flagships the s8 the u 11. The pixel to excel and while the essential follows suit with the same memory as aforementioned phones. At 4 gigs of ram.

The 1 5 g. Carries. 6. But you do get double the internal storage on the essential with a hundred and twenty eight gigs compared to 64 on the 5t.

If you need 128 gigs on the 5t. It is an option that even comes with eight gigs of ram..

But you ll have to fork out another 60 to do so one would expect with these specs. Both phones would provide a fluid experience opening apps and navigating through their os s. However. I ve noticed that i ll get occasional hiccups.

When using my essential. Whether it be the clunkiness of the camera app or noticeable input lag when switching from app to app. At times. It can be quite surprising given that most of my other snapdragon 835 devices don t behave this way.

My one plus 5t on the other hand is remarkably fast fluid and lag free. When compared to my essential performance. Wise right on par. With my pixel.

2. And pixel to excel let s talk cameras both essential and one plus 5t carry dual lenses in the back to 13 megapixel shooters for the essential one being a dedicated monochrome camera for black and white photos. But works in conjunction with the primary lens. That results in a fused photo that claims to net better clarity in its results.

The 1 plus. 5t has one 16 megapixel camera and a 20 megapixel one dedicated for low light photography in my testing. I found that both cameras provide great results with quality detail. However the essential will underexpose every.

So often resulting in a darker image with less dynamic range portrait shots are decent. But not perfect yet they add a level of style that s really pleasing to the eye. I ll admit i wasn t too interested in a monochrome camera until i started using it this too adds a level of style or uniqueness that i really didn t think i wanted actually found myself shooting. Almost every picture.

I took in both color and in black and white just to see the results in low light. The essential struggles in clarity and exposure compared to the 5 t. Shots aren t as rich lighting gets overexposed and loses fine detail and color is washed out the results. Speak for themselves.

The essential end 1 5. T..

Both well in fairly lit areas. But the 5 t. Wins. Me over in low light.

The same can be said with video. But when it comes to video stabilization. The essential is just all over the place while both phones lack o. Is the electronic image stabilization on the 1 5.

T. Works. Well. But you ll still get a lot of wobbly jello type effects.

In more jarring movement. As far as the front cameras go they re both fine for selfies. I m not big on front cameras. And it s not something i hold too much weight on.

But they get the job done for posting your duck lips on social media. Moving on the fingerprint readers are both planted in the back. They re fast. But the 5 t manages to unlock faster definitely not a deal breaker.

But something that i ve noticed while testing and worth mentioning the 5 t. Also has a face on lock feature that works credibly fast. It s not as sophisticated or as secure as iphone tines face id. And it doesn t work in low light.

But this too is also faster requires less work to unlock and is a great option to have if you want to use it the batteries on both these phones will last. Me an entire day on medium heavy to heavy use. I wouldn t be too concerned about unplugging in the morning and worrying about a dead phone by the time i get home. But the extra battery capacity on the 1 5 t.

Can push me a day and a half or more. If need be and if that s not enough both phones are capable of fast charging using the respective stock chargers on both phones essential hits zero to about 80 in an hour filling up to 100 in less than an hour and 35 minutes..

The 1 5 t. And the 1 5 charge faster than any phone. I ve owned the 5 t. Will hit 0 to about 93 percent in an hour completely charging to 100 in less than an hour and 15 minutes.

Despite both phones. Having one single bottom firing speaker. They re both loud and clear at full volume. I haven t noticed any real clipping or issues and they should do decently for watching a youtube video or casually listening to music in low noise areas the essential 1 5 t offer a great software experience they re both clean and simple to use free of bloat and other than the essentials modified camera app.

You re using stock. Android. Always a plus in my book. The 5 t uses its own oxygen os.

But it s just about as clean as stock android gets with a few enhancements that actually improve and provide the user the opportunity for a more useful experience. It s well thought out software by one plus again both of these phones are a great deal at 500. I actually prefer the unique styling and weight of the essential phone it gives it that premium feel that sometimes lacks on lighter devices. It s easier to use one handed and i love that their team is supportive and continuously updating the phone to improve on what s an already great device.

But i love that the 5 t. Comes with a headphone jack and alert slider. I prefer the amoled display for its deeper blacks. It s camera and low light and video stabilization is definitely a step above the essentials.

The battery lasts longer and charges faster and its performance and fluidity in its os is one of the best knife. Yet if i had to recommend a phone today at 500. The 1 5 t. Would be it it checks off a lot of boxes that essential comes close to.

But doesn t get there entirely if the essential manages to drop to four hundred and fifty dollars or even four hundred dollars like it did a few weeks ago and budget is your number one priority. Then this is the phone to get is that good can we go now can we go to mcdonald s yes. ou piece amount ” ..


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