Galaxy S7: How to Screen Mirror to any Samsung Smart TV

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“I ma show you guys how you can screen mirror your samsung galaxy s7 or or s7 edge directly to your samsung smart tv okay you don t have to anything or anything. It s very very simple. We simply do is you scroll down. You focus in on here click on this down arrow now you know the s6 and prior samsung galaxy phones it would be screen mirroring well they change your name now it s called smart view simply click on smart view wait for it to find your device right here.

Okay. Mines are automatically connecting. Now. The thing is the first time you connect to it it s going to be like a little message uh saying that do you want to connect your s7 to this tv.

And then you use your remote control. And you just select allow and then every other time after that it basically will just connect automatically you will have to allow that that message so anyways so i m screen mirroring right now and i ll show you a little bit. What you can do of course. You can look at your photos.

Here locally let me go into my gallery. Here..

And you can see some photos here. I m going to go to like a video here s a video here okay also let me just show you the other camera. Here. Here is my camera okay.

This is my smart tv that i just bought samsung. But i have several these samsung s throughout the house and basically with the s7. It s very simple you just go into the the smart view. And it basically connects to it directly you don t have to pair anything now.

I just want to i want to mention something else too you know if you guys are going to watch like youtube or netflix or hulu or amazon video you don t want to screen mirror. Okay what you want to do is just cast. It so for example let me open up let me open this up for a second. I m going to show you guys netflix here okay so basically if you re wanting to watch you know youtube netflix hulu amazon video any kind of media what you want to do is just simply go to the app on your phone and you want to click on this casting icon okay so if i click on that and then what i want to do is okay.

Let me stop the screen mirroring first. So how you got a screen mirroring scroll down and click on that down arrow..

Again and then you want to uncheck this smart view okay so run check it screen mirroring is gone. Okay now let me go to netflix. Now okay. Now if you want to play something on netflix you don t want to screen mirror.

Okay. Because you can cast. It and the difference basically is i mean with first of all with screen mirroring you re going to be losing a lot of battery juice on your phone. Okay now if you are casting you know you re not going to lose as much battery choose plus you have so many more other options too so here s the casting icon.

I just clicked on it and then let me go to my device. Here is just the samsung led here so i m going to click on that okay and let me show you what the casting can do okay and then once this uh connect. I m going to play it basically i mean if your screen mirroring whatever you do on your phone is going to reflect on your your hdtv. Okay.

So basically if you went to your home screen. Then your home screen will show on the on your hdtv..

Now if you re casting you can do multiple you can multitask you can do other things you can basically let me push on play here you can play you can cast netflix in the background. While it s playing then you re able to go on your phone. You can go to different apps hold on a second let me go through this really quick here you could go into like other apps you can make phone calls you can send text messages and all while netflix is still playing in the background okay so and of course. You can rewind.

Fast forward. Let. Me. Just rewind.

Here. I give us a second here. My wi fi dot. Here is really slow.

But okay. So i have this leg..

Playing right now. Let me focus in on here. So you can see of course. I can pause.

I can fast forward rewind. I can even turn my phone off like that it s still going to play in the background. Now i can still make phone calls. I can go into different apps.

So and you re going to you re going to lose less battery juice from casting. So casting is a lot better than screen mirroring if you can cast cast it over screen mirroring and that s pretty much it you guys have any questions or anything just comment below alright. ” ..


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