Fix for Champions: Return to Arms Emulation FPS and Dual Screen Issues

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“Guys so i want to talk about how i managed to get champions of norrath norrath to up and running to a point that i could actually play it and hate my life originally. I was having issues initially you know when you open it up for those who aren t aware you d open it up and you get dual screen issues and then if you press f9 that solves the dual screen. But it causes a whole new level of issues. Which are really slow frames per second so first off my emulation settings.

I have it on the safest. I don t know i m sure you can play around with this find what works for you i just have it on the safest cuz that sounds safe. I don t know enough about this so obviously i don t know a lot of things. But i m hoping this helps you because it definitely helped me so if we pull up a game really quick all right i m gonna turn down some sound effects and stuff.

So that we don t have to hear that crap over my voice. But if we start a new game. Okay so essentially if you look in the top screen here gs now when the gs is really high. Then you re gonna start seeing some chugging.

Because your computer is just kind of overwhelmed now if you see this i guess slowdowns here. And i really don t know why i get slowdowns here and we can try pressing f9 f9 gs is quite a bit lower if you look at my frames. Though it tends to run just a little bit slower maybe a little bit. But we ll see anyway so i always have this like kind of chug right there at the start.


But well i don t with you once i get going. It doesn t seem to be any issues as far as i haven t seen any. But i haven t obviously haven t been the game yet on this but i ve spent a little bit of time. And it seems to be working fine so we ll see all right so my frame.

Speed was fine. My gs is fine and all i did was push f9 and again normally when you did that it would just chug like frickin crazy okay. So let s walk through how we do that so first off you actually do not need the emulator installed. Yet because this is gonna solve it install it yourself so first off if we go to this website.

Which i ll link at the bottom. If you need it and we go and search for this file. I don t know if other ones do it. But this is the file that i did and it works so cool and i ll link this as well at the bottom so if we download.

It okay and if we go to my downloads let me just make sure that i okay good so i have. 7 zip installed. It extracts files install it if you don t have it it works pretty well. If you have another one you prefer for your 7z files and use that instead whatever i m gonna extract to here and obviously the files older that anything else that i have in my downloads.


Right now so it s at the bottom for me okay so now it brings up pcsx2 and like i said. We don t need it installed. If this is how we do it and we have to go through this setup. I just use default settings.

But i didn t have to change anything you need a bios obviously so my bios is in my downloads currently so let me pull that up all right so there we go now if we change. My emulation settings really quick. Um and i set it to safest because i don t know it worked okay now i m gonna boot the cd and then if we go to your rom. This is where you choose your rom.

My rom was under my desktop. So i could find it and we run it and for those familiar with this this is right away. Where you d be having issues. You can see a dual screen.

Otherwise and obviously we re not having that so that s cool all right so first off. I m going to change the options. So we don t have to hear the music or sound effects over me talking we just have to reform out my memory card. Then okay.


So if i go to start game. Now really strong lizard. Okay. So notice again every time i load in my gs here is quite high i mean it chugs here and i don t know why that is yeah f9 drops it down.

It s still quite high i m still i m in the 50 range though for my frames per second. So that s awesome anyway welcome battle will you okay and we go and load in somewhere. So we re not in that starting area that i seem to have the most issues with skip that okay there we go runs fine frames per second is fine and i don t know whatever these things are these lizard things kill my brother in it doesn t cause any issues so there we go all i had to do is once i got through that it s ef9 solved my issue and didn t cause any new issues. Which is awesome because before if i d hit f9.

It would solve one issue and cause new issues so anyway hopefully that helped you i m really hoping this helps you get this game. Running and champions of norrath. 1. Running and baldur s gate 1 2.

Running. Because let s face it those games are great hack and slashes from a time when i mean the hack and slash was king for these games. I mean these were the best so you know this means that i don t have to worry about looking up my ps2 again to play this again. I was really worried.


I was gonna have to do that because i ve been in the mood to play and this works. Thank goodness so you know if this works for you awesome. I m really glad if it doesn t i m sorry that sucks. I don t know what to tell you but this worked for me i don t know enough about emulation in general as far as how the scripts and everything like that work to really troubleshoot anything to be honest.

I solved it thanks to other stuff online. Obviously other people doing better stuff than i could so you know let us know in the comments. If you d like like if this worked for you on fixing the other snow pong game. So not champions of norrath two champions north one for example or you know bothers gate 1 2.

I ve heard have the same issue. So if it worked for you let me know that s awesome. ” ..


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