How To Get Any Car For FREE In Need For Speed Heat! (NFS Heat Money Glitch)

cheat codes for need for speed ps4 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How To Get Any Car For FREE In Need For Speed Heat! (NFS Heat Money Glitch). Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Back to the channel. Everybody in today s need for speed heat video. I m m gonna be showing you guys how to get any car for free now this is currently working on all platforms. Anyone can do this glitch you can do this at any point in the game.

So i hope you guys are excited for that. But if you guys are new make sure you subscribe to the youtube channel with all notifications turned on so you never miss a need for speed glitch here on the channel. I m also listing a huge giveaway where i am going to be giving away a 90 million dollar beakers being heat account this account is so exclusive you guys will be able to buy anything in the game from upgrades to new vehicles. You ll be able to have it all with this account.

Ok. If you would like to win this account. The first step you would need to do is comment. The console that you play on as well as your gamertag make sure you spell it correctly.

And then you guys need to smash it like on today s video make sure you are subscribed with all notifications turned on because i m only gonna be selecting subscribers and with that being said let s get right into it so the first step of this glitch is really really easy. All you guys simply have to do is just exit to the outside of the garage. Once you guys exit to the outside of garage. You need to make your way over to the actual dealership now once you guys get outside you re gonna go ahead and fast travel to the dealership.


This which is very very quick it does have a bit of timing. So you guys just need to basically follow along if you do not follow along all the way i guarantee you will not be able to hit this glitch. So make sure you pants adjust to every single second in this video because it is crucial that you guys understand what you are doing ok now. Once you guys make it over here to the dealership keep in mind all these cars.

You will be able to get for free. But number one you will need to have the amount of money to get the car that you want for free because if you do not then the game will not allow you select a purchase option. And that is a major step in this glitch. Also if you guys are trying to do multiple cars at once.

It is not possible you can only do one at a time so keep that in mind in today s video. I m going to be demonstrating me getting the lamborghini murcielago for free because that one is a really high end. One and i just don t want to pay 300000. For it.

And it s pretty straightforward pretty simple keep in mind my money in my account says. Five hundred and twenty five thousand seven hundred and three and for this glitch to work that amount in the cal has to stay the same after i purchased a vehicle now there is a risk of you not hitting it on your first try so i highly suggest doing a vehicle that s you re already going to buy or something that you really really want okay so the first step when you guys get over here. You re gonna go over to your network settings. Once you get over to your network settings on any platform.


That you play on you re going to go ahead and test. The. Nat. Type.

Once you guys go ahead. And you test. The nat. Type.

What is then going to happen is it s going to give you this checking connection screen. Okay now you re gonna sit on the street for about 10 seconds after you sit on it for about 10 seconds. You re gonna go ahead and go back to your dashboard and go back over to need for speed heat. Once you get back to need for speed heat.

You re gonna go ahead and purchase this and then you re gonna bounce back over to need for speed then you re gonna quit the game and you guys gonna see the alert do you want to drive this car now and as soon as you see that alert you need to just back out of there completely okay. So once you guys have backed out of there. And you saw a little loading need for speed circle in the right hand corner. You re gonna start the game back up and you re gonna go back into the game.


Now if everything worked up until this point when you do log back into a need for speed heat. You want to go over to play a solo okay. If you select play online. It will not work and the money will be deducted from your account.

So keep that in mind okay even if you did the glitch. And it s the money is the same in your account. When you load in as you guys can see up on the screen my money is the same if i click play online. My money will go down so you need to make sure that you go to plate solo okay as you guys can see the glitch worked up to this point.

So far. All i have to do now is to play solo and go ahead and check the garage to make sure that the car is there right so we re gonna head over to play solo. We re now in the garage as you guys can see my money is still the same as it was in the beginning of the video beginning of the video. I also had eight vehicles so you want to check that now.

I currently have nine as you guys can see right here. When you actually go into the garage. You can actually see that i have the lamborghini murcielago sitting right in my inventory. And my money is still the same so that just means that this glitch is 100 legit.


And it worked. And you guys will be able to go ahead. And do the same now keep in mind you can do one car at a time. But make sure.

It is a car that you really really want and just make sure you have the money in your account. Okay because like i said if it is a car that you don t want and you re just trying this for kicks. And you don t hit it you will lose your money okay. That is the risk and as the disclaimer right then let you guys know if you choose a car that you do not like you will lose your money.

If you do not hit the glitch on the first try it took me a couple of times to get this glitch. Now maybe like three four times when i first did it but i was buying very cheap cars testing it out hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. If you did smash the like subscribe to youtube channel. If you re brand new and you want to see more deeper speed.

Which is just like this and so the next video is me appreciate it i m signing out. ” ..

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