How to Draw Majora s Mask from The Legend of Zelda

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“Everyone its adam plays nintendo here today and today. We are going to be looking looking at how to draw majora s mask from the legend of zelda majora s so the scene might seem like a kind of out of place video on this channel and well it is but i just thought it would be nice since well i wouldn t call myself an artist. But i wouldn t say that i m relatively good at drawing so anyway for this i would recommend having something to draw on and then two sheets of paper. One to go underneath just because we re gonna be using a sharpie.

But feel free to use a pen c pencil or other type of marker. If you want to i would recommend the thin tipped pencils and some of the details on majora s mask. Get a little bit too crammed if you try to use a big large marker. But anyway.

So yeah you can have a picture of reference that you want so this is the final product and we re going to be making today. I m not sure if we re gonna be doing the coloring that might take too much time. But this is relatively what you re gonna want at the end. And if you want a color that s completely up to you this is a good version.

I already did but anyway that out of the way let s jump in to the actual tutorial ok so the first thing we want to do is do all the horns. So majora s mask has ten horns in total. I m pretty sure so on the sides is a me four. Then or and then the top there s two all of them are relatively the same size.

So just let s get this so starting off first right so mines are perfect. And don t expect them to be but try to do them as best as you can okay so now that we re done all the ones at the bottom you just see that you probably want them a very small distance apart from each other so now we re going to move ahead to the two lines at the top and have them about like oh. Like about five or so centimeters diagonal from this one just make sure you place them all and ignoring it sharpie after these ones are gonna be a little bit taller so make sure you get back and yeah. We are done all the horns.

So now that we have all those down. We re just gonna start with the basic outline of the mask. So for those who don t know. It s about the size of a heart you could say and as you can see these will all connect into a point at the bottom.

And this will go down between the two and now just do the simple task of connecting the horns and at the bottom actually connect them into a nice little sharp..

We go that is our basic outline of majora s mask. So this is probably already attorney to turn into it as you can see and now. I think we re gonna do the eyes so for the eyes. They re gonna want them right about in the center of each half of the heart.

Say you put a line line. Asymmetry down the middle just kind of put the eyes on each half. If that makes sense so with the eyes. I ve been wanting to make them as good of a circle as you can.

But don t be too worried. It will make it perfect they gotta be a pretty decent size eyes. It pretty much supposed to be the focal point of majora s mask. So make sure you make them big and noticeable.

So we got our eyes right there. But still more detail on the inside. So inside now they might not look like much and mine are definitely far from perfect. But these are gonna be very highlighted once you do the coloring.

But anyways let s keep on going with you guys you may as well finish. It detailing around them at the pointer right here. And the point there on both the eyes. You just want to do spike.

Something looks like it s coming out the bottom bit bigger. Bunch go. No this is a tricky part just surrounding the hole. I kind of the rounded edge okay those are the guys we have no um.

I think what do we can you do we re gonna go move from the eyes and go up to the top finishing..

Sit detailing around here so from the fourth on the left to the right you re gonna kind of want to do is sort of bended line like that once you get to help out they re just straight up to create a sort of box. Both sides and they re two boxes. No these might seem a bit out of place. But don t worry they ll make sense in a second so inside these boxes you re just gonna want to throw some small rectangles coming out the top.

Some nice easy rectangles and then two or three over here. That you can just barely see go so work permits done. Most of the detailing at the top. But not all right where these two sides connect draw a few lines downwards on that side now underneath these dots these lines.

I mean you re gonna want to do dots. You re gonna do three little pairs of them and going down to red footwear. These two points underneath these just so surrounding dots. You re gonna want to do this so just moving on from this we re gonna do some little detailing under these.

So what you re gonna want to do is make three sort of triangles three as if they were connecting so i m facing down in the middle and then up now inside these mini triangle yeah. We re checking along nicely here. So. This is definitely gonna be one of the trickiest parts should we go to that yet.

No okay first of all at the second spike on the bottom. Just at the just drop spike coming out of it each like that simply like that all you need to do now from this bottom. If you don t want to kind of make an arch going right over and bring it down you know make this a people over that again and there we go starting to come together quite nicely now so going back to this we re gonna do yeah. What i was talking about earlier.

Probably the hardest part of the mask. This is a line that parent sets in here goes all the way connecting right to there so tricky and if you don t get it perfect. That s fine even you can stop at this state. And it still looks pretty nice.

It s not completely accurate..

Which is kind of what we re going for so. This is going to be double sided. So make sure you leave enough room. But anyway.

Let s start from here. I thought that i m gonna make sure you do done the others. But not accident so go back to here and finish. The other side slime now right here just bring a little larger there just for neck.

It s a bit of detailing now we re gonna murder people did here on to this side and believe it or not we are now done surprisingly. This is all you need to do for your accurate depiction majora s mask. So yeah. This is majora s mask thanks for watching this video.

But before we got to that i do want to just touch on coloring. So i m not gonna be doing any coloring just a little of this video it ll be strenuous. But i will say moving this slightly to the corner of the camera. More this is probably a better version of majora s mask.

And i ve drawn so i ll just flip off this light switch and but you didn t look at this so if you can see yeah. I sure hope you all can see most of the coloring is pretty simple you re gonna want kind of a peach round color for the horns. And you re gonna want a nice red color for all this detailing lots of black pretty much everywhere. It s a darker blue are on the top.

Some whites blacks this kind of darker brown. Almost forms you could say not a lot of black around me here so the two things i want to touch on is these four spikes you kind of need a bit of different types of shading around them because this one is this same color just with more yellow red green blue on both sides. Which turns out for a pretty nice depiction of what they re supposed to be the hardest part of conjurer s masks is definitely the eyes the middle. Very little dots.

The pupils and just went black and then green surrounding the outer part of that is a little bit..

Confusing. You re gonna want a red rim. And then orange in the middle and yellow just surrounding the eye. I m gonna wanna mix these to give it sort of this feel of converging in kind of like he didn t see here.

I think it looks pretty nice. But yeah. That is our majora s mask. And this isn t majora s mask and we drunk drunk today.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I should like and subscribe this video subscribe to this video haunted on insane to subscribe to my channel and comment down below. If you think i should be doing more tutorials on this thing binder. I also did it with a link with the ocarina.

I don t know how well you can see that but i think this one turned out pretty nicely this whole. Binder is actually full of pictures of different zelda. An undertale. Many other games.

I ve played on pictures of those so yeah. If you want me to be doing more tutorials on drawing and less videos just talking i guess make sure you guys leave that down in the comments. But yeah. Thank you guys for watching have fun drawing.

And i ll see you guys in my next video. ” ..

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