Henry’s Hard Grape Soda review

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Great thats right. I said it were doing henrys hard soda grape grape flavored. Now folks i am the mighty plantain and i usually like to do hard.
Soda reviews as a side by side comparison between two different verb two different companies. But apparently nobody else has stepped up to the plate and given us a a hard grape blake carries head. Henry says now they make these with cane sugar and they contain alcohol.
Which makes. Me think there unless brewed than they are just sodas with booze. Added.
Thats what im thinking i dont think this actually goes through any sort of malting or brewing process it does say a malt beverage. Which means i could be right i could be wrong id have to do research and honestly i dont care that much these are the things i drink that often but i do sometimes enjoy them take a look and i mean like i said. I like to do comparisons theyll be a bunch of cards flashing up here during this video about the not your father is the best.
Damn and the coney island stuff. Some of them actually seem to be brewed beverages but most have that malt beverage description which means theyre basically it a soda with alcohol added brought my bottle opener dont think im gonna need it yeah. Its a twist top screw twist tops tell you its its the hallmark of a mass produced product that doesnt care about quality when you see a twist top ask any serious craft micro brewer.
They will tell you twist tops are virtue crap. Now its not quite as purple as it is in the commercial. Its a less vivid shade of purple maybe the lighting in here just doesnt do it justice.
But it is quite purple its very purple and very nice its a pleasant color. But its not that beautiful vibrant purpley you see in the commercial. I love that purple color.
But they pour it out of the bottle and and theyre just haze even when its still in the bottle in the commercial. It doesnt look nearly as dull and dim as dad it looks like a the kind of purple youd see a cartoon. But it is still quite purple.
Some whatever vessel pretty bubbly little cloudy maybe a little cloudy now down here at the bottom. Where the glass is thinner. It does have that nice bright.
Vibrant purple color that cartoony purple. Im focusing way too much on the color lets move on to the other characteristics. Those have a nice smell of grape smells like a typical grape soda no hint of alcohol at all its quite smooth quite easy to drink its got a grape soda flavor.
But there is still that tang of alcohol in the aftertaste its not bad. Its not unpleasant. But i would say its as close to a grape soda as an alcoholic beverage can get the aftertaste isnt bad and the belches come up it actually tastes pretty delicious.
Which is a couple of points in its favor straight out of thumb just to be look at the back of the. Label there it says straight out of. Fountain i just noticed that 42.
Percent alcohol by volume. Its not too bad. Its above average for your american beers.
I mean budweiser coors light bud light miller miller lite. You know your typical american beers are going to come in at less than that somewhere between pardon.

henrys hard soda sugar content-0
henrys hard soda sugar content-0

Two and a half and three and a half so its a little bit higher and abv than your typical american beer and honestly. Its smooth easy to drink and some nice departure. I mean i know it sounded like i was hating on it earlier.
I dont hate these things i just i hate the fact that i like them so much i think. If theres a part of me that just wants to poopoo on them. Because they are what they are theyre just a an obvious attempt to sell alcohol to the masses in a form that everybody can enjoy okay.
It is what it is right consumerism. A heads best so i kind of want to hate them i want to but i dont so far. I found most of them to be pleasant and theyre pretty decent.
This one pretty nice the simple fact that its giving me a flavor in an alcoholic beverage that i cant get anywhere else. Thats all its bumping this up to a 4 out of 5 for me. Its not spectacular.
Im not going wow. Thats way better than anything ive had before. But it is im impressing me by its uniqueness and the fact that its so smooth and easier to drink i am enjoying it its good stuff.
Its actually quite sweet too i have a feeling that similarly to the not your father is in the coney island. The root beers and and the other flavors of hard soda. After three or four of these.
Im probably gonna have some serious heartburn. But a couple of them yeah. Theyre delicious.
Its a nice nice way to round out an evening after some hard alcohol or maybe just to sit around have a few of these with friends before you get into some serious drinkin or you know what toss a handful of tums down drink a six pack and its a good way to play cards or have a social night out with some folks so not bad like i said four out of five. I dont respect them. But i do respect what theyve done that doesnt even sound right hmm.
But i guess that just means my balls are too big to admit that i like it as much as i do because its a girly drink right you know what im talking about guys. But thats just my opinion you should check it out for yourself. And let me know and yep down below.
In the comments and the email link let me know if you agree or disagree. But you think about these things. I mean grape soda with booze added at the very least skips to the step by having to dump a little vodka into your grape crush right so while youre down there hit me up in the comments.
The email link make sure to click like and share share. This video around let your friends. Know what you think of this stuff.
Because my ego demands it pardon. The belch. I need the attention.
I thrive on it i crave it so like and share and while youre down. There make sure and click subscribe that way youll get a notification every time i post a new video hopefully youre getting some entertainment value out of them if nothing else you see im insulting it. But im still finishing the whole thing within a few minutes.
So its got to be good right anyway folks thanks for tuning in until next time cheers. .

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henrys hard soda sugar content-1

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