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“What s up guys welcome to another let s go to work episode. I was was looking at this building you might have a point for this soon by saturday. I was planning on doing this like tomorrow sunday. But a today we got to work imagine you got a new point.

You wanted to go to this party. But it s like right on your job would you still go to the party like you know all right so. Today. Our job is to go pick up the stuff from simeon and drop.

It off to this party that they haven t at the beach. Oh let me get out this thing man. Yeah. This is what i m rocking today man when i get to the beach.

I could do more stuff put it down beer. Oh i forgot to pick up these things for these guys. Anyway. Let s let s let s get out of here.

It s crazy. Anyway. I hope you guys all have been a great saturday man um. I wanted to record for you guys at least before i get out of here.

So can we see you with my what s the range rover ah shoot. I think i put it downstairs. I can actually use this nissan. Also you know what now my plan was to use a range rover.

So others dustbins have the back. Oh no oh no it doesn t which other vehicle have it okay. The tahoe does i think i i mean if i have if i ever want to switch the vehicle actually use a towel. Oh i don t think the g wagen.

Does this range over have it no i think i ll put my other range rover downstairs. Some man. I don t know you know let s go check downstairs. No we re just assassin.

There lea guys just like i said i hope you guys are having a great saturday and i m starving man i am starving i m solving in the game and i m totally freaked out i m like yeah i gotta call yes. It is hey remember this car. We had a great episode with this comment. So we gotta take the range rover please have it in the back yes.

It does yes. It does all right so. This is the ranger where i m taking out today. This is one of hot new range rovers.

It was upstairs. But you know i brought down here after the potty. We actually got in the wrong garage. Yeah happens when we guys let s go you know what let s stop for some food first.

How much gas. Do we have in this thing. I didn t even come up ah come on you also had this guys might work on i want to stop at this bottle beer you know give me some maybe. Maybe we could meet a kill over there like we could get some some good jamaican food loving that right now probably get some oxtail man get oxtail early in the morning you know i m that guy like it will be like 2 00 am.

I want some like regular food that i know i m not supposed to be eating at that table get out the way man and also let me know what you guys think about this range rover. I m going to try to leave the link under this video description for you guys of course. Look at that oh look at that moment. So last time.

I got a chance to drive this thing over here man..

This thing is that for your night range over it was definitely a night range over and we re going to be pulling a jet ski from this today. So we ll see about that ah see she did tell me that was a parking lot over there at you. But you know what who want to park all the way in this parking lot when i could just pop right here as long as i m. 12.

To 15 feet away from the the fire hydrant over there i m good. I think i m good alright. Wait right let s get some food what up man alright. So let s get some food from taco.

I don t know i don t even know what i call this place taco bomb. And they don t even sell no taco. All right. So let s go pick up on this thing from simeon drop.

It off to the potty and why does the potty dad. There s another party. We want to go to both body right both party. I mean they ve been talking about it and i really want to go there i got to drop my phone on the floor.

Um. Yeah. So i really want to go there. So hope.

I mean hopefully. Hopefully. I m going to be able to make it there too man anyway saturday. What are you guys up to him me in real life.

I m probably gonna haven t see my grandma and a long time and i mean grandma from like mother s side and stuff. I haven t seen. Oh wow. So about to go take me knows took a little visit.

I m gonna give her a little visit and you know just pass by hopefully she could save me with save me some food or whatever all right so we here send me unplug this thing in the back. Where is it i thought he had talked it up front all right so we got a hook into this thing i got to get it out here so some reason. The stiff garage. I got a forgot a way to get everything things like three more qualities causing this garage always something going crazy in there.

But anyway guys. This is what we here to pick up we got to drop it off they having a party he had everybody like you know you know and you know your job when they i mean you know in the morning. Certain job will tell you like yo. You don t have to do anything for the rest of the day as long as you do this so that was a job today elzar jobless.

So you can we pick it up there you go we got it alright so we gotta drop this off at the party and she relax from there. So my plan was drop it off over here and go to this boat party. So you guys let me know maybe we ll try it we ll grab some jet ski like from over here somewhere. I ll rent one of something like that any one of you guys have on the jet ski in real life.

My homeboy had one yeah. I was like bar. Whatever i have to go somewhere and acting like y all. It s my jet ski.

You know you guys are doing that i go all you boy your homeboy. I m car whatever and say y all that much yeah right today you know what i need to buy one go to the beach. But i don t have no beach close to me oh if i m not whoa whoa. Remember we got to drop this off safely man.

I gotta drive safely. I think the oh whoa whoa dude dude. We kept be careful what is wrong with this dude. He stuck.

He s stuck guys hashtag glitch..

Hashtag. Gta glitch. Oh. You gotta get up.

You know. It is a nice outing. Man all right so after we drop this off guys. We should be all set and we have to enjoy ourselves after that go to the potty stop at that body first then go to the other party after all right do we have to what do we have to go i mean we side is it on i don t even know yeah guys what we do in a minute.

All right guys. I m still not sure. What is saying. Oh oh.

I think it s over neto. I think it s over there. Oh no no no no no no no we can t have the cops. If we re gonna take that off so now guys for now.

I m gonna take that off all right so i m supposed to drop wow they look like about the about to have a good positive forgiven. Great party over here as long as i drop this off and i m going to my my yeah party man. We could chill here for a minute. Oh shoot.

They have anna having a ball all right anyway. We re supposed to drop this off like in the back anyway so all right let s i ma drop it off over here you guys see the guy over there i can t wait i can t wait all right so we re going to drop this off over here. There you go oh my confident lighter might help its cops over there too and we part of staff right now man you know when they give you a little job. You call the stuff.

