For Honor – Opening Loads Of Premium Packs With So Many Rares!!!

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” s going on guys hiding it from you today and in this video. They see see and take a look at and open around five to six packs within the if you don t know what these do these basically give you gear to arrange characters such as like armor damage attack damage block and sprint speed and revive speed so we shouldn t take a look at that and i m gonna mope around five to six packs depending how much money i got i got freak. A steel and yes so the character nanami upgrading slash using my steel on is the conqueror. I got it prestige more in level seven.

And if you wanna check my video how to prestige. It and go and check the video out in the bio and it will explain all the different reasons and stuff to upgrade and separately character and how to prestige it so let s get straight to buying the packs. All you want to do is press. Customize and press.

A again and then when you run this you ll get like all your armor stats. And and as you can see if i back out again. You ll see that my underneath the load up wand is gotten level. 11.

And this means that my armor such all the armor that i ve got on my character is only level 11. My like armor itself is seven and my weapon slash shield is a four so we jump open some packs and just watch it go from 11 to mike. 40. It s insane and yes.

So let s go to scavenger gear. And as you can see you got basic packed armor pack weapon pack and premium pack. I m gonna be opening 6 premium packs and so right so in the basic pack you get instant instantly get free piece of the gear. 1 gear is basically an rare.

Which is gonna be anything it can be range from like head sword chest armor shield anything but on the armor pack instantly you get free random armor pieces and get. 1 armor like a good one guaranteed. And this can be from head chest or shoulders. And the weapon pack you get the weapon you get the grip for it and you get the shield.

One of them will be basically rare. It s basically the same as the armor pack blood different variants in the premium pack. The premium pad this one in the opening. You instantly get five weapons from anything and then we re gonna get two very well very rare items guaranteed obviously so uh so let s go first.

One you amaze..

Me feel like a really rare. Oh. Oh. The level seven to level sevens.

Let s go boys. Yeah. You ve earned two high quality items boom take a look at these oh my god a sprint speed watch me grace chest. I probably said the wrong.

But oh my god the sprint speed on that and feet cooldown. Oh. My god i might have to equipped that feet go down and the sprint speed. I might have to quit that too but just because i don t usually execute people because it s not worth it if you re in a dominion.

Or if you re on a 2v2 actually 2v2. It s worth it and the 1v1. But under dominion. If you re getting like bum rushed.

And execute executions in that worth it. But oh my god sprint speed okay. There s two it s open enough one and if you wonder in like how come you re opening these packs and old to level sound. Again and both chess pieces.

We got the mcgrath one again and all these aldi s hadleys. Pretty said the wrong and they re not the best. But um. If you guys are open impacting like oh how come i m not getting these rare ones.

It s because all that the better aryans is because it depends on your level of your character. If your characters and like level. Five to ten. Then you ll just get key and can t lows or basic commons and not very good armor.

It relies on what level character you are so higher the clarity..

The higher the character the much better gear. You re gonna get from packs. If that makes sense so i m gonna make a top ten top five not top down for top five tips and basically. This is not siege top five tips for for honor and basically giving you all the info.

You need to know so when the game comes out you ll be like boom. I can do this do that do that and save it for like bet packs like like i did right now. So it s opening up and we ve got four packs left hopefully i can very well not be insane. And we get two more rounds.

Disappointing you got the allens handle checked out. Oh. My god i backed out. Okay.

She s gotta go back after the game after we ve open order and cheap lol oh. Because shield get him okay i m rocket shield okay please be good oh my god look at that fro distance all made on be thrown off the map. Stamina region. That is a good one except the revive speed if it was a block damage.

Then actually i don t want that stalin is really important for the conqueror. But then revived to be carnivores because if you pain dominion then mmm me. But i got two more packs left hopefully we get a really good item and we get ya handle the handle looks pretty cool. We got the darn only ax handle and the i can t say that the 4k chest plate revenge mode.

The new that was crap. But don t want that ones graph as well just from my knowledge of this character stuff. I don t want the one. Okay of this shields good the housing said that wrong as well please we got all that fro distance sprint speed again okay so that was all the packs.

We ve opened and let s take so level. 11 let s go upgrade ourselves. So you start with the helmet okay. I just probably need to put arm.

But i m not gonna put on just press rb..

Look at all them relevant as boys and which one should we pawn. I ve really want to sprint speed xq. Know the best one out the lot is this which one is it it s this one. But then because that one s the same.

But it takes away block damage and damage is really important so let me click this and then kya grade. It you can upgrade it to level 8. And increase the sprint s breed even more which i can t because i don t have any coins which mm. But um let s go to our plates.

Okay we got no right good ones except this that s just home i get them on plates. I was basic boom. But it doesn t really matter because these ones look better. But you can get different ones.

It s probably one of them armed plates for common um. That s just a quick this the stamina. I like it. But i don t like the reverse be because if you look right now.

I press. Oh great look at my revive. Speed. It s so much i could probably upgrade that to level 7.

And should make it rare. But for the time of this video. I m sure i clipped it and seen as the beta runs in for three hours and i m just going equipped okay did we get any oh. My god we didn t even get any weapons.

But for weapons as you can see some of them increase. The defense and some will increase the attack do you wanna increase the attack and unti would be attack or which one looks good this one. A secret business. Okay.


My god okay definitely not that one which one this. One or this one revenge game by defense revenge mode defense. This one is more important that one to cook this and the last one is a shield okay. I was playing a wrangling game of random game it was dominion and i after the game ended you get randomly get lu and one of my random.

Loot drops was a shield and this was a shield. It s a pretty decent shield compared to oh they re all the same the legit all the same so i get to choose which one i won which looks the nicest obviously got that one that s kind of nice. But i color always got state mini spikes in it which one would you pick guys the lamb or i just killed with my mark where s yes kevin i m rock so what was what was i with level 11 gear. Now are you ready are you ready weapons.

No oh 1111 gear. Now i am that will fight you free this liddell s level 11953. I gained 22 years from just opening. 6 gear drops.

I can as well upgrade them. But i need some coins so when the 4 game comes out i m gonna save up all my money and then boom a great done but because the barons in like three hours all this loot slashgear. He s gonna kill my character go. But hopefully you guys enjoyed this premium pack opening.

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If any of them getting four runner on the a that comes out all that might be in full running. Very soon. But um. Thank you guys for watching.

I ve seen the next one ” ..

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