How to Get Pocket Camp Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons

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“To someone awesome games good looking people my name is rob behavior subscribe to the the channel. If you re an animal crescent fan now you want the pocket camp in your animal crossing new horizons go to pocket can go to the my nintendo tab redeem this free order you ll get given a code to use it won t be this code. It ll be a code similar then you have to go to your switch go to your shop and then enter this code in the redeem code section. And i once you enter it you get the thing saying you have now gotten the animal.

Pressing horizon special order ticket let it download then once it downloads..

You re gonna fire up your game. It s only a small download. It s very small it s adding the items to your game. Then you re gonna go to your game go into the tent and go to the nook stop or if you re in the town hall whatever.

It is you ve got at the moment..

I go and look stop then you want to go to and select via shopping. The nook shopping here and in the nook shopping. You ll now have a little special goods type thing going on and this is a daily section. But we want the promotional good so we want there all these you can buy all these buy as many as you want only buy a per day.

Though special orders you can even buy a special whisper day i here they all are fortune cookie cart these are these are models okay then they re not big canvas..

You don t be adding big campus to your thing. That s like actual size there so i m going with all the big ones to go to sign they re a fortune cookie thing. The flags. The flags are real nice.

I can see a lot of people making some really nice towns with those flags break tappa..

The main reason is i want to show you that break tap it does kind of work you push it it ll scroll and then you push it again and your stuff. It s not as playable as pocket camp. But it s close enough so that s how you get the pocket camp items into new horizons. How easy was that super quick no time wasting hope you enjoyed it be sure leave like i ll see you next time ” .


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