Galaxy s8 s8+ Internet may not be available FIX

internet may not be available galaxy s7 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Galaxy s8 s8+ Internet may not be available FIX. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Samsung galaxy si si s a lot of people are reporting problems with this or or your wi fi is connected. But you get that exclamation mark internet may not available. I found a temporary workaround. I wanna share with everybody it fixes it it would stay stable.

But still a workaround imma show to you guys right now. I m actually trying to explain it bunch of you you know here etc. May not be available that bunch of people reporting. The same issue.

There s been a lot of talks about setting a static ip addresses and all this fancy stuff. But i think the main issue is after this latest..

Update the cell phone is having a hard time switching from 5g to 24 g. And when it s doing that it s actually just causing. It to not be able to connect your let s connect it so. The select you should i found i have an ed gear or b.

Router. Which lets go to my right gear settings. Which basically the issue is that in that gear. There is no you cannot separate the two point four and the five giggles channels.

There s no way of separating them to to have the two different ssids. They both have the same so your cell phone just our mega hops from two point four to five..

This is right because of the issue. So there s no way of separating them to turn it to do anything like that the only thing. I ve found that works is you go to advanced options. This for netgear only rest of the routers are pretty much basically the same you just have to go to advanced settings for the wi fi and turn off the foggy guards.

So we ll go to them set up wireless settings as you can see over here advanced wireless settings. This is for the five gigahertz bandwidth. I have disabled the ssid broadcast and after doing this and applying the settings. Blah blah.

My si started working flawlessly now the downside. This is not a permanent fix..

This is stupid actually sorry for the language. Anything else in your house nothing will work off a 5g anymore so forget those amazing 500 mega bit 800 million connection speeds everything will fall back to 24. And max about 180 130. Megabit connection speeds down to 54.

So this is just a temporary fix all you do on any router. You find it you come over here stable whatever your options are on medicare or be pretty much all net gears. Are the same you go advanced. We then set up wireless setting and you just turn off the enable broadcasting of this ssid on other ones you in my tia.

Is just simply under your regular wi fi settings. There s multiple locations..

If you go to wireless settings. There is no option here for me it was all under the advanced options wireless settings. That s it just disable this apply it and enjoy your phone until you buy yourself a new phone. Which will be hopefully not a sampler.

I guess until they fix it ” ..

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