How Powerful was Prime All Might? / My Hero Academia

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“Right we re finally doing it we re talking about how powerful prime all might might was now i m aware that my hero is a very polarizing series and might and his power is very polarizing as well meaning that this video is probably gonna be controversial especially once i start getting to comparing him to other series characters. But we ll go more into that later now also let me put it out there that we never see all mine in his prime. Unfortunately. We re kind of just told about it so let me do this video.

I m mainly just going to try to accurately come up with how powerful he was and it s just really just gonna be guessing and estimations in the end. It s just entirely subjective and i just hope that you understand that but more so this video is just to entertain you and pay homage to all mike. Because he s my favorite character and the notion of how powerful he was in his prime is super intriguing to me so let s get into it so as i said we re only really told how powerful all mike was in his prime so we re just gonna be going off of those specific instances. And then kind of using them as a rough foundation and then i want to compare those to his actual feats that we see within the series and let me also say that the all might that we see from the beginning up until his retirement is a very nerve diversion of all mine.

That s because he received a grievous wound in his ultimate fight against all four one six years previous to the current time in the story and that just nerfed the hell out of him. So. There s basically two instances that reference his prime and the first one is what all my himself says after he defeats. The usj nomu and the second is what all 4.

One says after they meet up in kamino. So we ll go off of the first instance. And this is like the most popular method and basically the most accurate one that we could use to go off of what his prime could be so after all mike defeats. The usj.

No mo. He says that it took more than 300 mighty punches to take him down. But in his heyday. It would have taken five so as soon as hayden needs his prime and that s pretty much it that is how powerful all mike in his prime was so i guess we re seeing what could be like five percent or less than of what his true power was and he s already obviously ridiculously powerful in his nerve state.

But that just gives you a pretty good idea of how truly outrageous he was in his prime now we further see that this is pretty accurate in the my hero to heroes movie. When we see david shields log of all nights. Power. And we see word was six years ago.

In his prime and then we see what it degrades who currently and then we see how it goes down even further to what we can assume after his encounter with the usj nomu as that takes an even more toll on his overall power and help now before you say that the movie isn t canon..

Let me just say that horikoshi himself said that the movie and the manga are a joint now maybe not every single detail of the movie is exactly canon. But i assume that this portion of the story right here is more or less pre accurate to how powerful. All mike was in his prime at least. If we re just looking at a grass perspective of it so as i said i want to compare the perceived power of his prime to the actual feast that we see in the series.

So first of all a really good glimpse of all meit s power is when he takes out the sludge villain. When just the force of his punch completely blows. It away creates like a tornado or a twister in the city. And then literally changes the weather and it makes it start raining one of the most epic moments in the series.

But just remember this rain feet. Because i m gonna go into this towards the end of the video now as opposed to us seeing him current day. We also see his pre prime power. Which is also pretty darn impressive because at the beginning of the my hero 2 heroes movie he knocks the villain that we see in the beginning down into the street and just the force of that causes like a massive gust of wind throughout like a good portion of the city and that s a pretty telling of how powerful he was and like around age 19.

But if we go back to the present or at least before he retired in his exam match with bakugan iizuka. He s wearing these weights that hinder his movement and essentially restrain his strength. And he s still able to throw a punch. Just the force of this thing levels about a block maybe even more of the city environment that they re in which is showing that his power is just absurd even in this nerfed restrain to form.

But then it s just further shown in his fight against all 4. One when they re just like colliding and clashing it s causing like huge gusts of power and blasters is blowing everything away in the same kind of vicinity in kamino that they re in like a couple block radius. So if this is like what in theory could be like five percent or less of what his prime power was you can just take a guess and and imagine what it would be like if he was doing this in his prime he probably beat nuking cities. I assume i mean if we re going up from there to 100.

It s absurd just to think of how like utterly overpowered like in every sense of the word his just overall strength output could have been now maybe we actually get a glimpse of what it actually looked like so i want to go into the two instances in the series. Where he taps into the one for all vestiges power. So they essentially i assume are powering him up to what could be considered his prime level. It s going way above to what he is currently capable of cuz.

When he does this he knocks..

The usj nomu with one single punch into the frigging atmosphere. Which is obviously way more powerful than the other 300 punches. That he delivered beforehand and considering that he said he would have taken him five punches in his heyday. We re just seeing the one massive punch.

So this could be what his prime power looked like and that also means that he could probably just knock people off earth like he could just punch you into space. If he really wanted to but that s also saying if you re even durable enough to take the punch and beep about that far. I mean if you re not he s just going to explode you the way that saitama does when he punches monsters now the other time that all my taps into the vestige power is when he delivers. The united states of smash to all for one and yes.

