FIGHT CAP Mikey Garcia Eyes Manny Pacquiao After Defeating Jessie Vargas

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“Again there is mikey garcia big smile on his face chris mannix is back with with us brian kenny chris mannix. Sergio mora chris he had to feel good for just satisfying to get this win he came back top against a very game opponent he knew it would be difficult. And it was yeah people were extremely skeptical that mikey garcia could be as effective at welterweight as he had been in some of the lighter weight classes. He went in against a legitimate top ten fighter and he came out with a win you saw the punch stats.

It was a close fight. My scorecard. Was 114 113. The knockdown was the difference for me.

In that fight. So. Credit. Mikey for digging gutting out a big.

Win and credit. Jesse vargas for hanging. In there and putting on a good performance. So coming back down to these silenced.

The doubters coming back after that loss suspense and staying at 147. He silenced the doubters to a degree. I think that mikey garcia has to be a selectively welterweight at this point. I don t think you need to see mikey garcia against errol spence.

Again. I don t even need to see mikey garcia against a keith thurman or a shawn porter drive. I just think those guys are too big for him. But welterweights throwing a little bit of a smaller side like a manny pacquiao.

I think that is still very much in mikey s wheelhouse. What do you think about that it was well put selective welterweight do you think he should continue to campaign at welterweight sergio calculated risk. I would say and i agree with you chris i think he needs to be very careful. But the guts and the audacity of mikey garcia is still mentioning that he wants to fight arrow spins.

I don t get it..

But that just shows that the heart in mikey you are see and that s what makes him great yeah. I gotta pick your spots at welterweight. I wonder why when there s so many good junior welterweight and he i thought this was a good performance shows himself to be dangerous. But again welterweight just act top to bottom.

I mean you can mention even know like danny garcia. No you have to cross the aisles. But they didn t once with errol spence. I just see a lot of welterweights out there that just seemed to be too big even with the power.

He show tonight look yeah. And i think if you ask mikey and robert garcia. When the cameras aren t rolling they ll say look we re not gonna go up there and challenge every welterweight in the division pacquiao makes a lot of sense for him. He s a hundred and forty five hundred forty seven pounds he s not a big guy and mikey can hang with him especially at this stage of pacquiao s career.

I think a lot of it brian comes down to the availability of guys out there the junior welterweight division. There are some great names in that division. But you see josh taylor tied up right. Now jose ramirez tied up right now.

We re gonna see program versus hooker at some point or at april rather of this year down the line. Absolutely i expect to see mikey garcia against one of those top hundred forty pounders and if floyd mayweather taught us anything if it makes dollars. It makes sense you said if it makes sense pacquiao always makes sense. What robert garcia thinks about all this trainer for mikey.

Garcia. Claudia tre hos. Is there right now claudia thank you bk. We re here with robert garcia robert.

You are one of the detractors you were not convinced about mikey fighting out 147. What are your thoughts now well look like i told you and before the fight you know it took us one year for my kid to to get used to the weight you know he didn t mean he didn t fight. I won t fight anymore. 135.

So so he maintained that 147 division..

So one year of it. I think it d make got him to be a little bit better. I still think one or two more fights would even make even better but uh but performance was great you know. Jesse vargas is a very tough drobo guy mikey was able to drop him and hurt him really bad.

And then constantly hurt him after that so that shows that mikey carries some good power. While talking to you and your dad you were very clear in saying that the momentum of the fight was going to change after the fifth and seventh. Why were you so certain about that hello because we always know that mike is a slow starter mikey. So joestar.

He he he uses the first two or three rounds just to figure out his opponents and see what they re actually point weapons. They re looking for he didn t you know he gives us that opportunity for also to see what our opponents trying to to to do so. He always does that but you know a little by little mikey started in or landing his points. Is that straight right hand was the one that did the damage in the first knockdown.

So little by little was just it was just a matter time and you know broke him down little by little didn t get the stoppage. But i think. 12 rooms was also good that way he knows how hard it is to go 12 rounds and against the top. What s right let s talk about 2020.

Your brother just said he wants to keep campaigning at 147. How many fights do you see that could happen in 2020 at 147 well look. Our plan is for him to fight three times this year. You know we re starting early in the year.

I think you could easily pardon again in the summer and then one more time before the end of the year. So let s let s hope that that happens well thank you very much and congratulations again great women thank you claudia thank you hi. It s funny. We we said we did he silence.

The doubters and one of those doubters is his brother. It s not we re not talking back to put her trolls. It s his old brother and his trainer. But he s right to be skeptical at 1 47.

Thoughts on manny pacquiao will we see that fight i would love to see that fight because pacquiao..

We know has the speed of a hand and and foot. But a timing beat speed and that man right there he s a pity. Me of a beautifully timed boxing. He knows how to stop standing.

He has enough power. I weltering and also manny pacquiao. You know he comes up from smaller divisions to services to fighters that are multi division champions. Coming up with power speed timing experience and they bring the crowd behind them does that fit into pacquiao schedule.

Besides. I don t know becoming president of the philippines or what s gonna happen. There manny pacquiao has got a lot on his plate outside of boxing. But he s made it clear he wants to continue to box and he wants to fight sometime in the summertime.

Now. Eddie hearn. Says that pacquiao s contract with the pbc is over. He says.

He s getting that information from pacquiao s manager. If that s the case and pacquiao is a free agent eddie her intent do everything possible to make pacquiao vs mikey garcia this summer most likely in saudi arabia. So that s where that fight would most likely take place if those two guys are able to agree to terms. But i do like that fight for both of them mikey is not some big powerful welterweight that might really hurt pacquiao in defeat.

And the same thing would sergio to your point. Pacquiao is vulnerable to fighters that can time. It. He s most disappointing loss came to juan manuel marquez.

When mark has timed him and knocked him out cold. That one punch that s exactly how i could see mikey beating a manny pacquiao. So i think that fight makes sense on every possible level sergio you could be going back to saudi arabia. You hear that can you deal with jetlag again that ll be the topic.

There can sergio deal with jetlag final thoughts on this did he take care of business in this satisfying way coming back from that loss and taking on a tough fighter and beating him..

I believe after the layoff and and him wanting to use this as a measuring stick against the fighter who s never been knocked out in jesse vargas. The jury s still out whether he can carry the 147 pound a body. But i mean it was impressive. What he did and he still showed that he s one of the best fighters in the world.

I m four pound best fighters in the world and one one loss versus arrow stents shouldn t relegate him out of that position. So. No i think mikey garcia. That was a solid win against a very solid opponent and a very impressive.

The way he showed his patience in that fight where you and i even started to say hey around slipping away. Is the night slipping away. No. It wasn t the at the answer.

Chris yeah. Look and he worked his way on the inside. And he was able to create that kind of distant needed to throw those big shots look mike. He has a lot of options.

I mean he fee fights packy out this summer. He can follow that up by fighting the winner regis progre maurice walker maybe down in 140 pounds and then go into 2021 potentially as a candidate to fight the winner of josh taylor versus. Jose ramirez or there are a lot of big fights and a lot of big money in michael. Garcia s future that sounds scorch akkad.

Just like all those names together look at that big night for mikey garcia. There with his corner his family exciting night mikey garcia back and on a night. Where we saw tremendous action. Julio.

Cesar martinez. Getting a decision over jay harris in a barn burner of a fight. The return of chocolatito who beat khalid yaffe knocked him out to win his title and get a belt back joseph parker with a knockout top ten heavyweight with an impressive return and mikey garcia going to the judges cards and winning his fight winning. ” .


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