How to change Cortana s voice and activation words

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“What is my name that s easy you nod bud hey everybody its nerd. I i have found a way to change the voice of cortana to a different dialect can alter the way she sounds. And what i m using personally now is the british accent. Which is i think much cooler than the original cortana addict.

But it s just preference you can change it to any kind you want any languaging. You want the trick to it is setting your computer to believe that you are in a certain area. So what i have done and i m going to show you here in just a second and i have also found a way with via a downloadable program to change the access words for cortana when generally previously it was hey cortana and it would open up and you could say whatever you wanted to say well i wanted something simpler maybe just a one word you know key which i now use computer. And it will come on and pop up katana for me and all that good stuff.

And i actually have another few other code words..

I can say sweetheart. I can say simmons. I hit with the british accent. I m using i actually had the code word simmons from agents of shield.

So that i thought that was humorous not my wife not so much. But anyway. We ll take a look at this and i ll show you guys what i ve got here is the download sourceforgenet a safe site sourceforge is a very safe site. You can download this for free.

There s no charge or anything..

And it works beautifully exactly as described it gives you all everything you need here you know because all about it but download that somewhere on your system and then double click it to install you ll have to run the installer. It is an exe file. So you will have to run it i d suggest scanning it first i did and i know several of people who have and i didn t find anything so like so use it your own risk. But as far as i can tell it s perfectly safe so if you guys want to check this out.

You can download that and then you can use it to change your settings. What you do you ll have this list. It will just show the screen here you can click for updates that will tell you about the program and settings. And it s very very simple all you have to do to add one is hit plus type in whatever you want to type in computer or you know you can call it ai and vav ers.

I am if you call it whatever you want to you can just anything you want to call your computer..

You can i ve got some simmons computer. Sweetheart. Ger. Now.

I can use all those and make sure. If you want this thing to run all the time that you run it start up right here and that way it ll load itself up when it comes up when your computer comes on and be changing. If you really want to want to change your language on your system actually will go back to time and language and what you re going to want to do is to change the area that you live in you go region and language. I ve got english united states and english united kingdom both installed and you will probably have to download things you can click add a language this here i ll leave on the united states.

But you can click add a language and of course you see here all the different languages that are available and you can do in just about anything you want and then once you ve done that you have to select that language and set as default..

That s all there is to it. And you will have that language you may have to restart your computer. I can t remember if i did or not but you may have to then voila bada bing bada boom you got it and i ll show you guys a little clip of or i probably put that at the first of the video. Anyway let you guys see that but hope you guys like this.

I mean a simple very easy downloadable program to change the keyword and change. The region that you live in and download the voice pack for that and you can have katana beginning. What you want so much love short video guys we ll see you in ” ..


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