Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3-iSSD Motherboard Review & Benchmarks

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“What s up everybody welcome back once again here to the motherboards on our youtube youtube channel. I m albert faris your host you guys should know me by now we re gonna bring you guys the full review of the new gigabyte z68 pee yew d3. I ssd now what makes this motherboard so special well this motherboard is the first to have intel smart. Response technology and integrate a 20 gigabyte slc ssd right on to the motherboard.

So. What this does this actually helps any of your standard hard drives run an a pseudo type rate array for much better access speeds and for faster tax as times. So now let s jump right in let s see what this motherboards about let s see the features let s look at the performance and at the end of the day always why you d want to put this motherboard into your system chum regarding to the motherboard. We can see that s got a pretty cool layout.

It s got their blue and white natural scheme on board and this is ultra. They re ultra durable three motherboard series this motherboard features two times the copper of a normal pcb which lasts longer on the motherboard making it a very good board. It also has japanese solid capacitors. It has their new driver mosfet and it also has low ferrite chokes all around that you can see right here.

These are the capacitors and the chokes you can see there s cooling. There as well all together there are four fan connectors on the board. I have one two three four as far as your power goes. We have two sets of power.

We have one here for your 24. And your 8 pin. Which is around here. It s kinda round the back.

I ll try to do the motherboard that you see the biggest thing that ever he s gonna want to know. Though is this little thing right here..

Now this right. Here is the onboard slc ssd. There s a 22 gigabyte. Intel jabber and it s a pretty good part and you can see that something totally different than any other motherboard up here around the zif socket.

You can see there s plenty of room actually all in around here s a lot of room for big heat sinks and fans even if your memories in here. You should have plenty of clearance for everything to go in here you get 32 gigabytes of ddr3 dual channel memory the eight gigabyte stix will be coming soon so you ll be able to take advantage of those no problem you can see both the mosfet and the southbridge are both totally cold. So you ve got a nice cooling. There now this motherboard supports both sli and crossfire now we have two of the 16x pci x16 slots right here.

Then we have two of the standard old school pci slots. Here. And when they have three of the pcie 1x slots. Now i don t really know why there s so many of these little slots right here.

When these actual slots. Watch you do the job and have the option of going faster. But that s how gigabyte did the design so there we go i m gonna look around over here these are all controlled by the intel controller right here these are all sata. 2.

Then right here we have the marbella controller. This is sata. 3. One thing to take note of it says in sata 2 point.

5. That if you have your esata enabled..

This port will not work so obviously those two much share the same io so they re going to conflict. I m gonna spend the board over right here you can see here s where everything connects into the. Board we have a usb 30. Breakout box here you have another panel thing here all of your wiring connection from the case is done here.

I m actually gonna try to move this up just a little bit closer the camryn. So you guys get a closer look at that foot bit around now you guys will see it still says ati crossfire x. Here so you can see that s right there on there and even though company s been changed to amd. It s funny how all these pcbs still have this stuck on there you can see the serial ata.

6. Gigabyte. There 18a crossfire. The nvidia sli all right there sound on board.

It s the real tik. It features 109 db sound. It s high quality for watching. Blu rays and all that and that s pretty good so now we re gonna move on to the rear.

I o and we re gonna take a look. Here it s pretty cool we have two four six eight usb 20. Ports. We have the old school legacy ps2 keyboard mouse port for the sound we start up we have digital this is the s pdif right here.

We have the i triple e firewire. The standard connection..

Now the z68 chipset also supports video on board and the video. Out is right here. This is the hdmi out this will connectivity tvs and monitors that are out right. Now we also have two of the usb 30.

Ports here as well we have a single lan port and then we have the 71 analog audio here so that s about it you see the rear. I o. Do you guys see the board now we re going to move on to the performance of the board. And there ll be a couple of different things we re going to show you we re going to show you performance against other boards.

And then we re going to show. You also performance using new intel. Smart. Response technology.

That s actually built into the board. Via this little java. Right here. So now we ve taken a really close look at the gigabyte z68 pee.

Yew d3i. Ssd and this motherboards coming to market at about two hundred and twenty nine dollars. Let s take a look at that for one thing. A twenty gigabyte ssd drive the type that s on here would be about a hundred dollars anywhere on the market and you re getting that technology right embed it onto the motherboard now that s got both its positive and negative factors.

The positive factors is it s alright on the motherboard you can use the technology and use a smart response stuff right out of the box hook up your standard hard drive that you ve got right to it get up and going the bad thing is though is if that fails you re gonna have to arm a your entire motherboard and you ll probably lose all of your information. Now that s not saying if you re using..

Even you know an off board. One that that wouldn t happen as well. But this being on board means you would have to sacrifice the motherboard to turn back. But those two things kind of outweigh the fact that it s an slc ssd and not an mlc means the technology should last a lot longer that was one of the big factors.

The fail rates on those other ones even though the time rates where i think phenomenal these wouldn t seem to have a lot longer shelf life the motherboard performs well from the standards of all the motherboards. We ve seen from the z68 and offers a lot of features so across the board. I have to say a the board is feature filled got a lot of good stuff on board. Got all gigabytes own features as well on there.

You ve got the slc ssd embedded onboard coming to market at 229 supports all windows. 8 latest second generation. I core cpus i7. I 5.

And i3 32 gigabytes of ram sli and crossfire all in all. I gotta say for new technology on board. I gotta say. This is an editor s choice board.

Here at motherboard org. If you re looking to jump into an intel system. And you re looking to use smart response technology. This is a really cool innovative idea ” .


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