Let s go check it out man let s go check it out what is everybody what group is this i see the clowns. Oh we got dj up there all right hey are you doing guys guys are good yeah baywatch away. I m done worried i thought he just disappeared. I lost a shadow.

Oh. The hell man alright so guys i m up a change. I m about to change. So i can actually get on the jet ski and go to the boat party that s what i m talking about why what s for the guy chill yo.

Everybody s jumping yo hold up photo put up where i do i do this thing again well i get everybody to turn around on me no not to you guys. Oh. My god i m trying to enjoy the party man. Oh.

Okay. I m still in the show. Right. Now.

Then there you go. I m still. In this job. That s what i m talking about.

Oh oh. Oh we need to get the club right now come on man. Watch yourself watch so oh man i got to change in my regular clothes anywhere guys so we can actually get to this other party yo i hope the book party is better than this the freakin yeah party got the dj up there everybody chilling man anyway we got to change guys we got to change let me go to the back of my car. I need to change guys you know i had to still rock the j s of course under you to get on me.

For. That is like you are you rocking. This. With some chains.

Oh oh..

No man. Although we got to get to the other side of it i need to grab this jet ski. We need to go to this party. All right ah there s no vehicle you know what it s on so they can t say there s no vehicle.

A lot right here or should we just park and leave our vehicles. No we might lose the vehicle. So i don t want i want the headache though i mean hanging out today okay we can talk about somebody that s that we know that s not going to scratch our car let me see when i get out does it still do that oh i hate that i can t really lock my door. But i gotta get in the jet ski.

Tow. Oh. Come on all right you know. It s whatever.

Let s go get. This. Jet ski and we could be out of here. We re i gotta save the car ari no.

What s up. I already know gta gta like this dub. My cars man you gotta save this if i don t say this i m gonna regret. It okay oh shoot.

Know what i mean to load that page 170. I don t even know who cars that whatever not my car alright so remember i saved down with lot 17. But we got to go get these jet ski man let s go. Damn that s a lot of money go.

I m like running over there like i know for sure they re gonna have some jet ski. I don t know they always have them over yes. No yes. No yes.

They do they do they do alright. So we just got to rent one of them and we out of here man go to this body already got a point the last time you guys been to a boat party went to so many profile you man i got seasick a lot too so that s just me let s take this one. No no i was trying to take the other one come on man. Yeah.

This one this one can i take this one there you go uh. I already messed up the j. I already know i know what what i was getting myself into how should i forget academy things because i haven t read a violin too much fun. I ll have some fun too oh.

A mic haha. Yeah. Yeah. Let s get a little bit of hold up wait a minute driving.

Done. This is the last time. I did this mission all shoot right all right anyway guys look at this boat body i love you guys gonna enjoy that up for it i ll shoot look like a talking over there man. Nobody goes already i ll be better than that quick and comfort that i was looking at everybody was cheering up though but let s jump in oh man.

I totally forgot that was gonna be what the hell watch you go okay all right certain place. I won t look only because they are native booming around did you check the list bro. You know i m in there right so how did they get this in here. Though alright so we re going to check out the body this certain place that i won t show because of what s going on in here.

But er than that it should be good i want to fight bro. So they block these places well. We can t go in that way all right they block this way wow you don t want to bump into certain people they re gonna they re gonna want to fight now all right so we re not going to be looking this way hopefully hopefully all right guys. I don t know i have to cut that off already knows it so many kids watching.

But if you want to check out this boat party yourself..

I m the link will be under this video description. But other than that i won t be doing that what do you got security up in here. So security kill they got money they got money cold blood yo. I get through dough.

Good. He got so much security. Watching your food. Oh oh come on i know.

There s a mod for that. So i m gonna have i m just gonna have to go through go through rolls. Okay there you go that works joe they got goals up in here. They got one even drugs.

Oh. That s not a party after all man are you taking something and we out of here guys. I don t know i really want to enjoy the party. But it s too much naked women around guys can t do this wow.

They had a bike up in here. Y all. Can i get on the bike. Though yo that s hot that s hot a host shoot.

There s a bike in the building yo. They got mold goes over here nah man. You don t need that you ll need that okay more naked woman. All right let s just walk around the boat and see what s up all right guys man there s so many things that i can t show kind of wish you know what might have to change some stuff up and so on maybe the next time i do i m do i m coming to those type of parties.

I must switch up some stuff just like everybody s freaking naked iswhy guys. Everybody s naked and on the spoke. I can t show you stuff. Wow.

Here we have the captain chilling all right ah man. That s crazy. I didn t expect that though. I didn t expect that but um.

It looked like about to get out of here about the jump on our chest and get out of here that socks. I really wanted to show off the whole body. But happen oh one thing that i wanted to do to man all right so we got to switch to this outfit kind of mad at the potty man. But i wanted to show you guys what was going on at the body.

But i can t all right so we got that and no no no that we getting the wrong thing. There you go we good now also i say was that a shock new yo. I haven t been on the water on this in a while do they have some type of treasure you know anyway guys we re gonna get back to our car. But sorry about the body there s a lot of things that i can show and i hope you guys are having a great saturday.

Am. I dying am. I dying yet. Oh watch it oh oh shoot cheat you to to to to to come on come on go.

I wanna die. I don t wanna die. I don t wanna die alright guys anyway we re gonna swim back to shore and i hope you guys did enjoy this i mean not really i think that s not going to enjoy this body because i couldn t show anything but er than that i love you guys enjoyed this episode of course. And i don t know maybe we ll shalash room tonight.

We ll see yeah. That s about it for now. Thank you for watching thank you for subscribing until next time. ” .


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