I think this might also be glimpse of what his prime power was like and given that this is the absolute apex of his power that we see in his current form. I assumed that he could probably deliver what we perceived to be as the united states of smash s power. Just maybe even casually in his prime like this is just one of his solid good punches. Just compare the end result tornado to the one that we see in the beginning of the series.

It s what do you bigger her and it has like pieces of buildings flying around in its weight. So it s going to how fast he could have been and that brings us to the other instance of his prime being mentioned so when he needs out with all for one camino all for one says. It s about five meters or three miles from where all might was to here. And it took him about 30 seconds to arrive and then he says that all mites losing it so obviously that s still absurdly fast.

But given that he s saying that he s losing it we can assume that he s talking about compared to his prime which awful one obviously had seen firsthand so if we re using two 300 punches to five punches scale for this as well. Then i guess that means that he could have travelled the same amount of distance in his prime. And like i don t know like less than a second or something like that which is of course like i guess unfair levels of speed because we already see how fast he is in his nerf state. And that s already kind of unfair.

Because way shows up at the usj. He s at the top of the staircase and then like in less than a second he s down and already taken out a whole bunch of fodder and then we see he s able to save baca go and like half a second from the usj nomu take him out and then also like in the exam against a zoo coup. He s looking at him and then in a fraction of a second he s behind him before he s ooh who can even manage to react or even like see it happen. Which is mentioned before us to where they can t see all might moving and this is just what maybe i don t know less than or.


Of his true power was so and his prime he s moving at speeds that are just unfathomable. So now it s going to how durable. He could have been so his nerf durability was already altering because we see in the beginning of the 2 euros movie that the explosion of missiles weren t really anything to him bakka go shooting him point blank in the face is nothing and then he xue. Ku firing off a full powered baka go gauntlet blast point blank at him.

Didn t really do anything either and then of course. He s taking the air cannons from all 4. One straight to the face and that s not really doing much i mean it s hurting him i guess. But considering that he s coming back from it no problem is pretty telling of how durable is i mean these things are also blowing away city blocks pretty easily so if we go to like what he was and his prying.

I guess he s like 9 invulnerable attack point. I mean if he s taking all of this stuff. And this is just i don t know 5. Percent.

That so this let me also say that primal might is so powerful that he defeated prime all 4. One who we get a small glimpse of and he s pretty crazy and also the power that he generates seems to be destroying. I don t know like a cd or something so now let me get into what s probably the most controversial part of this video. Because i m gonna start comparing all mighty saitama so when saitama punches deep cking.

The force of it completely nullifies all of the rain and changes. The weather similar to what we saw all might do when he took out the sludge villain now also when saitama is training with jenos. He throws quote unquote. A death punch at him and the force of it is massive it s similar in scope to what we saw all might and all 4.

One are capable of producing and also the end result of it just completely like creates a new canyon in the vicinity that they re in now. I m not saying that nerfed all might is as strong as saitama because that s obviously not true. But what i m saying is is that i think prime almighty is as strong as saitama now of course. We don t know the full power of saitama similar to how we don t know the full power of prime all might.

But i m just taking a guess and i m thinking that they re very comparable in strength speed and durability meaning that i think prime all might could probably destroy the earth..

If he really wanted to yes. I think he is that absurd in power let us not forget that all might was so unstoppable in his prime that he changed the world itself. The crime rate dropped to almost zero and all organized crime essentially went non existent and just being a villain in general. Didn t really seem like it was that viable anymore he was pretty much god like the only one that even came close to having a chance of taking him down was all for one and he couldn t even do it.

So i think. It s safe to say that prime almighty was probably a planet buster in his prime. Yeah. Controversial and i probably might even lose some subscribers for saying this stuff.

And that s fine. I don t expect everyone to agree with me. But given his feats that we see and if we just up them to the percentage that we were talking about throughout the video. I think it s safe to assume that he is probably that powerful or at least close to it i mean just cut him some slack.

I know that you guys probably don t really like my hero or all might that much but it doesn t mean you have to understand it. But that s pretty much it for the video today guys. I hope you enjoyed this one i hope it entertained you and let s just try to keep the comments civilized. It s all subjective.

It s all subjective. There is no right answer to this question your opinion is just as valuable as mine. But of course let me hear what you have to say. But if you like the video.

Please give it a like i also have a patreon. It keeps you access to a weekly q. A and if you haven t already please subscribe as well have a great day and i ll see you ” ..


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