How Do I Set Up Firefox Sync?

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“I am apollo. And you are welcome to my youtube. Channel. Named mr.

Helper. In in this how to more gela firefox. Series. I am.

Going to show you how sync your mozilla. Open your modular firefox click on this three horizontal line button..

And then click on sign in to sync. So if you already connected your email account with mozilla firefox. Then click on sign in button. Now enter your email id and password and click sign in button.

But to connect your email address with mozilla. Firefox. You have to click on create account button. Now enter your email address and enter a password for this now enter.

How old are you and from below. Here..

You can subscribe or modular firefox newsletter. If you want to then click on it. But you could don t then uncheck. It now click on create account button keep continous you having this notification here you can choose what you want to sync.

But i suggest you to leave it as it is click on save settings now mozilla sent you of her vacation link to your email address. So that they can verify you are owner of the. Email id. That you entered.

While connecting your email. Address with..

Firefox open your email. Address if you are using. Gmail account go to. Gmailcom if you are using microsoft account go to outlookcom.

Or if you are using yahoo account. Then go to y mail calm and go to inbox section. You must get a email from firefox. Account and subject will be clarified your facebook account click on it.

But if you didn t got your education link till now then you can click on this the send button to create your email education link again. I am not going to click because i already got email from firefox..

You can click if you didn t got an email from them. Now after you got your email from them. I mean. I have firefox then open the email and click on the link like this one so as you can see it s sinking and our account is terrified now we are ready to you sink click on sink preference reference and now you can add bookmark add ons you can save your password and you can lock.

It with same email address in your mobile device in firefox. And it will automatically sync your bookmark save password with couple of seconds. That s all thank you for watching. I hope this video was helpful to you like our video comment below and makes you you subscribe so that you get notification from our channel for more ” .


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