Garmin at SHOT 2018

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“I m ted gardener at the garmon booth. Here at shot. Show 20 18. Got got some new dog products want to tell you about these products are a little different.

We offer you know the best hunting dog products in the industry. But you know your hunting dog is probably also a member of the family and these products are kind of devoted to that part of your hunting dog s life..

We have a new pet containment system called the delta imbalance basically you plug this into a wall. It has a battery backup to it. And you can set a basically an invisible radius of up to 150 feet or about two acres. And it s basically a containment system you put the collar on him and off you go.

It s very simple easy to use a containment system other nice things beyond it just being a containment system. It works as a bark limiter as well you can program that bark limiter from your smartphone..

So you can get you know exactly the level that you want the frequency that you want your dog to bark. If you want to absolutely not mark at all you can you can program. It that way or you can also program it if you you know let him bark a few times. So you know that maybe there s something in the yard and then it stops and after that it s also an e collar that you also operate through a smartphone.

So you have a really great yard trainer. Very simple to use easy to set up all in one system that you can use for your dog..

When he s when he s not out cutting the other big product that we ve got is a new bark limiter. It s the bark limiter too right out of the box. It has ten correction levels on it rising auto rising stimulation. Very simple you turn it on and go the thing.

I really like about this unit as well as the delta in bounds is it has plastic conductive contact points. What that means is is there s a lot less irritation of a dog..

Some dogs are very sensitive to the stainless steel contact points a lot of times people want to have their bark collar on their dog for an extended period and with this unit you can definitely do that those are the highlights of the. Garmin twenty eighteen shot show booth for more information on that go to garmincom bird dogs afield presented by native performance dog food and brought to you in part by rst shotshells mud river dog products pichu dryer wooden stream outdoor footwear canine active and merkel shotguns ” ..

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